We are proof of much more

than endless nothing

a fusion of purities

shuttered beyond memory

who apart and


seem somehow


what we are made of

this harbor within

and all around

a Sacred Sound

where waves from

beginning to end

land inside now

ashore into our eyes

our own endless horizon

a whole universe

where we are

so very

very small

but that’s not all

a whole universe

changes with what I

breathe in and out of

each doubt and unforgiven

blindfolded repetition

collect on shorelines

flotsam and jetsam

and then some

and quite there

in rolling silence

deep and unfathomable

surface stretches clear, touching

above hearts that cannot hold

one more empty beat of

what is missed by fear

Welcome comes easily

what rises up does

not come down

but instead

goes all around

forever a circle

where front

and back

all pluses

and each


are held

like you

always near

the summation