We are all basically honest, right?

Now most anyone will tell you that all politicians lie. Well, that hardly explains why those lies work though.

We need not look far back into history, to see how a perceived situation can corral ideas that are not true, into seemingly logical scenarios. Once the scenario is accepted, a politician or most anyone, has a kinda blank check to insert what they want and have it accepted, for we have left reality and gone into the mystical fairy land of belief expectation.

Those who accept a notion on its flimsy nonexistent imaginary information, (as in other areas of life were we catch our self at self deception), we tend to leap up to defend what we do not know, but have come to believe is true. We become defensive over facing those questions within ourselves, and project that hostility out to those who remind us of it. We then target those who oppose our rationalizations, or who even seem to do a similar thing from their own side of the debate. We are then ready to wave flags, and accuse those who do not follow the deceptions, of somehow being bad or dishonest or clueless people. We come to feel they are not on board with our now assumed right decision. So what is wrong, with them!

Do not believe me? Check history.

We know what the truth was leading up to the Iraq invasion. We know how flimsy the nonexistent “truths” were, and that they were known to be highly suspect by the sources we are told, gave them as solid. Most sensible people realize this tactic of blaming the information as being wrong and not ourselves, is an escape hatch from responsibility. Not to mention, but must for context, evidence suggest from many sources, that the true information and questions were actively suppressed.

Yet we as a people, some 80% of us, claimed lies as our soul mate, even to the extent, that after untruths were exposed, some near 50% of the population, years later with the truth of misconception widly visible in the public realm, preferred the deception over the truth.

This phenomenon is much like cognitive dissonance, where what one has done or attached ones identity to, is not accepted in its negative aspect. It becomes denied or explained away as being somehow normal and right for the time, no accounting for the deception necessary. This effectively, by embedded dishonestly, lets the self off the hook of accountability by denying the truth, or otherwise insisting what occurred could not be avoided, so was not really a choice of ones will.

The Republican Parties candidate, has just been referred to as being behind a “Blizzard of Lies”. I had just heard of this, so began writing this post based on what I have seen from my own perspective. I am glad to have others also writing on this deception campaign designed to trick voters into voting against themselves. Here is the link to the Krugman article.

Paul Krugman: Blizzard of Lies

As in the lead-up to the Iraq war, it is anticipated in lying, that people do not have the time or resources to question deception, and that that questioning itself, will be called a “liberal” bias, as if truth seeking is unwholesome and against ones own interest as a human being on a real planet with our real lives.

We find that the current Republican campaign is literally made up of just such deceptions such as these. A poll reports that 50% of Americans believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be president. She does not even know what a vice president does, has never met with a foreign leader, still suggest that Iraq was involved in 9-11, does not own up to her factual history, but only the now popular spun version.  Her executive expertise seems in avoiding answering actual questions, but running off on the platitudes and abstractions many people support. Bush was quite notable at this before the Iraq war, and even the 2000 election.

This campaign of distortions being run against the Democrats, who never had a veto proof majority even these last 2 years, is claiming to represent a platform of reforming Washington. The very place that corporate America rules through lobbying, and who the Republican party is the deep base of.

The curiosity here is; how can this mass of Americans prefer untruths over the truth?

They must be philosophically/emotionally set up to believe deception, meaning no responsible consequence admitted for political and ideological choices. This indites the culture to its core, and may prove to be fatal to democracy. There is something systemic as to why Americans are willing to discover propaganda as truth, but not discern the requirements of finding the real thing. It may be politics and religion, or even the “free for all” existentialist culture of possession worship, have perverted truth seeking, making half truth and distortion, if it panders to the public dysfunctional mentality, preferable to the truth in factual context.

That America is subject to a lie fest at elections, with one side profusely hitting below the belt, then, with that misinformation, select who they feel more comfortable with, suggest that democracy and freedom are nearing their ends, since the citizenry itself, will not support the whole truth over illusory self serving suggestion.  Begin to ready yourselves, America, for the slave state you are creating, by being too busy or bored to find the real truth which real democracy and real freedom require.

The great betrayal of America is underway and supported, it seems, by often majorities of Americans if their insecurities or bias are pandered to with enough fear and endless platitudes as the comforting sugar pill. Propaganda belief has spread so far and wide, that telling the truth can end one up with scorn and accusations of not supporting the nations self destructive inclinations.

The add campaign of nonstop distortion and phony reasoning on the McCain/Palin propaganda train, is intended to create this illusion of truth, where none really exist. From accusing the Democrat of calling Palin a pig, to lies over tax issues and supposed persecution of a woman, these are not only unconscionable, they are considered fair by the right in a “tough campaign”, as McCain indicated on the TV show, “The View”.


This uncovers the real strategy of the Republican parties nominees; they know that lies and distorted facts work with many Americans. History is their proof. It seems to be the way much of the subconscious American psyche works. If a good lie and a painful truth are put together, much of the population will chose the one that gives them no responsibility for their actions, but promises a grand future if you but chose the right one, the nice feeling one.

The American public finds itself in its own corporate nurtured test tube of ignorance for a reason. We have let the fundamentals of freedom and democracy flow with the baby in the bathwater down under the bridge. Now fantasy land beckons from the other side of that span of Americas Faustian Bargain. A pot of gold claims to be there. Little do we know, it is fools gold, and we are not near any rainbow.