ODD THING ABOUT THE TRUTH or, how to be really dumb and not know it in one easy step

Truth is an abstraction, which makes it hover above reality, not in truth, but in our ideas of it.

You may know a truth, but not know how or why it is true. We can put a truth into our interpretation of it. Now this alchemy puts the facts which make up that truth, into an imagination rendered context. If we do not acknowledge the area that is now suspicious in its factual context (our imagination), we can “see” both truth and fact as something other than what they truly are. Being that we each are in subjective respects different, with differing viewpoints on the world around us, what is true can become something of a contention, of competition and forms of denial. With all good intention, we can believe in things that are not true, while sure that they are. We can also not acknowledge this same sort of truth in others, since their alleged truth seems to arrive at differing conclusions than our own.

This relative perception of truth becomes problematic in action in the world around us. I can be sure of things that are not true, and even disrespect the views of others I presume to be false, when they actually can be true. If being wrong is OK with me, I will be lazy (or opinionated) and just project my disbelief toward that real truth held in others hands. We each are “set up” to follow falsehoods as if they were God given truth, and blame others who are actually being true, as being deceived or even fearful threats to us with their alternate explanation’s seeming to undercut our own view. This battle over truth can lead us as far as to war.


Whole histories of contention can be made real over this ignorance induced battle. Much of politics, conflict and warfare seem enmeshed in this argument over what is really reality. After a while, the persistence of the conflict can seem to be a truth itself, where essentially misleading perception, leads us to conclusions based upon the falsehood. These go on to seem as being truth, which then gets passed on via reaction and communication/learning to become cultural truisms, yet they can be as false as calling the darkness light. We actively come to belong to our conditioning to that perception, right or wrong, but feeling it is true.  Emotions often stand in for the missing in action true evidence in truthful whole context.

Humankind seems quite oblivious to the actual nature of belief and the erroneous assumption that can travel with it. If these ways of cosmological viewpoint are not subject to reality or fact checking in fundamentally meaningful ways, they can become as “sins of the Fathers”, automatically piloted on to generations to come, even when false and damaging. All being lived with and in, as if they were guiding lights of perception and behavior.


Since we are immersed into a culture, we can easily accept its beliefs and mores as if they were God given. These might even claim to be handed down to us by God. If we do not reality check what is sold to us by our culture, we can blissfully move forward in ignorance of what we actually do not know, but assume we do. We hold the ability to fact check, but in many ways, we often are prevented from carrying out our own investigations of the truth. Why would there be instituted barriers to questioning reality?

Blocks to investigating the truth are there to stifle ones own critical thinking skill supplied by God, or if you will, nature. Likely, for a variety of rationalized perceptual programs, the individual can be mislead by the embedded ignorance of good intentions, or the manipulative strategies of opportunistic coercion. These latter motivations are quite likely instituted to corral perception to serve those using them. Humankind has a long history of opportunistic manipulation made by power and status hierarchies who seek to preserve their superior, or alpha dog like positions. For then, reality seems, or takes on the appearance, of being made the way it is for permanent truth based reason, and not the reality that they are contortions used for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.


It would be no surprise that most of humankind finds itself in this deceptive predicament, when our abilities to discern truth from falsehood is so compromised. It is compromised for reasons which benefit certain societal interest. I suggest that we all lose in this situation, for how can manipulators and those who exploit others, truly be said to spiritually benefit from what they do or condone? They may exhibit the trappings of power and authority, but they are in fact frauds. Yes, we essentially have aspects of fraud based culture, with fraudulent ways of perceiving others and the rest of our interconnected and related environments.

Those who divide and conquer the world, do so at the peril of their own souls. True, most of these never accept responsibility for the situation, but try to externalize shame and blame onto others who often have much less. Yet this less, is in materialism or status, and not necessarily at all, a less of the authentic spirit that all beings are born with and into. In fact, these who are the least, tend to have the most in authenticity and spiritual knowledge.

As fooling with perception as appearances can be, truth is known in the hearts and spirits of those who chose to live in Its presence, and not the smorgasbord of fantasy that so often passes inspection as success or achievement. Whole truth can be the last thing on many an agenda, for it would require one to walk through the fire of self realization and reconstitution. While the lazy seductions of material having, can have one, just as with drugs, addicted to their own deconstruction.

The truth remains constant inside and outside and all other sides of our being. We are born as children of this Great privilege. That there are those who not only ignore our commons of Beingness, but insist it does not exist by the evidence they see, know not where to look.

May we not only know where to look, but acknowledge we are that Truth looking. When we accept reality and know the roles of fantasy and imagination, as well as how simply they can be mistaken, we will have taken that great leap toward knowing. It is in this commonality of casue and purpose, that divisions are released as diffusing smoke. The Union of the One Truth made evidence as pure and unconditional Love, was always there, just not accepted for our mistaken impressions.

2 thoughts on “ODD THING ABOUT THE TRUTH or, how to be really dumb and not know it in one easy step

  1. Truth is one of those classic abstractions that can seemingly be contorted, left, right and center, around corners and up staircases leading from dungeons to attics whose doors lock behind one.

    Interpretation caries its inevitable slant, but it does seem, the more information one has, the more likely one is to detect reality. Our fantasies may still coat it all, but I have faith in the universe not being for nothing, but for something that is indeed profound to its very core.

    30 years ago I had a spiritual epiphany. I was generally agnostic at the time, when walking down a city street, walking home as usual, I faced a fear that would have made things easier to avoid. I have done that before. I am usually relaxed and kinda proud for myself when I break my fears stranglehold.

    But this time something extraordinary happened. I was “lifted up”, as if I rose above the situation before me as I encountered it. I no longer had any sense of being physical. I was just movement, with an awareness pouring into me. It was Love. It covered everything I could see around me. It let me see through Its eyes. I was in a no fear zone of purity. It took a few days for me to notice my knees being connected. I was given a privileged sight I had never sought or imagined existed. It is where I try to orient my philosophy, or cosmology from.

    That one extraordinary evening staked our a reality in my life; that nothing, not even “evil” rules above this universal Love. That our sufferings and misunderstandings are apparently our own unawareness of what makes us up. Yet It left us able to think what we want, and then to own it by our belief regulated perception. So it seems that “truth” remains problematic as a perceived reality.

  2. This is a great article. Truth s a very shadowed issue. We all believe our own and in turn are quick not to differentiate between the truths we know and the realities they serve… I think we are programmed from the start… the programmers are the world. they teach us our truths… not based on fact, simply on inherited truths.

    But whose truths are right? We simply search and search… in this i speak of the metaphysical… commonly I believe we can make truths out of falsehood and believe them fully as truth…

    “The truth, as the light, makes blind.” Albert Camus

    What can we learn? From truth? I know not.

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