McCain explains Palin

McCain explains Palin does not mean what she says to a voter. Opposing McCain’s foreign policy with her own, is said to be caused by questioning from across the room. Implying a voter made her say things McCain would not, just by asking her of Pakistan and policy. They whine; Unfair! Out of context! Gotcha Journalism!

It reminds me of that “whose on first?” routine. Trouble for they and us is, being in line for the presidency is not supposed to be a joke. But that bar has been broken for some time now.

Thanks to that reality despising community that helped place George Bush within range to appropriate the presidency in 2000 and 2004, the, check no fact but have faith cult of attitude followers are out to sink our ship of state for good. There it will lay at the bottom of world history, like the Titanic. After all the Jingoist pablum is spewed and the facts kept far away form context, will the American People actually vote to be that iceberg?

One thing we can all count on; when that iceberg hits, the right wing will say; We thought you liberals believed in global warming?


Jury is said to convene on Nov. 4.