Words have fallen out of history.
Loiter in subconscious cellars,

There, just out of reach

untethered to ignorance whispering

in gossip ears faith of certain collapse

I know something beyond is shimmering

my fingers stretching an arm to retrace

an angel holding word of heaven listening

to dreams flying by toward eternity

taunting this earthbound calamity.

These bars holding me in
or are they keeping them out?
Always this seeming mystery.
The vowel and consonant hear their wings.
Briefly, colors infrared to ultraviolet born from gray.
Will they move toward that tunnel light
lingering far in distant away?
too poor to pay.

up past its cloud of ever-after
busy with all that is over
never sees what takes flight.
A butterfly rising up seeking
forgetting where it was leaving
or exactly whom was crawling.
All they needed was a beginning.
Stories come close to sip our nectar
riding molecules of instinctual lust
mandates of need cry time is falling
how can love know what word to trust?


Here on this ground
these shadows gather close

In fogs quiet and deep buried rust

where nothing grows wild or upright

below this history’s crumbling crust

who knows that day became night.







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{September 30th images. Photo from this afternoon in side yard, and poem I made in another wordpress blog comment box. Referring to that persons procrastination and issues with writing. I tried to convey some freedom from spontaneity amidst common existential questionings. But what I really meant to say was…}

McCain blames Obama for McCain?

McBlame Strategy Revealed

They need to be both blame-full and righteously right wing. Enter the vortex of shell game confusion. Feels to me as if the plan is; Now we say this, and now we also say that. Please don’t compare to find where truth really is, that will make us upset.  Why do you not like America? Truth is subjective after all.

Some see the potential McCain administration as erratic and dangerous, if current switching positions are any measure of character. This shows the cunundrum; it is odd to be conservative, since they cannot be wrong, so need claim what seems right, even as it shifts sides. Then the contradictions compound until they are so unbelievable, some “people of faith” ignore the reality checking.  Then just ideological lens wear needed. Now that is better! One of the benefits of being in a cult; facts do not interfere with belief!

It boggles the mind to hear credit taken for the “bailout” while at the same time, Obama is being blamed in “red states” for the same “bailout” that did not happen! Oh yeah! Then McCain claims to be bipartisan one moment, then blaming Obama the next for nor being bipartisan, when news flash; Obama has worked with open minded Republicans on some issues.

Maverick positions seem to change in under 15 min. Then Obama is blamed for the bailout failure (moment in time) that he was blamed for succeeding with. Seems some folks live with their minds unplugged full time. From the get-go. From day one. From, from, from. {Enter appropriate cliche or platitude}

Nothing succeeds like blaming ones opponent for all possible outcomes. A win-win as they say, just keep that Main Steam Media’s bias at bay. The bias being truth or fact checking to context. Why the truth wished to hurt honest people is beyond me. Finally America is waking up from its stupor. It is frightening to contemplate what new damage could be done to the Commons if these charlatans get back into the drivers seat. More unbridled socialism for the super rich.

Trick supporters with the wealth redistribution of liberals. Then pretend that liberals do not believe in the same God, or notions of right and wrong. But, hello; What do you think the stock market is? To each according to their investments. No merit or patriotism required! No morals required! No responsibility required. No accountability required to the Commons, that aspect of Life we all share, believe in it or not. My water, my air, this life; it really is not in a different universe than anyone else’s, no matter if I think otherwise.

There is the Commons which we all interact and interrelate with. It’s health is our health. We each are responsible for and to it. Yet one party in particular would have us believe otherwise for exploitation and cognitive dissonance sake. What does this indicate to us of those who seek to avoid the consequence of their impacts on Life? What does that say of their character?

With these jumbled up conservatives, one must remember that fact checking is a vice, while ideological absolutism seems the litmus test of a dependents base lock into cue words. Catch one at the lack of them, and you are the trouble maker! Class act. Not. But it is all an act.

Seems the plan was to allow Palin to fake her way through just about every leadership test imaginable, except glossy BS. The right has that advantage over intellectual explanations of nuance and context, which in a short attention span talking point world, seems outright evasive. Down with intellectual elites with all their facts and stuff trying to confuse you from our, I mean, your gut feelings. Those Volvo latte drinking ivory tower dwelling snobs!

Oh. You can tell I’m frustrated with my life of hearing the crap from the right wing passed off as fair and or ballanced?

I’m beginning to wonder when conservatives are ever right about anything. I’ve found good indication on what is often closer to true, by having faith in the opposite of what most of them say as being closer to reality. But if one liberal gets a fact wrong or off—“We all know how they are!” While the Main Steam Press declares; They all tell untruths folks. That’s just how it is. And journalism falls to corporate relativism.

McCain attacks Obama over bailout failure | Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Republican John McCain accused presidential rival Barack Obama on Monday of helping sink a $700 billion rescue plan for Wall Street,

ABC News

JOHN McCain blamed Barack Obama and the Democrats for Congress’ failure to pass a $700 billion Wall Street bailout, while Obama avoided blame games and
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