The public does not necessary “get” all the psychological manipulations going on in their alleged interest. Some of this is called “framing” of issues and concepts to philosophical inclined identity perspectives. These are so designed to make end runs around the truth, to become believed as fact. Thinking then, is so over.

Conservatism, as we see it today, contains a wide smorgasbord of these word corralled illusions that are taken in as being the Gospels fact. Even messengers of fact in context are damned in this blame train game. The corporate Main Stream Media is one example used by the left and the right to describe why the news is on the bad guys side when it does not go well for them.

Right now you could go surfing amidst right and left articles and blogs, finding utter confidence that there is a prejudice of the messenger to the other guy’s cause. This will be perceived to be true, even if the actual truth were highly disproportionate ideologically, lets say, favoring one “side” 4 to 1, even when favoring ones own “side”. Once convinced of a thing, as in that last sentence of mine, ongoing analysis of bias is rendered mute, even if that statement of mine was close to accuracy. As it is, I just threw it out as a hypothetical idea. This will not be the case in many opinion pieces disguised as “the facts”, “the truth” or the, “fair and balanced”.

Ironically, fair and balanced can be construed to go into an ideological tailspin. The very bias being construed as addressing some hypothetical preexisting “true” bias against the one saying “fair and balanced”. We are not told what is behind the framing of fair and balanced. We could say, as far as freedom of speech and expression is concerned; that the press should be a completely conservative institution that guarantees absolute liberalism in its perspective format. All ideas and viewpoints should be available, if we are a free people with liberty and justice. If we are in someone else’s prison; that should be declared. There are those who feel America should only behave as in the 18th and 19th centuries, but in the manner that they themselves have framed.

On occasion, the believed bias in the “media” may be so, or seem to validate the prejudice directly. Then the “proof” is hoisted up to the faithful as to why they were always right about their constant blame. I have yet to hear why the lead up to the Iraq invasion, with its lack of critical insight into administration claims that proved to be mostly false, were somehow the doings of a liberal favored press. Cognitive dissonance, or that which goes against ones beliefs that appears to be true, has those facts “poisoned” by ideology, to then appear as something one never agreed to, so are not responsible nor accountable to.

We live increasingly in a corporation defined environment; where corporate interest are held above the individual. This institutional bias over us can lean left or right at times, but its basic fundamental interest is as an individual not held accountable to society–for business sake. It is then more in line with the so called free market, which is not holding your constitutional interest above reproach as in the definition of a free press. It is then, more conservative in many ways. Liberal in some others. The “fair and balanced” news shows are one example; they spew disassociated conservative ideologies, while the network has some of the most sex and violence in its other programing, and the news! Is that the “fair and balanced”? Containing the conservative political/societal propaganda while promoting their negative view of “liberal” instigated sex and violence ruination of society? Yes, if we call fair and balanced schizophrenia.


Human beings will act, and do the opposite of their belief, yet claim to have never done so. Usually, we then project to our “tagged” philosophical opponents, some devious responsibility in the whole mess, or else, just move on to new optimism assuaging propositions that avoid past owning of mistakes, or claim they are behind “what we all thought”. No responsibility then need apply.

There is more to being president than sticking to ideological talking points once you are sure what they are. It is also hard to argue that the same corporate MSM that bent over for the Iraq war are the natural nemesis for the McCain Campaign. Or that ignorance and diversion observed over and over on profound issues, are somehow the creation of the omnipotent liberal press putting words or thoughts into ones head.

One overriding consistency emerges; conservatives, as far as I can tell, never take responsibility for their actions, except in the negative. Someone else is always to blame, or to be held accountable; Global warming=science wrong; cigarettes and cancer=no proof; pollution= no problem; crime=only the poor people’s kinds need apply; religion= not the kind not like ours; truth=liberal bias; human rights= corporations and one religious “brand” to the front of the bus; legislation= whoever votes for us get attention. Conservatism requires for its empowerment; crime and societal conflicts, domestic and foreign.

These strategies are diversionary, cognitive dissonant medicating ones, to make those other than framed conservatives out to be the source of the worlds problems. They then wrap themselves in “pure” abstractions, such as religion and nation, even their kind of “freedom”, or even socialism, though they seem to never call their kind of socialism; that. That taking by government and redistributing only belongs to liberalism, while corporatism was described by Nazis as what fascism really was.


When corporations effectively come to own the government, policies making the milking of the public commons profiteering, assisted by government, and so just as if a tax for wealth distribution to the corporate haves. TO EACH ACCORDING TO THEIR INVESTMENTS! is the replacement of the communist “From each according to their abilities. To each according to their needs.” Quite the same in effect, although the latter claimed to include everyone directly. The former only for the “winners”, framed to their own definitions.

The “liberal press”. The “MSM” and many other conservative rote concepts are thought-terminating cliche´s, designed to close off thought processes for ad-hominem believed “fact”. The right wing’s alleged news sources are often filled with these mind control tactics. In the VP debate, the cue words were obvious from Palin. Liberals use a few, but nothing like the conservatives. There are a list for each of their base sectors.

In the world of idea transfer and debate, short thought terminating buzzwords are very powerful compared to nuanced elucidation of fact and context. Some consider this “easy path” to a pre-programmed jumping to conclusion on behalf of conservatives, as the greatest barrier in healing the differences between people (ancient repeating conflict cycles), or finding common ground for understanding.

Certain groups benefit from facts in context NOT being completely comprehended by critical thought. Each election cycle, we can count on these same devises being brought up again and again. And their followers proudly boast of them as if they were their own thinking. As in cults, the followers never believe they are in one, but see the rest of the world as if it were possessed by a evil influence out to destroy them. This is the ultimate problematic curse of conservatism. They believe that destroying critical thinking is a good thing. Those who work for integration and understanding of human difference come to be perceived as weak, perverse and naive´. Darkness carries its dousing of understanding, while claiming a torchlight to truth.

Ah…if only for the easy breeze of a straight talk express.