Bank Bailouts and Conservative Separation’s from the Commons

THE COMMONS, CAPITALISM and Tag Baiting Community as Socialism, as we always support and bail out the super rich with taxpayers dollars.

…or dividing the whole world by cutting up human consciousness of the Whole.  Then we do not know what we are missing.

The Blue Marble

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But first let’s start with the fracturing of so called conservatism.

It was an astonishing critique conservative George Will delivered about John McCain, but coming from a classic conservative apologist, how much can it be worth?

He did mention Obama’s lack of certain experience as being an arguable negative. In which case, Sarah Palin is mind numbingly unfit for the presidency, a vice presidents possible stand in job. The more we hear of her vindictiveness, and switched positions she does not own up to, the more it seems we could take one giant step downward further into an abyss by letting these two into office.

Listening to the two speak is an exercise in eating baloney filled platitudes, glossed with a fluff of critical thinking impairment...just don’t check on what we are saying Thanks! These two bring new meaning to the Wizard Of Oz directions to not look behind the curtain. They have spoken; their past is opposed to their present, sometimes in the same day, please do not check… Look here; we are smiling and talking down to you like children. Who has the chalk? The eraser?


I’m glad there are some conservatives stepping off the snake oil false front socialist bandwagon usually rolled out to define liberals… Tax and spend. When oddly, as in Iraq, who is being taxed for that oil industry “bailout” gone bad? Who is taxed at the pump and now into the future? Who is truthfully supporting our troops, who must follow direction no matter how recklessly conceived in Washington? Mr. Will’s critique was more on the character traits making one unfit for the presidency, not standard societal notions embraced in the left vs right.

Since conservatives are known for never accepting any responsibility for their actions, just wait and see, economic instability too, will somewhere be configured to be the poor’s fault. It will be those poor who bail us all out. Diverting attention can be certain politicians only real world “principle”. Values, morals, defense, you name it; these leash tags seduce the naive, then exploiters milk the commons* for all they can get. That is the glory of socialism for the few. I have seen this come down this way my whole life.


Inflation is a kind of flat tax that is geared to make the poor pay more. For instance, until quite recently, the minimum wage nearly lost half of its value over the years, yet conservatives were against raising it. We might pose some other reasons, such as to force the poor into two or three jobs, but even that begs this point; holding the poors income down lets their intrinsic value be taken up by the well off. Thus increasing their incomes and the whole “how good am I” lifestyle that seems endemic to wealth’s materialist gluttony.

This balance sheet remains; those who can be taken advantage of, are, cover is given with often emotionalized rationalizations, then the exploiters make out with the cash difference. In some respects, they make out more than we do from robotizing as well, since society essentially takes the bill for the purchase of a robot by any company (including human job loss). I can see why exploiters loves that kind of socialism for the few stealthily called achievement capitalism. The rich enough get the high view on the coast by standing upon a pyramid of the disadvantaged, who they need to be stressed! You millionaires are not scrubbing your toilet most likely, or replacing your roof with your own hands.


Americans seem unready or unwilling to see the stock markets as their and the worlds wealthy individuals own form of socialist organization. To each according to their ability to invest. Money does not actually grow on trees, however, someone somewhere is shortchanged to make stocks profitable. The “Ownership Culture” is just a way of redistributing money mostly from the poor to the much wealthier, or those hoping to be so.

For these “owners” who skim off the commons endowments, the glories of capitalism’s entrepreneurial spirit, and “making it” from the bottom up, are fairytale ego padding rationalizations designed to ignore the realities of those exploited. Simple as that. You don’t like success, but would rather reward failure? How convenient contempt for the commons becomes. Notice how the right wing is a contempt of others conveyor belt. They must seed emotional bias to medicate their own psyche’s illness of the soul. Yet it seems operationally, that many Americans prefer the bliss of ignorance over the mantel of responsibility and accountability.

China is sweating for our cheaper TV’s and just about everything else. Where would we be without economic slavery pinning lives down so those in advantaged nations can pick their pockets? It’s just the way things are. There’s nothing wrong with making money! From drugs? No! From crime? No! From exploitation? Ah? What exactly do you mean by that?

Most Americans can not tell this socialist like scheme for the few, since they were indoctrinate with it. It is fun to put $100. or multiples thereof and receive $120. back. All while no one says thief! That is a “free market” socialist holdup many individuals opportunistically validate as being just and decent. Then with a host of conservative self pandering conceptions that value human life anything but equally, all is well in teh reverse reality world of the cognitively dissonant.

One reason the wealth’s socialism calls the notion of a connected world reality, or commons, a socialist notion. They cut their spiritual umbilical cord to the whole, then insert grand abstractions and ego grandeur as its replacement. Unfortunately, that joke is not just on them. Since the world is whole, we all pay for anyone’s contempt for life.

Conservatives have a detached sense of creation that serves separation and alienation. They create this view by landscaping the culture to their self advantage. That pruning proves to them the validity of their own separatist imposition on the whole in perception. They see their knife cuts on the commons as Creations evidence for themselves and their alienated viewpoints. We all suffer under their illusions put upon our common world, for they are detached from their acknowledgement of responsibility for something they have blinded themselves to.


Corporatist, which many corporations seem to be by favoring corporate rights over the real individuals, hope to divide and conquer the very ground we walk on and the air we breathe. In many ways, “possession consciousness” not only “free’s” the individual to acquire what they can get away with, it guarantees a serious separatist bent in philosophical cosmology regarding the perception of the nature of life and being itself.

Investors, since they in effect drive prices up, they guarantee their endowments while the poor and working class types pick up the actual tab. That “reward” does not issue from a labor vacuum. Someone else must work and be underpaid to produce an overflow of profit to spread around. Guess who is against raising minimum wage? Not to mention health insurance to keep oneself and their family safe amidst skyrocketing health care cost.

Too bad. Life is not fair. Why it’s those kids fault that they were not born to a wealthy family. They can get out of poverty shortly by joining the military. Now for those ethical lunch tax deductions. Nice that the struggling poor cannot wright theirs off as well. That would be rewarding hard work! No paid lunch time for you! I’m not running a socialist enterprise here! Or are you?

Exactly why they need to seduce those other than the big haves, to indoctrinate predatory separatist individualist ideology into the “masses”–We’re all on our own. We’re equal that way! It is best to have your natural opposition (those you exploit) do the actual fighting for your cause! How equal is that! That pyramid scheme users find a way to exploit and get those manipulated to go along, never ceases to amaze me.


Notice the gall in which so many conservative leaders make their divide and conquer claims. Precisely why they are the group of self deluded hubris and the refuge of scoundrels, cover realities by projecting ad-hominem loaded ideological contempt. Frame that as patriotic. Wonder why those right wing talking heads are often so demeaning towards the poor, then rail when an alleged liberal gets one negative emotion out. Ooh, we can see you are having a problem! Now there is one unhappy camper.

Nothing a suit, tie and a strict self confident tone cannot correct enough to fool the fool-able. Check out Cheney, or Mr Will for that matter. This confidence trick of strict style is a hallmark device of many a charlatan, who need not own what they promise, from their one way or the highway ideologies. Yet just like the ‘He has WMD’ claim, they have no problem promising with no truthful evidence whatsoever.

Conservatives need to talk down to people in order to assuage their own dubious and compromised self esteem. There are whole classes of folks ready and willing to have their egos “gain” by moralizing over others. That is quite how liberal became a “bad word”, and a buzz word for all ills real or imagined. Projection of ones inner dementia’s finds ready targets of externalization as cheep instant self medication.

Those who opportunist exploit overseas ( an they love this barrel they have the American people over), they claim is done in our name, thus automatically corporatism is called our national interest. That blurred kind of citizen assigned assessment of intentions is itself a moral crime in a democracy. Much foreign policy is a collective outworking of self serving projections of us and them ideological insanity.

Countries finding our arrogant leadership, corralled into imperialism by philandering corporate panderers, is no surprise to them. Been that way for decades. It is all about getting resources as cheep as possible from others by hook or by crook, to keep your home “stable” at the expense of the worlds households. What could be wrong with that? Don’t you support America? …And controlling the anaesthetised American public is as easy as pie, or even a deceptive invasion of a sovereign nation.

What part of profit do I not understand as “our vital national interest”? Yet I must admit, hearing George Will give a somewhat accurate review of McCain, gives me hope that sometimes, at least, conservatives might be able to come to their senses and do the right thing, not the ideologically impaired one.

George Will thinks McCain isn’t ready to be president

Note particularly the paragraph in which Will talks about McCain’s “impulsive, Channeling his inner Queen of Hearts, John McCain furiously,

* The commons is actually everything; the and land, the water, the air, and not just obvious things like Intestate highways or national parks. Yet, guess who denies global warming until they themselves begin sweating, or claim pollution is not really their problem since everybody does it, or by purchase, “ask for it”. We all then, pick up the damage tax, whether it is called tax and spend, or profit increases when accountability is enforced. As I stated; conservatives alway attempt to deny responsibility or accountability. Their pathological avoidance it is in their ideological blood.

More on the commons below.

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The Tragedy of the Commons is the title of an influential article written by Garrett Hardin, first published in the journal Science in 1968.