Oh. He might not have won by those standards of “engagement” that some people judge by. He also may not have won if you are so superficial to think that the one who attacks the most won. He won because he was more believable, more honest, and not using the Thought-terminating cliché that is the hallmark of conservative and right wing “strength”.

Tax and spend. Now even arugula or latte drinking, “There you go again.” All these derogatory innuendos are fired at targets with no evidence needed to the selected bias. Conservatism’s “strength” is often this mind control technique applied to sub group class consciousness. Without resort to thought or reason, many people decide things are ”proved” by ad hominem emotional indications of fact which require no proof.

So when we are in a pinched economy; the ploy of “cut taxes” often meant only for the very wealthy–such as the estate or major corporate tax, are what actually get cut. They actually benefit from the lack of proof needed in this form of non thinking supporters. That the same ploy is up season after season, no matter if the right has been in charge most of the time, vanishes with the word of the magical wand–tax and spend.

Thus the individuals stress remains and even more infrastructure issues get worse, all while one is seduced into blinded trust. Quite a trick to quell cognitive dissonance. This technique is more of a strategy actually, to destroy the integrity of the commons, and place it into predatory, parting it out hands. What I call the Ownership of Creation Culture, sold as good for all, but benefiting cronies and established party elites, while we all pick up their socialist tab, and environments deteriorate with no-one taking responsibility to restore the common nature between us.


From this most polarizing and below the belt campaign, a desperation tactic common to the right, needed to attempt to take the hope and inspiration away from those leaning toward the Democrats by claiming it belonged (in blinded trust) to the same party calling most of the nations shots still. Vetoes generally cannot be overridden with the prior lock step administrations conservative purity litmus test. Now, as in governmental regulation, the McCain Palin ticket are claiming both sides of the fence, since economic conditions forced them out of their ideological pigeon hole==mavericks.

To change the tide swelling into the Obama-Biden column, truth is the one thing the conservatives never let stand in their way. Yet they do believe in all the buzzwords that make up their philosophic ideology–it does not require true critical thinking. In fact it abhors it!—Liberal press! Main Stream Media! “True believers” need very little proof; they just need agreement in identity, then facts fall by the wayside of fantasy. You might call that winning, or effective, a victory or whatever. What it is if it succeeds, will be the American public holding the gun to shoot itself in the feet while claiming it is doing it all to move forward.

Biden won. Not just because all the polls say so, but because the alternative is too reckless to consider valid. However. I must agree, that for those who think Palin won, they have their thought stifling reasons why. That they believe they win through conservatism’s strangleholds on the present moment and being present with life as it is, is why even in perceived victory, they emerge as losers. Sorry but true. Win or lose.


Anaysts score win for Biden in debateDaily Nation


Facts go adrift in BidenPalin debate – The Debates- msnbc.com

Oct 2, 2008 Facts went adrift on taxes, deregulation and more Thursday when Republican Sarah Palin and Democrat Joe Biden clashed in the vice


…and now get ready for the usual right wing slime machine to get going. It’s job? to scare voters with manipulative tactics designed to make people vote against their own interest out of fear for those very interest. I know, crazy. It is lizard like insanity made to “look” true, that they have faith in to conquer you.