We look out at the world

as appraisers of value

we judge what we see

look out across definitions

spectrum’s of color and shape

evaluating their outer evidence

determining the meaning it


what does our nature say

of what my looking life is?

our whole lives are made up

of these dissected spectrum’s

they expand across time and place

but in ways we proceed to cut them up

and each and every life revolving along

with their attached to us values

this near constant analysis

my life’s experience


here I judge it by

standards known

assumed true as stone

I hear we need our orders

be filled with missing life

we know we are ever hungry

for nutrition of body and mind

we need people to tell our stories

to care and share in these gifts

establish our common knowing

we want people and possessions

to describe our own meaning

things can even supplant

one thing for another

a substitute spectrum

a mirror of things

quietly telling us

we are here

I can feel

what we are



but do these

worded names

tell who we are?

all our collections

our display cases

I hope you will see

what I am made of

in my claims

on truth

we claim

many of us

God is out there far

made everything and left us

with books, stories and faith

we say belief is our true holding

how this awareness of the Grand

intersects with our self analysis

all this world of life around us

may have us miss our inside

the forest for dead trees

beliefs about it all

for who cast God out

of Gods ongoing Creation?

where are the scissor marks

behind our eyes as they open?


we look at the sky and see

a vast and rambling open sea

that does grand becomings

and these lands roll onward

come out from under our feet

unfolding a world in front of

the way we aim a desire

we see it and appraise

what it is worth to me

why it has value or not


what we may be doing

with our favorite color is

a strange blindness in choice

missing the inclusive continuity

that the clouds moisten our lips

things come up from sweet earth

grow and supply our very breath

that we are air, fire, water, earth

and a firmament in heaven


our dreams
may stop behind our eyes

and our memory sits still

waiting so patiently

our bus stop into the past

can provide a surprising turn

like the next moment can

anything in front of you

and yes those inside too

all the ideas in it touch

all that is you and I

everywhere around us

our judging of values

may be a kind of trick

we recommend as treat

our favorite pitch or note

in shaped spectral choices

we feel show our character

but that may well be just

too superficial to claim

as ones sole mission in life

every note touches its neighbor

even in its lonely voice away

each color is true as a form

but not separate as may seem

light and shape select out

a realm for revelation

may make flowers

define their interest

but not make one only

inherently more interesting

not its unfathomable depth


for that is Spirit only visible

to those who look past ends

to the inside of everything

like you and I finding where

everywhere is completely round

with not a void space to spare

even where we fit in

our imagination

and for God

God is not to beg of

nor play like a player piano

but to belong to inside time

God is not some guy up there

God belongs to everywhere

there is nowhere without

Divine influence at work

only ignorance believes

it can speak Its name fully

somehow removing It out

holding It abstract and ideal

putting It away into the mind

where compartments shape

and shade away Gods place

to where I am comfortable

with imaginary distance

from sorrow and loss

most profound gifts

and loneliness

even alienation

strongest indication

of which way truth may lay

open and free to accept love


because my minds eye is

undeniably bound

to all dimensions

as yours is

we inhabit now

incalculable space

unrelenting time

wound inside

the same place

not red or blue

not quite or loud

not strong or weak

nor unsure or proud

it is the law and order

of harmony that rules


realizing the command

of harmony in symmetry

the instinct for balance

love has a chance to open

filter through each prism

show its truest colors

into every color be

bond as gravity does

the oneness within

in oneness without

our lives the prism

that sheds light now

uniquely illuminating

reality and possibility

with that gift of love

only a soul carries

into the night

where hearts

learn to beat


and all still

inside of you