Love has Eternal Depth

Love; The Soul of Being; A meditation on love and forgiveness

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what is holding me back?

a whole universe before us

but what persist inside?

is it what I missed?

times I waited

but seemed ignored?


this next moment

can be tarred and feathered

by hurt feelings left in memories

leaving now seemingly somewhere else

the next moment can turn another way

remind of what was good

is good now still

though tender and old

and out facing into autumn



we are all


just one I

we make thought quilts

ideas that blanket the world


all human doings appear

with what I insist exist

where I chose to look

what I say moves

on from one I

to another


but just I

always just

you and I

are always this I

all that decides now

what continues on

what is stopped

forgotten or lost

feared or loved

just I now

and your I


or reject




with its lust for cause

with all its endless repetition

where cause can be confused

who started what is veiled

automatic darkness

beneath loves sun

until just one I

changes course


this barrier each I faces

do we play the old storyline

follow well worn plot pathways

that still are surrounded in wonder

but we stay on the bare trampled soil

cleared and near sterile temptation

walking ahead into history

what is stopping us ever

from truly moving forward

when one easy step

into freedom?


Just these I’s

that is all

for history is done

no matter the horror

or wrong doings

these we command

if I take loves course

they can be forgiven now

a door opened into love

this your freedoms proof

this thing I can do

and you


those who say no to I AM

no to forward and forgiveness

no to growing up and into love

these are the bankers of fear

seeking comfort in theft’s company

as they seek to sell souls into doubt

that which seems so easy to prove

over and over until it becomes

the vision they walk towards

a realm of love lost



unlike hate and fear

love takes true courage

love takes being present

love takes standing up tall

bravely opening wide up

giving in to heroic calm

to the most loving thing


deep waters of everything

anchored to Creations Center

where all things are real

each hand held to eternity

setting a heart free

to feel each heart

such a chore


we but need to dare

look our escapes in the face

we are stronger now than ever

undaunted by judgements

recognising the error

in orientation


then behold

finding I AM

beginning and end

one point real power lives

giving us Its gift

right now



the powerful

are those who love

those who love it all as is

including the poignancy of loss

including wandering in the desert

including the pains and forgetfulness

that makes finding even more majestic


what is stopping your next intent

what question rules as overlord

but more importantly

who am I

without love

to say it is gone

and too hard

to be?


I as us

you and me

do we think this is

too Utopian and easy?

too obvious to be true for

surely we should have seen it?

too impossible to coordinate

with all other sojourner I’s?


just one moment now

just one I in time’s crest

where every moment is loved

only this one place to change

right now were I stand or fall

only one person to decide

what I will be now

be opened up to love

or look for ways to close union off

making it distant and difficult

for then I am far away

from where I belong

a lone star

outside the Milky Way


this inside of light

behind my closed eyes

an inner truth still shines

though I may not look out

to see its caressing colors

illuminating my world

and what I am

it is easy to miss

the most obvious

when not attending


so very simple

completely universal

problem and conflict traditions

gone in a blink and an I

gone right now

not into hiding

but into seeing our depth

we each hold our true birthright

taking the stolen strength in heart

from each fossilized mistake


come to realize

how these become extinct

each and every time I create one

that is the power of consciousness

of I instead of what I do not know

or try to be from lacking

ever wandering seeking

missing what is receiving


here the power of love

healing even amidst loss

strong enough to overcome

what fear and darkness bring

that light inside is eternal

known when I enter

where I am


all the love


all the love

waited for


right here

known by offering

even when receiving

the gift that comes

from giving










{The most fierce things show a moment of loves obvious presence}





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