32 known dead in the US from Hurricane Ike, Sept. 15 2008


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Hurricane Ike will be entered into the record books for the severe damage it inflicted in and around Galveston, Texas, experts say.
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Hurricane Ike rescue video’s Hundreds of rescues by helicopter, and still search and rescues go on.



Update 2:00am CDT Sept. 13 2008

Hurricane Ike’s eye beginning to make landfall, apparently as a Cat. 2. Ike appears to be taking a slight north jog at this time, which may provide Houston with some valuable space on the west side of center . This eastward movement could well provide a cushion from the worst impacts Ike could have brought to the Houston area. However, somewhere else becomes the worst place to be. Take any good news we can get.


Update 10:00pm CDT 9/12/08

Ike continues to come in at a dangerous angle for Galveston and Houston. The eye is expected to enter land in 3 to 5 hours. Hurricane wind likely to be begin in Galveston area at any moment.

Map below stays current.


Update: 7:00pm CDT Sept 12 2008

Areas flooding from sea rise. Those who chose to stay behind in Galveston and vicinity may face deadly conditions tonight and tomorrow. Hurricane Ike’s winds are now at 110mph, 1mph below Major hurricane status. This is a major hurricane regardless, and still may intensify into a Cat 3 . Gust will certainly be there on the east side and eye-wall of storm.


Weather Undergrounds Storm Center Map below

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UPDATE 5:15 pm CDT Sept. 12 2008

Hurricane Ike’s outer rain-bands are beginning to reach the shore. Center of cyclone is approx. 60 miles in diameter. Center is still anticipated to come very near or over Houston.

In other severe weather, at this time tornadic storms are rapidly moving towards Kansas City Kansas. A tornado watch there to 10pm local time.

There are a couple tornado warnings in Louisiana. Several homes just reported damaged by one in central Louisiana Ike is not currently expected to be a prodigious tornado producer. This may change as it later encounters that same front and low pressure system causing tornadoes now closing in on Kansas City.



Hurricane Ike is heading towards Houston Texas. There is no guarantee it will come ashore near Galveston Texas and into Houston. Much now depends upon what side of Houston this storm may veer. Will westerly winds turn it more toward the Louisiana state line, keeping the storms worst impacts a bit to east of the nations fourth largest city? That has become the key player for the Houston/Galveston area communities. Landfall begins this evening, but effects are now underway. Even just a bit to these cities east will have a dramatic impact on this storms impacts to many.

There are some indications that dry air that had been entering from the west but was anticipated to retreat, is still exerting an influence on this storm. Anything to deter this storm is welcome.

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