I have cracked the campaign code. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Hearing interviews at this last “more conservative” convention, the secret stood out like a soar thumb; claim the direct opposite of what you actually are, then claim your opponent is what you actually are. Tricky, I know.

It is as if history itself was deleted, then those “good” abstractions claimed to exist in its place. The key is in the NO FACT CHECKING MAKES CONCLUSION DRAWING SIMPLE BY ATTITUDE. The party who just presided over the greatest debt and government excess, accused the other side of not balancing the budget and being for big government. As I said; but now in these words; throw the truth out and insert all the lies and misstatements and altered truths (lies) you can. Perception then is made relative, context destroyed.

This is kinda like an intentional cultural lobotomy, then glorious abstractions stuck into newly vacated minds, that will go on to never achieve truth founded of real context evidence, but instead, by attitude, makes one feel they are on the side of righteousness. These twisted impressions are then put out for mass consumption, paraded as your viable selling points, making you good and those other guys bad. Reality reversed, mission accomplished. They do have quite a history of claiming falsehoods now, do they not.


Quite an amazing convolution of reality, but these folks are expert at it. They can change position on a dime, take the opposite side from their actual behavior, then blame the other side for being devious. I guess it works every time. As if I am obviously an apple one day, accusing my opponent of being a lowly orange, then suddenly I am proudly the orange, ridiculing my opponent for calling me an apple, as I declare them one. Amazing.

I wonder how this contempt for the truth gets morphed into being “common sense” and other opposite incantations of what they are? If it were some overseas adversary, we would be tagging them sinister and a threat to freedom and liberty, get the guns, support the troops. Film exhibited on one news show, showing McCain’s reversal on many of his major policy viewpoints of just years ago, showed them now replaced with the robot think talking points that pass a “conservative” litmus test. But he still claims to own the “maverick” tag. The lights are on but nobody is home, that is the presumption for the audience! I wonder how they can actually believe what that guy says? Yet stunning untruths were alleged of Obama, with the requisite cheers from a crowd apparently comfortable with being directly mislead. Well, history has me believing that much at least is right about the right…


There is an attempt to dislodge America from its critical thinking abilities, supplanting those with questions of character generated from false allegations and innuendo. This is no accident. Seems someone has to deceive the public and never let the slime machine break down, disallowing anything like objective thought based reasoning. It is emotional judgments these deceivers are after, to trick citizens into acting against their own interest. How was it put? You must tell a grand lie and just keep repeating it, soon the legions will follow a surety from their existential ambivalence over their own survival state. Now that is being a decider. propaganda is best served to a hungry crowd.

That people are still believed to be suckers for that “big government” and other abstractions list that are used routinely as bait and switch tricks against liberals, indicated why so much poisonous perception must be released into the common air. They will not abide the truth, and so, must generated distortion, false premise, misleading facts and every other deceptive trick to undo democracy and promote oligarchy’s continuing plunder of the commons. If only these judgements were given with the actual truth of matters at their side, but who would read the facts in the fine print, now that understanding itself, seems decried and snickered at as a liberal vice?

So sad to see the contempt for intelligent comparison of true facts demeaned, and directly misleading false allegations approved contemptuously by their very utterance. I hope thinking citizens cut through the baloney, then find out why, that baloney is all these characters think they deserved. Now that is the secret of how perceptions are maneuvered, and well meaning individuals, chewed up and spit out four years ahead, lusting for the very same bait again.


Starvation alters perception. I went four day’s walking with no food once. My whole opinion changed as to what was acceptable to consume. I assumed intellectual starvation may produce a similar appeal to the once repulsive. With around 80% of Americans allegedly buying into the original Iraq War premise, even though fact checkers knew it was dubious to say the least, indicates the crippled state of democracy and honest intention in our nation.

There is a campaign underway, and it is to unplug Americas critical thinking ability, a cultural lobotomy, then ad-hominem assumptions claimed as being truth. This sort of contempt for reason does require much snickering and ridicule to scare citizens from questioning and discovering actual truth, the point is to shame and blame. It is a way to destroy democracy, to paralyze it and make it superfluous to power interest that are interested in using us up, then discarding us to our devices when we are spent.

Those attitudes of contempt the right is seemingly always alleging towards liberalism, is a mind control technique that works, requiring an uninformed electorate to fool. Nothing like contempt for facts and intelligent analysis to succeed at that mission. Yet watch the conservative news shows and listen to their ad-hominem talk shows, but be cautious, it is the listeners eyes that the rug is being pulled over. They seek to seduce one through ones own lack of information, to fall into an ideological tar pit.

It is the bane of humanity; that those who can set it up to pull the wool over the majorities eyes, will do it in the blink of an eye. That is one change we can trust in, no matter what platitudes are emitted claiming what America is, or how automatically enlightened we are, just because we live here. Flattery to the public, after targeting blame and shame onto other citizens, is a charlatans way of leading.

These characters seem to come out of the woodwork worldwide. It is the rest of us, who must account for realities presence or absence in our decisions. Democracy and liberty are being chained under the corporate-market theocracy’s gallows. If that nauseous sense that voting amounts to nothing, takes over you one day, well, many were trying to show you a lit hallway to the escape hatch back to a real democracy.

What can one say, when politicians claim the right to lie right to America’s face, knowingly, or knowingly ignorant, as they “prove” they have what they need to be Chief Executive, mostly by pointing their fingers at others?