Today was a day of cleaning up and waiting.

I made and poured all my homemade concrete for the fountain project yesterday. There was lots of carrying sand/gravel in buckets, using a hoe to mix in the cement with, mix it, get it over to the fountain space and shovel and bucket it into place. After such work, I have to monitor my lower back to avoid having it go out.

When your back is really out it can be weeks before it even seems to improve. Hard to stand or sit or get out of bed. Anyway. Seems I am OK, so I am still able to do stuff, like finish this project. There is a bit of curing time involved, since normal concrete is curred in 28 days. But I can go ahead with preparing the top for nice Morrish tiles.

I wanted to have a mono pour on this so there will be no seams to let water out, although there are some inside measures I could do to seal leaks as well. The floor is about 8 inches thick and reinforce by metal, as are the sides, so this fountain should last for a thousand years.