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If you know of limitations, you know of balance.

So what?

We require context to know what balance will require.

With the the US economy becoming a globalised corporate run show, gas price increases meant that more money went to who owned the gas. Since we do not all receive cost of living increases consummate with expenses, we must cut back or get more income. Those with stocks in oil companies receive the shift in dollars. Those without either do more or do with less. The effect of this shift is to put the weight upon the “mass” of consumers. This is done whether the shift is caused by “nature” or human made decisions in corporations and markets to milk the Commons for all it is worth.

Now put this shift in balance to other sectors of the economy, and you have a gross negative pull. Problematic areas in hiding now come bounding out of the closet to seem as the new cause. Some can even blame these weaknesses falling to the floor, instead of the biggest weakness of all–opportunism itself. Many of the wealthiest few seem to believe they can take what they wish from the Commons, and put back nothing. Not even respect.

Socialism for corporations, requires those beyond direct control of corporate balance sheets, to pay for the corporations “ownerships” way. Societies pay all the increase in corporate benefits, and continue to pay for their own as well. Likely in some respects, to lose benefits of a once growing income for the average citizen. With effectively less money to go around, other things must come down or atrophy.

Those on fixed incomes are becoming more impoverished. China is currently funding much of our recent prosperity. That aspect of the world Commons, will also deliver bills to be paid by the USA, others and our environments.–We cannot prosper indefinitely from mortgaging the future to make now seem stable. The so called free market and what the market will bare does not give concern or accountability’s to the Commons by those exploiting it.

This philosophical perversion, believes the earth itself is an infinite sort of abstraction. Opportunist refuse, generally, to even think they owe anything back for their use of the Commons. They think they just take, and win for getting. Their return is conceived as a give back of whatever their product or service was. Then, the law or whatever lets them keep all they can keep, period.

This is an alienation from the Commons delusion. These essentially disturbed folks then go on to demean and condemn those who have a more whole-istic view. A view which is as obvious to many as gravity itself. We have people, then, who feel they can ostracise themselves from responsibility to the Commons of Life. To oppose their view, is then condemned as some sort of fault or failure of other individuals character or initiative, or an alien lack of support for societies paradigm.

That the opportunistic view insist that only its way is the right way, and altering views are wrong or unwelcome in society, is privileges opportunism applying its cognitive dissonant associations to deny the cancerous societal and environments impacts of rampant self centered opportunism. These rationalizations often buttressed by a list of cult like Thought-terminating clichés; notions that shame or otherwise divert consideration of vital societal and earth threatening conditions. It is stunning to consider that humankind is being effectively prevented from addressing many critical issues for the benefit of the delusional few.

This is simple common sense, yet come election times, ideologies come along to blame the real abuse cause, perhaps to some degree, but then other motivational factors come into consideration. For controlling corporate power interest and those they have “hired”; these we expect to put out false fronts of cause to seduce followers in the corporate ideologies paradigm as it relates to tagged mindsets in target audiences. We are getting deeper into the fool-o-sphere.

For some companies will feel the pinch of not being in on the windfall profit or commodities reasons for the jump in cost of its product. Some companies will not be in the position to be a societal imperative, such as transportation and power are. Some, such as car companies, will see their products suffer from lack of turnover or the public abilities to pay for new product. So even the speculative profiteering company and its investors, will eventually feel some pull downward from their greed.

Personally, I would suggest that one never actually gets away with greed or deception, no matter that many can think that they have, or that those do. I believe spiritual consequence instantly accompanies behavior that disregards the Whole of the Commons. One may lie, for instance, and “get away” with something hidden, but their own soul then becomes more estranged from Creations Core (hidden). This happens regardless of fancy homes and cars. Some times we can see right through surface appearance to deeper truths.

In case I have not noticed it, greed and deception, no matter how seductive or opportunistically profitable, will degenerate the heart and soul of the Commons—the relationships throughout our worlds as we experience them. In worse case scenarios, greed and excess can bring the whole world into literal depression. Then, we generally share in the self destructive behaviors that the powerful spread out from their influence. In democracies, we can even say that we “own” even societies worst abuses of the individual and Commons.

Many humans can detect this degeneration of the soul endemic to greed and opportunism, just by viewing the characteristics of fellow humans so engaged. From past hard times, when movie making was already around, not just stories of these folks were portrayed, but the very behavioral styles that go along with them. This is shaky ground to look from, since appearance does not tell all there is necessarily to ones character. And just as in the movies, humans act out roles felt related to the activities they engage in.

It is in fact at times a perceptual bias; where assumptions, lets say of dress or other appearance, are assumed to indicate a lack of quality of character, simple because a consensus prejudice has been inculcated into society that says, let’s say, that one with a beard is not trusted, for they seem to be hiding something. Just being different than the norm can raise conformist suspicions, perhaps, while it is the conformity itself that may well be most suspicious. This election we have ones vegetable food choices being considered a sign of contempt.


We are always being tested in these regards. It is this years election cycle that will demonstrate how easily fooled many of us are. Do we know what the greater context is? Or will some pandering to a certain specific presumed negative seem to swing our important decision? Do I know what power interest are in command of most information avenues? Do I “get” what the historical difference in the two current political parties really is? Or can some fear based pandering to certain specifics or negatives be made to seem so large that they swing my concept of the Common Good?

With the balance and harmony of society becoming increasingly under greater stress; the need for a new economic and political paradigm would seem obvious as the sky itself, yet is seemingly kept predominately off the pubic radar screens.

Wont get fooled again! No. I will never go that far. But we all are being fooled much more than we either know or admit to. Our complicity’s in our own possible cognitive dissonant assuaging rationalizations, does put the ownership of the fate of the Commons where it belongs. Right in our choices.

To be fooled or not to be fooled may well be the actual choice. While deciding what otherwise benefits us from some subjective or opportunistic angle will likely continue the losing streak America seems committed to.


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