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If you agree with the kind of rationalizing going on over there at Fox and forums, skip this site. It is for actually free people. I am a real American, and not a cult follower. But I do believe in your right to be in a cult, or cult like circular logic train. I have no tolerance—-for intolerance.]


In an alternate universe, not far away actually, Sarah Palin drew Biden down to his knees, then clobbered him out of the ballpark! This move is now called the M-Palin.


After Biden was asked if he had tough foreign policy experience, like imagining Putin’s plane flying over, he said; “This is not sub atomic particle physics folks. But I hardly think a plane flying over qualifies you for foreign policy negotiations. The American People at least know that much!”

Sensing a kill. The ball moved into M-Palins court.

“Well. I read all the papers Joe. I read all the books to. I am not governor of Alaska because I drive a sled dog, or dog sled for goodness sake. I’ve been around the sun a few times, pal. Didn’t know that did ya?”

Biden retorts; “So you have been an astronaut too! I was not aware we sent guys around the sun yet, or gals for that matter. I believe woman have every right men should have. Always have.”

Ms. Palin then spoke; “No Joe. The earth goes around the sun Joe. And we are on the earth Joe. Earth to Joe. Earth calling Mr Biden. Here we are. We’re going around the sun right now Joe. I think the American people are all with me on that Joe. They and I think alike. Where have you been Joe? We like Gods green earth Joe.

I know you and the elite press, the bi-coastal medias think I believe its the other way around. I’m a modern woman Joe. That’s why the American people respect me. And I resent your tone about sub atomic particle physics, senator.

I wonder if Gwen Ifill could ask you this basic question on that physics you mentioned. How about dark matter and Superstring and M-Brane Theory. That’s a simple one on we worldly folks who read all the papers and magazines should know Joe. You do read don’t you Joe? I’m sorry if I insulted you Mr. Biden. I could not resit that Gotcha.”

Gwen Ifill said; “Certainly Governor Palin, if Joe has no objection.”

“Hey I’m game.” Said senator Biden. “I’ve heard of quantum physics. But I don’t see what that has to do with being president or vice president.”

“So governor Palin.”; Ifill said; “Just what do you want to tell Joe about? What was it? Dark matter and Superstring and M-Brane Theory.”

Governor Palin replied; “Well I just think some of ya got the wrong impression of me. And that is like that dark matter issue. People were falling head over heels adding up the dark matter to explain everything. Ya know, those virial motions in galaxy clusters, and also other astrophysical anomalies and crazy things out there. Next thing ya know, they were thinking 90 % of the universe was this invisible dark matter.

But now, well, now some are thinking that it’s really effects of these membranes existing in kinda parallel universes. We can’t see them cause their light is trapped to their membrane. Ya know, just like our light is, or is in this theory. All ya gotta do is visualize our 4 assumed visual dimensions on a membrane surface. The others can be right near them but outta sight. Like Russia. I do not see Russia here, but I know its there. I’m sure the American People agree with me on that one.

Ya see. These extra-dimensional ideas are what I am talken’ bout. You think one way. I think another. That is what freedom is for, being free. Anyway. Ya see we can’t see these extra dimensions, not in the usual ways, but their gravity influence might make up that missing 90% now called dark matter. Imagination people. That is what John McCain and I are all about. A new way at looken’ at things.

I think I speak for John when I say, God and the angels, they can be right in font of us, right across from us. Invisible. Yes. Yet as real as gravity itself. Even hyper-real. That is where i have faith Joe. I have faith in God and faith in science right in the same space. The elites in the media might not get it, but I’m sure the American people do.”

Gwen Ifill then ask Joe Biden; “Well now Joe. I cant’ expect you to have an opinion on what governor Palin just said. Do you have anything to add?”

“Well Gwen. Ms Ifill. I think it is obvious what we just witnessed. We witnessed someone being briefed on some kind of elementary particle physics ideas, then parading them out here to look hyper-informed on some scientific minutiae. If I can put that that way. I think this is really a cover up of what she does not know. The American people will see through this attempt to intimidate me as a stunt.”

The audience murmurs.

“Governor Palin.”; Gwen Ifill said; ” Do you have something to say to Mr Biden about what he just said?”

“Yes I do Gwen. I’m quite familiar with certain men talking down to me when I am trying to stand up for the American people.

I remember first seeing Joe Biden in one of those old westerns. I think he was the chuckwagon cooky.”

“I was never in one of those and you know it!” Biden shot back. “If you are going to paint me as old, then look at your own ticket. This is a shame. And anyway; you meant to say cook. You said cooky.”

“What are you getting at governor Palin?” Ms. Ifill commanded.

“Well Joe. If you find being called a movie star offensive, then how about answering just one question about those old cooks on the chuck wagons in the old west. I’m just talken’ about the cook. A simple question. And by the way Joe, many nicknamed their cook cooky. Let’s just be clear about the facts Joe. There is even an old song about that Joe.

Where did these cooks get their bread from? This is just a question on frontier America. The fundamentals of nutrition in the American story. The story of freedom, Gwen. Certainly Joe should know something about what made America.”

“I certainly do!” Joe Biden informed. “I’m sure they got some in towns they came across and dried it out. Then later they must have moistened it up and made it more palatable. In the movies they often showed them dunking it into slop or stew or whatever it was. How important is it where bread came from on wagon trains anyway? What has 19th century horse culture have to do with being president in the space age anyway? I think the American people would like to know as well what could possibly be significant about those wagon cooks. Seems a crazy tangent to get on anyway.”

“Well Joe. I was afraid you would respond like that.” Sarah Palin replied. “It has everything to do with life Joe. Sometimes only a woman could see that.

The cooks had to keep some flour of course, and what else? I’ll tell ya. They wore something around their neck. A little smelly pouch that kept the yeast ready for some fresh bread the next stop Joe. Those cooks were popular, but not to hang around Joe. They might not know about rustlen’ and wranglen’ cattle Joe, but they knew what to do to keep their mission alive. They carried the staff of life Joe. Seems some things a woman would know. They might not seem important to important people, all filled up with themselves. But they are vital to life itself.”

Suddenly Mr Biden collapsed. Gwen Ifill signals offstage and a group of folks rush out. The mike picks up Mr. Biden saying something about the four horsemen and the Apocalypse.

They debate is over.

The legend of M-Palin begins.




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