View of Earth and the moon from space. ImageView of Earth and the moon from space. credit: NASA

The stars and moon rule at night

a sun for the day

these overhead

and to the horizon

the obvious misplaced

for the obvious to our needs

how we identify with the struggle

ignoring these overwhelming truths

a world compacts around each life

we see from our reflective pinpoint

our singularity inside near infinite space

where we appraise our inhabited tiny place

with thoughts and feelings clearly too close

these truths seem much too obvious

they may block my experience

of the most obvious

context of all



the sacred center

we each are touching

a truth does remain

eyes open or closed off

my one focus of perception

my solitary view on everything

is in touching all that is

while I can seem

so far from it

the most obvious thing

is this universal invitation

revealing the depth and breath

a continuous and cumulative gift

our invitation to belong to a whole

farthest from a lost point of view

this call comes in yearning

to see into immersion

know a depth undeniable

once this inclusion is felt full

come to see a world of relevance

vast all around my open eyes

I am not just a pinpoint

like this small world

I can be so sure of

in quiet desolation

my view of the overhead

is dependent to my intention

where I draw what I am and am not

we are suspended into a medium

of Life and its long reach

the stars, sun and moon

are not just overhead away

not the earth a flat dimension

they are all around whole

while we are always

in their middle

the obvious truth

can be easily obscured

by other obvious proof

of what seems alone

a superficial invention

while full truth reverberates

in its ever-present holding

even in loss and loneliness

of abandonment’s fall

we take the surface

as our only will

and separation

my only state known

demands become fate

a thought does not

end in my minds back alley

I can think they are stuffed

at some dead end hidden

but like our suspension

the center of this universe

surrounds our every move

thoughts and feelings

touching all around

nowhere is ever

cut off

gravity knows

never a dead end

existence is full not void

there is not a missing piece

all dimensions lead to home

here we actually all know you

and call your name inside-out

we each here reveal a truth

a new and unique angle

of what life can be

or otherwise

even our denials

what life can be missed

whether I feel held back

kept by some outside entity

or admit ever-present evidence

there never can be a locked door

only a soul seemingly self chained

by its own premature conclusion

certain of so small a place

the door is open

both ways


you and I

are welcome

all of Creation

exist in connection

even though untruth

is so easy and possible

to believe as pure fact

It can be but this smallest

this most simple a truth

removed by appearance

as when time after sunset

a day becomes invisible

our own isolated longing

can miss for its opinion

of being left behind

with too little light to see

the length of deeper connection

my own ideas can trap me under

a view unable to see in and through

where stars just seem to move

overhead and to the horizon

the moon and sun are visible

then vanished and gone

when they in deepest truth

never are missing in action

but there in their element

surrounded in their own

and all other relations

the invitation invites us

to a world of connection

it is to be into inclusion

belonging to everything

every happening passes

through the open door

tells a tale of life

my life

your life

each and every life

inside of all One Life

a connecting and caring core

of ever-present Love

in ignorance of this

gift of Invitation

we are alone and longing

and once knowing of this

request to come in

are invited into

a part of infinite

Love living

the heart of Being

beating within our chest

this story all around us

revealing all the rest

where you are

now and always

touching and holding

the Invitation in.