In the political battle over how things look, seem, or otherwise appear, an important aspect of fighting for freedom is being overlooked.

The Equal Rights movement, and Woman’s movement, were not waged by conservatives. It was liberals who had to fight, endure ridicule, be considered malcontents and worse, in their battles against conservative traditionalism, to make freedom and liberty more available to those previously kept off of powers radar. It is often ironic but not surprising, that so often it is conservatism that rides off the suffering of liberalism to reap the benefit.

I had long expected that the first black and or first woman presidential candidate would come on the conservative ticket. The latest example of this phenomenon was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. We must remember Geraldine Ferraro’s actual rise, thanks directly to the woman’s movement, to be a vice presidential candidate, yet I am speaking of the advantage conservatives take after the expense of the liberal movements.

Stunningly, Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990), all but declared the commons, or broad community interest, a figment of imagination. She believed that freedom was best protected by individualism, because it would resist governmental tyranny. That wishful thinking ignores the interconnectedness of life and lives, but suggest individualist such as Hitler, are liberty’s protectorate. It is a study in contradiction, to see these who benefit from fights for liberty, turn around and stab them in the back in their remaining struggles. That is the nature of ideological poisoning, once the circular logic matrix’s are connected up, nothing else, not even facts or statistics, can stand in the way of head nodding assumption.


This is the nature of exploitation strategies, in the modern world, they need to brand their name to the public identity, so I think they are saying they will do nice things for my interest. Best to appropriate, through the media, what I think those are. If liberalism shows a strength, undermine it by using it against it. A block is necessary to create the proper wedge; liberals claim to be for quality of all life, then attach them to “wanting” abortion.

Now the actual complexities on the ground of a woman or girl can be disregarded for a pure abstraction. Nothing like abstractions to motivate the conservative mind once it has received its negative and positive charge. No hard fought battle needed. No arguing for acceptance and plausibility required, in fact, keep all countervailing realities and ambiguities out of purities profound sense of correctness. Ah!  That clear promised land of abstraction.

Purity is achieved in a simple abstract concept, tagged to the image of authority that then is assumed to ony belong to their viewpoint. It is no coincidence that Rovian psychology is to induce doubt into the oppositions strength, then provide some hero on a Trojan white Horse of abstraction to rescue the new existentially stranded, and all thanks to the now fundamentally ignored but still to blame liberal hard work in opening doors.

Seems once liberty opens a new door, there is no guarantee as to what will walk through it. This becomes an exercise in contortion, where liberty’s head is forced to begin to consume its tail. And so the commons, the great connectivity between all things that actually sustains us, is greedily divided up and falsely “conquered” through rampant unchecked individualism (now often in corporate dress).

This achievement made emotionally easy by men and women who have no divine power or authority to know what their knives of separation, sever and destroy, nor awareness apparently, of the consequence or responsibility of their action. Yet away from the mess, and in denial of its creation, this supposedly meritorious individualism pads the self serving delusional ego’s enticed into its self validating rationalizations with the most grand abstraction influence pedaling can conjure. Nothing flatters like what seems a success.

The oft denied global warming is just one of the many examples of how contempt for the commons comes back to haunt conservatives, liberals and everyone else alike. It is the return response from the immutable commons that exist beyond self righteous individualistic identity. Only the liberals knew, or had the courage or honesty to admit, something man induced was going on in truth ahead of time.

This does not stop the consumerism propaganda locomotives machinery that has a magical assumption that all issues will be addressed in time, but it does not know when that time is.  We assume problems, perhaps fatal ones, will be addressed in time by the market, with something else to sell.  Magical assumption just requires an oversight zeitgeist that suggest that behaviors need not necessarily change, but humankind’s innovative spirit will come to the rescue. We race materialism on a speeding train towards a chasm with no bridge, and what is the success response as defined by materialism?; to throw more oil into the engine.

In this, that conservative brand must exercise into constant denial and pointing program, and somehow, someway, make it seem as it was all the fault of liberals actually, as we move from the once upon a time coast to the soon to be inland shore. In fact, the conservatives will look for a way to profit greatly off of this ongoing disaster in the making. It seems the exploitation of opportunistic advantage, is a way of life to some.  They may claim we are mistaken and actually owe them, but no matter what they say, we will pay a price beyond our pocketbooks. We will pay with a planets life.

Oh yeah, I have a usual rote answer; Naysayer. Why are you against success and happiness?


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