"Christ in the Temple"

Faith has been defined as generally a good thing when tagged to religious tenets, while fraud is assumed to have a negative intention likely from the start. What I may not realize, as I listen to people of any faith speak of their convictions is; their conclusions are not often proved by scrutinized relationship fact, to the assumption. I will see a piece of evidence forwarded, not always in any full context whatsoever, then have the belief claimed validated by the evidence. This ignores any other control feature for the assumption. This is where the two phenomenon can share and even exchange their genes. Both seem to generated a defensiveness regarding truth once a question of authenticity is raised. Furthermore, questioning itself, becomes viewed as a source of anti-faith.

When we surrender our critical thinking abilities for belief, we also surrender a basic truth detector of fraud. Not only that, but the belief then has the “opportunity” (clever manipulators) to use our instituted ignorance, to alter faith into dark corners of rationalization. One can notice how closely politics has evolved to juggle both faith and unadmitted fraud. This is true no mater which political slot one falls into on that left to right spectrum.

It is curious to note how close the far right and left extremes can be in their actions, including some religious extremes. They tend to posses ideological lenses that cut out the full spectrum light, or knowledge based understanding. These extremes are us against them mindsets, to the degree that most anything can be rationalized as true and necessary by their adherents. Mix these with religion or cults of the individual and you have a recipe for unending conflict and misunderstanding, for those inclusive perceptions are outside the “faith”, and fraud can become embraced as revelation itself.


Both political parties contending for likely executive positions have degrees of faith in their followers, religious and socioeconomic/political faith. There tends also to be a more likely incidence of fraud being assumed to be true, when restricted wavelength understanding is part of the faith based landscape. One party in particular, applies faith, select moral values, loyalty and even presumed patriotism, as its guiding influence. There is an intrinsic problem here with interpreting TRUE reality, when filters designed to intentionally inhibit inclusion are part of the formula.

Context and inclusion of observational angles are especially essential to truth finding. Without them, we then have a structure in ways immunized against being aware of self deception.  Those who question a likely deception, can seem to these believers to be themselves deceived or ill willed.  This reverse reality seems to be counted on in the political arena.

This immunity to recognizing the real truth, might serve a sense of “pure” faith, but it in no way makes likely the pure truth. Existence with its subjective points of view embedded into human consciousness allows fraud and faith to seem both pure and true. Bias inherent to ideological lens ware, renders the individuals ability to see factual reality and truth, highly problematic. That a religion or political interest would encourage this prejudice in human consciousness, poses a direct threat to humanity. To the extent that these separation based paradigms “win” in political or spiritual debate, is the extent we all lose some bit of our sanity.

This will produce negative consequence in all areas of life. If we seek change to work toward the betterment of humankind and planet earth, we need to support change that leads to informational integration, and not its opposite. When faith embraces pride in separation, its true believers are being taken in by fraud, no matter how proud and righteous they may feel, or how far they believe they look down onto the rest of us.