What is wrong with the world?

Most of us know somethings wrong, if not with us, then with many others. There is something of a constant in this whole wide world of trouble that skips obvious through history like a child hopscotching on our front walk, most of the players are men.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do not believe all men are bad leaders, nor that switching certain of them with just any woman would create a better outcome. I am speaking of basic fundamentals, and what the planet can handle. We are becoming less and less able to handle testosterone addicted and emotionally demented men unhinged on the political world stage, yet there they skip. It is just common sense to see some important role changes. If we wish to live honestly by the facts that is.

Men may have had a fundamentally protective role through much of history, but now that role is becoming a hazard to the worlds health, and need be channeled into healthier directions. Men could carry out their competitive drive in the arts and sciences, and even sports, where nothing of true consequence to survival can let men “be men”, but allow them not to take out everyone else in the process of their often all or nothing alpha male domination paradigm.

It is sensibly acknowledged that women will be less likely, on the average, to decide to nuke the world. It is obvious in my life, that overall, most women are more responsible than men. Many more women hold down single parent households. They seem to be organically more inclusive of more of the environment than men seem to be. The biggest drawback to putting women in their rightful leadership place now, is the sad turf identities of many men. Some men would rather be the “king of their own castle”, than treat others with respect and dignity regardless of position. Yep. Many men are kinda emotionally unfit to guide the world safely. Yet history keeps repeating itself, why?

Yet all men and all women are in some ways different. I believe that many of the women who have heretofore risen to leadership position, have by outdoing men at their own game. This is not necessarily the right kind of woman’s approach needed to lead significant change. Acting like men should not be the main criterion. Many of these first women leaders in the modern world have outdone men, seemingly to some extent, suppressing that tendency of women to be more inclusive.

It is women who most often have to pull together and reconstitute the culture from the debris the men leave in the wake of warfare’s turf battles. Now the world itself is becoming irreversibly integrated, coming to reflect more potential onto the woman’s strengths to create, than the mans willingness to sacrifice others lives. The world needs women leaders, not necessarily pandering to the conservative leadership roles as defined by male model patterns, but by the females own creative strengths to care for and bring life together. Now that is leadership.

I know many men have outstanding integrative and healing qualities. The problem has been in men abusing their ego self confidence issue by seeking power. There likewise have been women every bit as competitive and willing to destroy others in order to come out on top. I am not proposing blind role following. I am proposing a renaissance in common sense; that men as well as women act to their strengths and combine those creative powers for the health and survival of humankind, and not an obsession with how best to dominate and destroy it, even if that is not the conscious intention.

The problem will be in men having the courage and strength to face up to histories indictment, then caring enough for the whole, to leave their delusions of separation grandeur behind. Faith is what will persevere, a persistence that this can be done to protect us all from the fear, paranoia and hubris inherent to power. Becoming aware that it is in all of our interest that power seeking contempt for others can be overcome, then creative power having, be known.

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