THE UNITED STATES OF SCAMERICA; it’s the money shell game

{Context. Our two party system seems to act as a vice, with the public squeezed into the middle. Both “sides” have their entrenched and rising interest that seek to make hay for themselves off of the commons; our common goals, resources, blessings and responsibilities.  The corporate media seems to play both these sides of self ambition off of one another, but is “naturally” more responsive to what benefits corporate America.

I contend that there is a reason why the pubic does somewhat better when the so called liberal party is in office, no matter if they are one or two term.  Likewise, there is another reason why, such as under so called conservative hero Reagan, who said he would balance the budget in 3 years yet presided over the greatest debt increase in history to that time, said to be greater than all other administrations combined.

We are psychologically “set up”. Our political environment is now prompting an ever increasing squeezing of the vice.  That we are suckered into the same false dichotomies, and false premises debates every political season, demonstrates how we the public are as asleep at the wheel, as essentially are our elected officials.  America itself.pays the price for our refusal to see through the smoke screens of responsibility and carnival mirrors of accountability the corporate media juggles like a clown act.  We step up to the shell games table come ellection time…}

We must have one born every second at least.

You know; someone suckered into conservatism’s shoot yourself in the foot with deregulation “freedom”, “values” voting, and people of “faith”, as if you actually know what another’s faith actually is. Wait. What part of faith did I not get? Right.

What a shame. Yet just listen, the very people for deregulation (McCain et all), are now acting populist about fraud and excess, about exactly the group they champion that funds much of their shell game. Tricky. Tricky.  That is like wondering why oil and defense industries are rolling in the dough while the rest of us pick up the tab.  Duh.  Look who is running the show under the big top.

Our public bailout (approx. $900,000,000,000.00 for several corporations) of these wealth producing risk schemes, leaves who holding the bill for the mansions, jets, and overseas fun-houses? Us! Suckers through and through. Oooooh, didn’t someone call someone a pig? Oooooh. True, some liberals made it easy for high risk poor people to get loans, but they sure did not single handily make all these loan scammers, with their fly over by jet home inspections, shuffle the bubble around Wall Street until it burst. Another point about economic/societal predators; when the scams come crashing down, you can count on the poor being blamed by the cons.

Whenever these super rich set up a ways and means of milking the public, we are cash in their pockets guaranteed. Then once the bill comes in for the risky business that speculative interest has a certain “moral” party set up for them, shifting the cost to you and I, a campaign comes along and the subjects get magically diverted. That would be the shells moving folks. The base that actually holds up these pyramid schemers can always be said to be the actual cause of their excess. Remember this one truism; conservatism never accepts responsibility for the true consequences of its actions. Since everything is connected, they can see where somewhere, other people than they were involved. They must have caused it! We are the good guys and did not plan for that to happen so…

Those who put these forked tongued charlatans in there, are the fools who actually are governing Scamerica through their own blindness. It’s a smart scam though. Especially now that their party can fix close elections, again with lack of transparency, and lots of; Hey! Hey! Look over here! No! Over hear! Now let us help you all figure this problem out. But watch out for those next wolf pups the more random party feeds. The leash we think they are on can be wrapped around our necks.

The party of grown up predators, however, has their system all ironed out. Scare the voters with bogymen, taxes gonna get you with their tax and spend liberal big government. Aren’t you for people of faith? Just ignore recent history please. Thanks. That was easier than expected. Let’s tighten personal bankruptcy law, just to see how far these nincompoops can see. Fabulous! I love this population based on trust and faith. They’re worth every ounce of blood we can get them to give us.

OK. Here they come. Fire the talking points into the corporate medias spin chamber. Who knew repeating history was a basic formula mixed up into the public psyche at will? Right. Intelligent people. Down with intellectual snobbery and latte drinking liberal effete Volvo drivers! They think they are so above us regular down home decent and loyal people of faith.

Well actually. I prefer people who know something, who are not set up to be left holding the shell, while that underground class warfare, makes like reverse Robing Hood, and all while they trick those who feel they are decent citizens into funding their own poverty.

Wow. At least every second.

We are on our own, to be owned. Blessings of that ownership culture. The faith that keeps on taking.

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Democracy Now, went into these subjects today. Here is that story below.

US Seizes Control of AIG with $85 Billion Bailout

The US government has seized control of insurance giant American International Group in an unprecedented $85 billion bailout. The Federal Reserve made the deal on Tuesday to save AIG from collapse in what the New York Times describes as “the most radical intervention in private business in the central bank’s history.” The move comes as a series of financial crises has altered the landscape of Wall Street. We speak with investment banker turned journalist, Nomi Prins, and Michael Hudson, president of the Institute for the Study of Long-Term Economic Trends. [includes rush transcript]