Palin’s Pastor Witch Hunt trail with video.

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Down, is up in socialist oil benefits Alaskan leaderships easy pass. Not just bridges to nowhere, lusted after from all our pocketbooks by Alaskan leadership. Not good enough a commons giveaway. Of course, a lot of problems are less bad when the state hands you nice benefit checks for that oil under your very own oily Santa Clause. Ah, we loves the socialism’s wherein they pad our pockets from stocks of oil. Down with liberals!  Our culture is only made for those with money, Its somewhere in the Constitution I’m sure.

Orders given to God

Palin’s Kenyan pastor allegedly helped rid a village there of a witch who was said to cause traffic accidents, or so the story goes. A story often referred to apparently, in his up vanishing permafrost north sermons. Palin herself, said the pastor prayed quite directly for the Lord to make a path for her to the governorship. She mentioned he did not ask ‘if it was Gods will’, but to make a way for her.

World Religions

It seems Jesus has returned and is performing miracles specifically for Palin. Now that is faith you can bank on. Just make sure you invest your God given dividends where dangerous predators might not eat them up. No. Not Polar Bears, politicians.

What a heavenly job. Being governor of a state that pays its citizens greater dividends for skyrocketing oil profits coming out of our pockets. Wealth distribution in the flesh. That kind of socialism could make true believers out of many citizens.


Keep telling us what sounds good, but is not true. Cause it sure seems taken for granted that there is faith we will not question what is being said. But what does that say of us, and what candidates think of our own integrity?

Today, McCain more or less blamed Obama for the current economic crisis. There is that Rovian reverse reality switcherroo, where your opponents strength is claimed to be your own, and they blamed as the cause of the problem they claim to fix. Who knew an allegedly so ineffectual Illinois senator was presto!, so powerful, as to be running the economy while shooting hoops?

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What can the facts say, when Biden says Sarah Palin is good looking, but in a McCain attack add, they put Obama’s image up there, obviously to imply stereotypical racial fears? You cannot say principled.

Hum? A fumbling, bumbling, misleading change that implies, just trust us, we’ll look out for things for ya. We, after all, are honest. Now where have I heard that before? Compassionate Confuciusism?  Oh.  And do not trust whomever we make to look scary.  We’re in the jungle folks; some sparks, smoke and awe.

Someone’s know how black magic is applied to the public consciousness.

The trick is on us. The treat’s will fall into their bag, as long as it appears that part of the public refuses to grow up, or wake up.  And that situation is kept intentional in my view. Interesting how we know so little of what goes on in the world or even behind the curtains in our own country.  Easy to be spooked.

Sure I know the other party stretches the truth, which makes something untrue, but these so called conservatives, look at how they just make it up as they go. Now that is real change that is guaranteed to trick the many to benefit the few. But we’re gonna help ya!

Now watch me pull a chad out of a hat.


I did not make all of this up. Here are some links to the info, below


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