Freud would be proud! Palin/McCain ticket

To the stage rushes Ms Palin. An older white man often walks in her hurried wake.

fire queen

A presentational question begins to appear for many of us; who exactly is in charge of that maverick ticket? Can’t tell by the constant flow of misrepresented facts. (What he/she/she /he really meant to say was…Next)

Mavericks may have an extra large leeway on facts and all. Seems they are neck and neck; then Ms Palin, looking down, seemingly at notes, announces the good things that will flow from the Plain/McCain ticket. She actually said that one—Palin/McCain.

There! It is out!

The expectations of succession wave may well have gone past the speaker, controlling the very words cresting at the podium. I am first! That guy scuffling behind me is, well, behind. Second billing.

More of those cracks in the glass ceiling?

What reality’s will be reversed next by the mavericks of misspoken speech? What new tomorrow will become so yesterday. We’ve moved past that?

Now lets get into that campaign dynamic duo’s mind-frame…

Americans deserve things to get fixed up and stuff. We are just the change you all need to change the things we changed before, before you discovered they were bad and needed to be changed again, obviously cause everything is sound and all. But this time changed for the better! That’s the right answer! We are more right now than ever, just try us. We are the right change! Whatever those Democrat say; we say, but better! Belief in change we can have faith in! Let’s shake things up America!

Yes! Change we can count on to change again if needed by popular focus group request, in classic Rovian steel your oppositions claims to voter appeal. Hurray!

Once me and Mr Magoo get into that oval office, why we’ll fix it all up for you starting on day one. We’ll be the no blinking administration folks. We’re gonna change Washington for ya. Now lets fire Washington’s elite! How bout callen’ it Anchorage? Geneva. Whatever that capital of mine is. I think there is a J there. You know what I meant to say. I wave at Putin from my deck. Didn’t know that did ya? Ask me any question. Try to trip me up—Cant do it. Cant do it!…

What they really, really meant to say was…

She knows more about energy than anyone. So there, smarty liberal doubt me pants..


And please, please, do not peek behind that curtain. The great and all powerful mavericks of OZ have spoken.

I’m beginning to wonder what ‘change to believe in’ really means? One that never gets past blind belief?

Approx. 3.5% is said to be 20%, (Alaska’s energy contribution) which was still wrong for what he likely actually meant (oil production), which should be more like under 14%. But what actually seems to be being said is: You do the math folks. We’re gonna be too busy changing things. If we get blessed into office that is. That’s a hint to the faith crowd out there.

It’s change we can count on alright. We’ll be doing all the counting of the change, while the American commons goose plucking is finished off by the get what you can while you can trick them, put “America First” scammers. It’s drill, drill, drill, the public.

That hasn’t changed.