In Presidential Debates; Reality still seeming to hold sway


Battle for those independent voters who seem to wait on a Pivot Point of Perception to tip their sense of gravity to one side or another.  How curious.

The cameras were on the mud throwing going on in the infield of the campaigns of late. That mostly from the angry and desperate right fielders. (McCain 100% negative adds; Obama 33%). The debate basses are now loaded with Democratic hits. The fourth debate may deliver the grand slam in the bottom of the ninth.

We have seen the Republicans attempts to alter reality and perception to fantasy issues, end up striking their own players out. But in their alternate reality; they assume attacking is victory. Seems only two wild pitches are in their bullpen; throw mud, and if that fails, beg for voter sympathy.

It isn’t pretty to see the vast difference between the quality of the players involved. One side claims to automatically posses righteousness from which it cast shame and blame. The other; needing to earn respect the political hard way, fending off shame and blame and still, coming through to score. When campaigns tell teh hones truth for the American Home Team, we score. Not for the wealthy elites, the average citizen.

Not the make believe citizens where abstractions are selectively quantified to ideology, one that consumes and spits out our commons, then blames the middle class and poor for their plight. Not the one having to plead and pander to the referees to change the rules and the game to suit their misguided beliefs, then condemn questions.


But do not worry for the losing team. They can be counted on to obstruct the solutions if they do not benefit their bases one way street of perceptual prejudice. The common good, as the health of the commons itself, is viewed by predators as a feeding ground. Not Sacred Ground.

May the Democrats begin to attempt to turn our systems declines around with all our grace. It is We the People who will have to oversee them, for no party is the solution to what is ailing America and the World.