YOUR ELEVATION OF THE DOW HAS JUST DROPPED BELOW 10,000. Seats may be used as flotation devises. Oct 6 2008

Will Santa’s Sleigh have to lighten up?

You may have well heard the market was was down around 800 points for a while today. The world is said to be having problems in considering doing what the US just did, and even if that will be enough.

The world tends to go as rich folks feelings do. They get scared, everyone loses. They are happy; they are happy.

Some say the market is reflecting the downturns in the credit markets. Value (depressed) investors are busy looking for bargains. Even fears results can make good for some.

It is doubtful that everyone would pull out of the Ownership of Creation Culture. They have no alternatives in their mental or cosmological/spiritual paradigms, no matter the outcome of consumerism’s eating of the earth from the inside out.  Full burn ahead.

May you prepare your own options.