Within 25 years, robot intelligence is to past the cognitive abilities of human intelligence. That is the current best estimation. Add to that info, that robotics and material “intelligence” will soon be ever increasingly surrounding us. We have a great science fiction set up for the overthrow of humankind, by robots, or by secretive groups designing robots to overthrow someone else’s. Within 10 years, it is believed the robot population will surpass the human.

What do you think, and how long will it be you doing the thinking? It is anticipated, that just as we go for more computer memory and techno-gadgetry, the internal pressures will be on to robotize us. Are you going to let your neighbors all become super geniuses while you trudge along like an ape? I apologize to any apes who heard that, but that is how it will seem. Are you gong to be the one without the eye contacts or implants with all the Goggle waiting on your every question or curiosity? What about the clothing that changes with your intentions, you chameleon you.

Nano technology, combined with an all pervasive World Wide WEB at instantaneous speeds, and we are no longer like grandpa was. Well unless grandpa has a emergency beeper readout to the doctor and has his hips and knees already machined hardware. Smart materials surrounding us, oh yeah, and do you think you will be driving to work personally? I don’t think so. All vehicles will be coordinated by computer, ostensibly eliminating most all accidents, while speeds ramp up past human abilities to respond. Well, that old antiquated and outdated human, you. You know how this all goes, but only if we question the brilliant future euphoria that these advances will be promoted under.

Many shows say text this and that, not talking to me. I’m not texting nobody. Wait, isn’t that two negatives. I meant it as it sounds. I don’t happen to need to. I’m sure some people, once used to it, can’t imagine living without it, and that will be the pressure on anyone who becomes one of those, you know, have not’s, people tend to forget about you all when you get off the grids. Decades ago with beepers, we had some number “text” which symbolized certain ideas, occurrences and phrases. I’m not doing that anymore either, but what if I could do it just by thinking of it to someone?

As scary as this all knowing future is, we seem to be speeding up on the incremental movement toward becoming robots with some human baggage, until it seems, that can be let go of. This may be the destined future of “intelligent” life, but I have too many questions.

The old world life kept people out of ones head, unless one came with their own crowd in there. ESP tends to be sporadic and sometimes requiring a receptive setting for the phenomenon. I wonder what guarantees will be given, not just for privacy reasons, but for control of the over-structure to it all. Companies looking to keep you addicted to what they have? That kind of freedom? A government or hacker group that decides to take matters into their own hands or robotic digits? That kind of self control?

This seems to me to be the same fundamental problem for space colonization or otherwise space ferrying civilizations, which if we wish to continue, must arrive one day to come. You can’t have one disgruntled and vengeful person. Not on the ship and not on the artificial atmospheric colony. Just one can bring it all down, and that is a destructive power that humankind seems unable to abide.

Yet Earth is itself a spaceship, albeit a massive one with much buffering for many a negative disturbance. We are beginning to see how one industry can bring the ecosphere cascading down. Ships, and much smaller environments will not handle major disruptions well. What of the human mind or identity? Can it blend away into some electrostatic either? What of one wrench thrown or appearing inside the machinery of our new mindship after we are completely reliant upon it?

We have seen how quickly cultures atrophy as their holders jump ship to the modern world. Once deprogrammed, we return to places of origin not knowing what the languages were, nor the spiritual perception of the human values to life and being. Maybe this will all be made possible with our personal supercomputer minds and bodies. That will be the promise. But what will be the inevitable unseen consequence which always seems to hover in its alien space amidst the machinery?

That puts the pressure back onto all of our interest. If we move into this direction as we seem to be being propelled, what spiritual superstructure can guarantee that lack of vengeance? We have many religions now, yet most all seem capable of producing adherents that wish revenge, for real or imaginary wrongs. What is the discipline and understanding that will transcend these usually manipulative attempts to make others “pay” for their behavior. In fact, we have seen how handily punishment stands in as the very reason to exact revenge. The famous cycle of violence. How do you transcend that desire to punish or enforce “correctness”?

Humanity is facing its likely end, or eventual deconstruction back to sustainable activities and populations. One day these will be obliterated with a cometary or other planet wide conflagration. We seem
destined to step off this earth and walk across the stars, but we face that Renaissance of the human spirit that extends to all peoples. Are you or I working on that one? The way things are racing beyond adaptive psycho-spiritual comprehension under the current condition of belief systems, an awakening to an inner light seems mandated, or else our ship is facing the inevitable iceberg.