{Politics implies a difference of opinion and interpretation of events. The real truth can be obscured, and even not known by any one side of a debate. This truth in regard to opinion also applies to me.}

Obama said during an interview about all the blatant deception being presented from the other side; that he trust the American peoples judgement. When did this enlightened American public come on the scene, a few days ago? I seem to have heard every presidential candidate in every campaign, say that public pandering refrain. What kind of answer is that? I know no matter how wrong one is, when someone says you are usually right, I guess you might kinda like that person, since it seems, we usually defer to flattery than to critically objective truth.

Some 80% of these trustworthy Americans were for the Iraq war, being that they would rather defer to easy trust and an attitude that “we” must be right, is good how? Who then needs to check the actual facts or listen to critical points of view that would have saved so many lives and thousands of those troops we are told to support? (Then try to deny them full benefits) I remember one those people’s special agent spouse being exposed for telling the truth, and everyone else told to be shamed that they were not “supporting the troops.” Something is rotten very near the core. It slithers amidst the “culture war”.

WMD, and that famous mushroom cloud (that only America has used on another nation), that is what we were told Iraq was about, and that was knowingly misleading, with doctored “evidence” from criminal sources known to lie. Way to run a country. Well done American public mindlessness. We need more of that jingo laden boisterously, but lets call it the right change and being a maverick. Snake oil slick.

Do we support the troops with this sort of lazy patriotism, or do those troops fight for freedom, of course including the freedom of speech and the freedom to do what is right based on the truth? What is right does not come from lies, but if we are lazy and trust our preacher or a commercial instead of our own critical thinking abilities, we do not even know what facts are truly relevant in context. It is we who are selling the troops and freedom down the proverbial drain, while snake oil salesmen or women tell us how wholesome and good we are. This is the most cynical of all bait and switch operations going on, and it depends on trusting the American people to not check the facts nor read the deadly fine print.

I don’t know about you, but as an American, I know much better than to trust the American people to care enough to get their facts straight, nor to elect someone else who does, since they would not recognize the truth if they saw it. There are legions in this country that hear the right wing slime and despise your neighbor cultural war machinery spew it out the radio one minute, and you can hear the same talking points regurgitated up in a restaurant later in the day. The “insight” being passed off as ones personal wisdom and enlightened common sense. Just as America swallowed the Iraq baloney, the new baloney is on the shelves and apparently flying off to land between eager ears. (My reference above was to what I just heard on TV and then in a restaurant.)

It is almost equally cynical to hear the Democrats want to return to the “it’s the economy stupid” supposition. Is that the nation they are proud of? One who votes for their own personal special interest, not too important who you bomb, or what planet saving actions you chose to ignore, since it would be used against you and likely hurt your popularity. Remember, taxes take your money, while windfall profits give it back to you?

The way the perception is now slanted ideologically, money going out of your pocket to the public good is scrutinized to find a defect that can be used to destroy the concept. Much more money going out of your pocket to pad an individual who has no consciousness of the public good (though they do claim the workers jobs for that one) is called a success story of the American way. Well there, its settled then.

Fools know what is right and what is wrong. Perfect. Now they are set up to be baited with the tax cutting (destroying the commons) baloney for the rich, get a few cents back themselves, then see prices go up to eat it up. Perfect snake oil mind set, you need a population set up to strangle itself while it is lured into thinking it is destroying the evil government. What this public is doing, is setting up the scenarios for its maneuvering down to the success level of poverty. Statistics indicate that on average, some minus $2,000 in our pockets since Clinton’s administration. Hum? What went wrong? We were trusting in the American people. We did what we felt was right, voting our values and all. What went wrong?

To get that snake oil, somewhere there has to be a deal struck, with the devil.