It seems McCain made the desperate call, to appeal to certain liberal voters based on a candidates appearance and not policy. He made the risky assessment, which time will tell, if it was as reckless in consequence as in action. For it seems to assume that some liberals at least, are bound by appearance as much as are conservatives.

This dependency on how things seem, has become a hallmark of recent conservative decisions, which appear to be a defence on how things look, as opposed to what things actually are. Nevertheless, the legions of talking heads assigned to their talking points, in the blink of an historical eye, pivot from one mans alleged lack of experience, to another woman’s 20 months in Governorship as a near over-qualification of executive experience to command the most powerful nation on earth. Amazing what a change of mind one day will do.

Someone has to bite into this, I mean, catch it for the apparent score.

Now the ball flies toward the public end-zone, looking for receivers so detached from reality, that they will vote by a candidates body parts, as compared to what they actually stand for. Although this VP choice seems also intended to bolster a certain lack of conservative enthusiasm, which does not quite see McCain as the robot ideologue the purified conservative loyalty test has come to expect.

We see the VP selection in an interview, ask in wonderment; what the Vice President actually does every day. Somebody please tell her what kind of jobs these are. Who exactly does what and stuff. She may actually believe it is raking up the debris of a glass ceiling, who can be sure, when she herself, certainly was not. Her glee in breaking Hillary’s glass ceiling during the announcement, seems to have missed both Geraldine Ferraro’s run at the Vice Presidency, and, Oh yeah. John McCain is still alive the last we checked.

Yet it was particularly odd watching both of their glee, as Palin heralded the ceiling break through.  Apparently not comprehending, given all the excited appeal being directed at Hillary’s disenchanted followers, that this ceiling would require McCain to presumably vanish from the presidential scene right about now.  Oops.

Maybe it was one of those; The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated?  Yo!  I’m standing right next to you!  Yo!


This cynical but all or none calculation is that hail Mary pass.  All the critical thinking defenders must somehow be incapacitated. As in the whole program of deceptive gamesmanship that has marked these last near 8 years of misrepresentations of cause, and ideological poisoning of fact. The ball hovers in the impossible, invisible, uninformed air. It awaits the reach of the clueless who do not stop to realize, that life actually is not, a game to win at others expense.

When it comes to our nation, there is not actually winners and losers as we are always told. But there is always, the consequence of our actions, and in what intention they were made. These determine what our impacts are, and not politics. These follow in our wake, no matter what we believe, and who else we assume is disturbing the air around us.

Consequence can be ignored, but it never can be bypassed by risk, no matter how well or ill intentioned. In this the Universe is clear, cause, effect and process proceed in integral association, no matter what beliefs we claim to like or dislike, believe in or assume are false. In the “end”, the truth will rule over our choice, seemingly indifferent from what we make it out to be. May we learn to follow Its way, and discover, ourselves.