Half Hearted Express goes backwards

We may be seeing the nature of the next conservative administration, if we are so masochistic, or that plight be engineered into form:

A half hearted command of facts.

A half hearted putting of America first.

A half hearted thought out vice president.

A half hearted suspension of a campaign.

A half hearted “victory” with the rich peoples socialist bailout.

A half hearted excuse by party officials that house speaker Pelosi’s “tone” makes up their mind, instead of the national good.

Half hearted period.

And, as you have seen with the last incompetent conservative administration; that incompetence gets passed on down to the field. The most obvious disasters; rewarded with medals and commendations, since conservatism cannot admit mistakes or false assumption, except when taking advantage of admitting one that is, but only if there seems a political payoff.

Hearing the McCain Train’s constant blame games whining whistle, know that sound note to familiarize oneself with the reverse reality realms of always whining conservatism. They were not the party of the so called “Chicken Hawks” for no reason.  Not only do they depend on an excuse train, but someone else to do the actual work. They attract those who need liberalism as an endless excuse for their own lack of true heart or character, but grand of ego. In the negative, others stand in as ego props. Flags and religions abstract symbols become their “character” claims. A pride siphoned off of others sacrifice. The ideology seeks out the kinds of psychological stress addictions that “escape” into conservatism’s always outward blame fame.

Classic cognitive dissonant driven projection, with a political ideology thrown in to cover the cult of excuse cars linked together.  This is now a rote machinery of full attack on the commons, except when they “need” us to attack others.  Then it is all for one and one for all.

Perhaps you have seen how a list of “buzz words” stands in to define the presence of these “true believers”. A philosophy tailored for those half hearted at fact and context checking. Such faith can cover a whole host of sins. As well as become the watering hole for thirsty self shame bloated sycophants with fermenting resentments toward those who are different.

Conservatism as it exist today, is the train that runs backward, instead of being present wholeheartedly now, owning the moment without endless excuse. What conservatism unconsciously runs from, but is evident from observation is; Reality, with all its nuance, complexities and connections to all.  If you have a philosophy that tries to cut up and market Creation itself, you have an ideology that denies connection to all, defying Creations very Core.  Problematic is a mild word for that self designed exploitation of Creation for self gain.