ARE WE WITNESSING THE FALL OF AMERICA?–psychological warfare and you


There seems to be a byproduct of sky high gas prices. Some companies are reestablishing plants on this continent, since transportation cost are running up cost more than the other side of the world is worth shipping from. This seems a good thing for America, jobs may return to Mexico and the US, but this just demonstrates the problematic nature of transnational corporation driven globalization.

While presidential contenders engage in psychological warfare more than real information exchange on the nations deep systemic problems, with each purchase, we push the earth ever more near to environmental collapse. Since campaigns are now almost entirely driven by perception manipulation, neither the public nor the fourth estate, seem able to force the dialogue to get beyond the battle of platitudes and the extremist assumption levied at each opposition candidate. This wrestling match occurs under the context of an international materialism that is marching us off the cliff of sustainability. We bicker over who will leave us with enough money to fulfill our needs and dreams. Somehow, the practical reality of it all is kept from bothering happy spenders, many of whom lust after ever higher incomes.

With increasing inflation and the deflation, or tax, on the pocket book cause by runaway, unregulated profit, those getting a returning job from beyond the border still may find themselves with not enough money to fulfill their survival needs, let alone their ad driven dreams. Not being able to afford the cost of getting to work is what some now face in their daily calculations.

There is little government response from the better to do nothing conservative side, who do not concern themselves with the poor particularly, except that poverty is known subconsciously, to drive individuals to do work deemed unacceptable to the pride by more well off success stories. As more and more Americans gravitate downward to the ever rising to meet them bottom, those commandeering the ship of state from the right find nothing to fix. The mythical market is assumed to magically fix such things. Have a nice day.

This seems in keeping with the laissez faire ideology, that thinks certain kinds of vacuous governmental leadership is organically filled by money making schemes. I do not see how much is to be made off the ill and poor who are below the poverty line. Not to worry, the right wing does not; and the seeds of discontent reverberate through all levels of a nation.


The magical, mythical market, is not at all what it once was. The really rich guy does not usually live on that big house on the hill above the poor neighborhood. They, and their stock holders, live all over the world, often in protected enclaves. They do not need to ever see you. Cutting those corporate taxes, and the loopholes and tax havens, have many of the wealthy taking the money and running out of your town and your country. The private tax called profit keeps its drill bit in your wallet, but the taxes you were fooled into cutting just pulled the infrastructure right out from under your feet. Oopps. My bad?

Now I get why rich internationalist feel you are taking their earnings from them with tax. I also get how, with near free reign over the mass media, they can program our viewpoint to the point of the detached individual until, in the name of individual freedom, we tie the noose around our own necks. It is amazing the distortion in perception that ideological programing can render one. Have a population lusting after riches, then give them the concerns of the super rich, and you have us seeing things from their point of view. Mission Accomplished.

So when the conservative party is asked, what are they going to do about all that has gone wrong, they wonder why you are such a whiner. All signs are good to those with homes, here, there and most everywhere. Many a satisfied profiteer is establishing quarters in China now, just so they can have their foot planted in the future. But you, you back here, stuck in sinking America? You are so yesterdays news. Let the bridges fall and roads crumble, if some rich guy down the street does not feel like fixing them, tough. You should have planned better to be super rich.

You are welcome to raise those other kinds of taxes we have associated with evil socialism. Good luck with that. And when you run for office, we’ll call you a tax and spender, a waste maker of hard earned individual income. With people needing every cent they can get, we have their own interest spinning their own lifestyle down the globalization drain. Suckers. Let’s see how that talk goes for you with 24/7 tax demonizing. Hey. I got a long flight to catch. See Ya…


That both American political parties are locked into corporate subservience is increasingly clear. One represents the elite’s viewpoint, where church or wealth, anoint one with grace from above. The other one still has a conscience of a sorts over economic realities, but in time we come to wonder when any of their promises will actually address suffering and unnecessary pain. But those are great selling talking points. they feel our pain! Hurray!

We are left with understanding our situations ourselves. Our nation is dissolving under our eyes, while construction goes merrily on for the very rich, even here. It is we who are the victims of psychological warfare of an inherently predatory ideology. We are kept from acknowledging our silent complicity’s, for we are both seduced and used at the same time. We are encourage to lust after wealth, while wealth wreaks increasingly irreparable damage of the environments of planet earth.

It remains a phenomenal contradiction, this worshiping of individualism and the gambling schemes it promotes. It assumes all things past ones immediate behavior have no enduring consequence, as if once you are paid you are done. Yet all things are intertwined, a great web of Being. The real world is inextricably interrelated. Individualism wed to consumerism, not only has us deny the consequence of our actions, it has us not even acknowledge them. As if we could just wish them away, then imagine whatever we will.

This is an attempt to bypass reality. It is patently delusional, and will create incalculable negative effects. But to those in this denial of responsibility, so constricted within the predatory view on the commons, it is we who pay the price for their actions. Yet it is they who promote the delusion by negative attachments tagged onto truth, when things like tax are needed to address an issue, they say it is taking from you. That incredible deceptive ploy has become a mass marketing campaign seeded throughout public perception.

If America does not snap out of its superiority complexes trance, we will be seeing, and are actually, the deconstruction of America. Almost simultaneously, and surely against any self assumption of the egos involved, this suicide pact of rampant consumerism and mass consumption of the commons, we will one day find ourselves looking at one another, with nothing left. Soon, after another singing of the Star Spangled Banner. We will look up form our little island, squinting to see the small print on the banner. Just below Mission Accomplished, it will read; Welcome America! Welcome to Jonestown—-Guyana

Drinks are on you.

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