As a white-ish person who actually lived in an area that many white people would have tended to avoid, I actually do know what it is like to live between Americas racial contradictions.

First off, because racial bias actually puts us into surface judgement mode, I am glad to see America judging Barack Obama on what seems the content of his character. I will also note that it has been found that 7% of white people will say they voted for a black candidate, when the fact is they have not. Why this particular deception exist, surely has something to do with the psyche of those claiming one thing as a fact, when another is their true behavior.


I just came across this post by someone on my tag surfer and feel it merits more attention as to the subtleties of bias that go under the radar, while one can feel things are just fair. Get over it! We are so past those times! I do not see color!

There is a political interest that provide a haven for bias, while pretending it has none. That cognitive dissonant like stance caters to those who need a false sense of honesty. I do not feel any race or ethnic group is more honest than another but I believe some in most any of these divisions do. It is opportunism that leads one to deceive oneself, then look for emotionalized “truths” to prove the choice as necessary.

Here is the link;

White Privilege

Black troops in France, ca, 1918


  1. Noticed you linked to my blog. COolio. Yeah that post really got to me. Sometimes you have to go throught the backdoor with rhetoric and then smack them in the head with reality to make things like racism and double standards come through.

    Benafia here:

    Thanks for your comment at my blog. If by any chance you do not wish me lining to that post, let me know and I will change it.

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