My blog puts politics and spirituality right up there with the personal. This will naturally lead some to question my actual viewpoint, for particularly in some spiritual circles, one is immersed into a “tone”, in other words, a state of mind that denies the negative admittance into consciousness.

Oddly, I was in a cult as a full time volunteer for several years. Many of us are in undeclared cults, for we never know how or in what degree our lives are being negatively impacted, while we have our pure intentions. I was one degree of separation from world leaders, from presidents to popes. I even believed in the absolute purity of consciousness a goal for myself and humankind. When one makes this seemingly complete break with negative reaction, it is easy to try to spread the word of you new and improved life.

Out with the bad and in with the good.

The personal spiritual job of one seeking perfection, was to deny the negative its historical space in perception. This can be a very sensitive mater, for even owning up to a negative experiential state can be seen as a total loss of ones true spirit, or connection to God. Instead, one seems to require a new sense of self beyond the negative; no I’m upset at the way I feel about me, my situation, or that of the planet and those in it. To some extent, immersion into the aspect of Love and Union can redeem one from imposing negative judgements, but the world is entirely interrelated and connected.

I can deny the negative, or re-script it to be good. This reinterpretation of conditioning can seem patently absurd. Someone stabbing me and taking my wallet, is hard to honestly interpret as really a good thing. One can decide that the perpetrator is extraordinarily lost, that this incident was not particular to oneself, and the God or the Universe meant one no ill will. In that sense, one may be a victim of Creation, but it is all we have, and all we are, how can we be a victim?

As it so happened in the church I was in, human dysfunction did run under this all is right with the world view. The denial of actual happenings for a seemingly transcendent state, seemed to perpetuate this dysfunction, allowing it to even acquire an acceptable face. As it is, no matter how peace and love immersed one is, one must respond to some negative situations in active capacities.

If your car gets stuck on the tracks and a train is bearing down on it, you do not just think happy thoughts of love or bliss. You get your kids out of the car as fast as possible as if something terrible is happening. Fear and anger are not just demonic motives. They do fit properly into some occasions. Spiritual people need step out of the bliss zone and act at times aggressively from it. Some things that seem negative, actually are not. Later you can tell the children you yelled at them to get their attention to act immediately, if for some reason your reaction scared or offend them.

This is why I also “do” political and philosophical commentary. It is not to make people themselves out to be bad, evil or sinister. I try to frame my point of view in enough logic to make my connections feasible. I certainly doubt I am purely objective in this endeavor, for I do feel it is important to convey the emotions embedded in my reasoning.

As much as we are transcendent, we are also subjective, with a personal history unlike anyone else’s. We each have some special perspective to offer into the world. If we feel some are asleep at the wheel, or using the negative as a crutch to forward all their proposals, life calls us to speak up. likewise; if the sky is falling and others tell you to be calm, just do not look up, don’t worry be happy. You have every right to look up and out and around to where everyone might go to be safe. We will suffer through those who chose not to look, but we should shout to them to seek shelter. That is Life and that is Love. Not all flowers are painless.


  1. I do not believe humanity is always to be conditioned so heavily by its misconceptions, or otherwise emotional conflicts. I am able to transcend them myself when I dig into their darkness with a pick of light. Now that is an odd way to describe understanding, but there is a lot of gold to be found in our darkest corners, if they are explored and their value released. One cannot put a price on insight.

    I am sorry for all the suffering that happens in this world, that is unnecessary. I do believe that suffering does provide a depth to the value of peace, harmony, and everyday experience. From my own pain I assume the responsibility to speak rather harshly at times of active or latent forms of exploitation and opportunistic advantage. Whether that is wise is debatable.

    I also realize that many who engage in these forms of environmental exploitation are acting from their own insecurity and lack of insight or understanding. Once again, in reflecting on my life, I can identify these ingredients to my own misgivings and use of the world around me, of people and situations. Again, I have seen how facing the truth and understanding what was hidden from view changes persistent self defeating patterns. So I believe most every dysfunctional darkness can be released if illumination is allowed in.

    Yes, I do believe we are capable of freeing ourselves to become our better angels. I must so work to enlighten myself and share what I discover with those interested. I also look for those who are on their journey, to consider what they have to reveal. It takes a lot of light to illuminate a culture.

    Thanks for dropping in and giving feedback.

  2. This is a great essay. You have many interesting insights. I find your reasoning to be just and somewhat inspiring… you speak of a renaissance man/ woman… you speak of the philosophical war of our existence a utopia of consciousness and reality… that is what I see beneath your words… truly great essay

  3. Good Writing!

    I spent years trying to ignore the negative to embrace the positive. Then, I learned that positive and negative are two polar extremes like light and dark. Then, I learned that the Light is Real and the Dark is Unreal. Then, I had to realize that, if you shine your Light, you’re bound to call forth Shadows…

    I, too, in my blog, bring worldly events into close proximity with spirituality and some folk try to say I should just concentrate on the Good inside me and that will make the Bad go away.

    Well, bullshit comes from bulls and bulls need to be approached with caution. If you take your attention away from them for too long, you’re skewered…

    ~ Alex

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