Barack Obama, although relatively unknown, caries a tremendous historical legacy that even he may not fully grasp.

In grammar school I was told the USA was the worlds greatest “melting pot”, that idea lived up to its proclamation today. The US should be congratulating itself for the significant symbol, if not reality, of the diversity of that pots ingredients made evident by having both a woman and a black man as presidential contenders. Overcoming the reactionary noose of tribalism and the other of sexism, the USA put forward to the world a new face of hope and inclusion.

I grew up in the matter of fact of racism. In the Chicago area, my uncle would tell me that the whites were going to drive all the blacks into Lake Michigan, just you wait and see. Hate, once tagged onto a viable scapegoat, lets loose the dog’s of our inhuman abilities, fueled by our own insecurity and inadequacy, to blame others for our unhappiness, to do unto others as we would never have done unto ourselves.

As a child in the 50’s, the bad talk about blacks met a deaf ear with me. I did not know them, our suburb was all white. I knew they were different, seemingly, from who I knew, the us, but I refused to join in on the popular name calling prominent in those who wish to bond in ignorance and contempt for others. Most I assumed were parroting their parents or other siblings ideas, for how many blacks did they know? These racist mind control tricks seem to require a feeling of a sense of superiority, that is merely the product of the lack of their own self esteem. We take from others, what we cannot make of ourselves. This is the negative bank account of reactionary mindsets.

My liberal view, after my parents were dead, remained through the rest of my childhood. I would not tolerate generalizations of others qualities based on how they were born. In the seventies I went on to be the minority myself, being the only white guy living in a black ghetto neighborhood. I had every opportunity to revert to the tribal stupidities, but managed to put them all to the shame they deserve. I was the most fortunate one, to get the chance to have a part of the black experience, even to having to watch my own back as I walked down American streets, just because of my appearance.

AUGUST 27 2008

This is the day history has stopped for a precious moment, where we have this historic opportunity to break the chains of tribalism that surely will be being manufactured this election season, and looking for an ankle near you. I have already received an anti-black e-mail from a conservative family member, with its obvious design of fomenting us against them mindsets so essential to many a conservative cause. These tricks of deception become a negative trap on ones own spirit. What they leave you with is a small view of yourself and the world, with separation and alienation as the harvest one will reap. Much conservatism depends of this actual “permanent” ideological separation anxiety, for all manner of denial and diversion projects and manipulations can be sown onto its coattails.

It was the conservatives of their day, whose use of slaves for self gain, brought blacks to America. It was conservatives of both parties who tried to prevent blacks from being considered human, with the rights of man. It was conservatives who do not accept the consequence of their own actions, but thorough their own cognitive dissonance, fall to the deceptive mental trade of enslaving their own minds and hearts from the consequence and responsibilities of their own actions. They represent the excuse and projection train incarnate. They know not what they do, yet do it so well.

It is uncanny how they can be counted on to blame those who are not them, (a tag box of others) for all problems great and small. They need do nothing but project, blame and nod their heads in disapproval. I have been alive nearly 60 years, and have witnessed for too long this blind denial in the conservative paradigm. Now they need devise a conveyor belt of “wedge issues” to tribalize us and them mentalities, to draw people away from their own self interest with an emotionalized moral superiority, regardless of realities on the ground. It is a stunning but effective duplicity.


Conservatism is wish based, it is not about hope, but about abstract wishing, based on fantasies not truly grounded in reality, but in ideological supposition. Under this unreality regime, where under ones allegiance, all manner of other exploitation programs can be run under the emotional connections radar, we get the endless bait and switch operation we have just witnessed. It is quite an historically proven deceptive ploy, seemingly intentionally cynical to the core, yet this wish upon a fear strategy thrives on disenchantment. Not surprisingly, the worlds most powerful manipulators huddle under its tent. The corporation is most importantly, a device for not holding individuals accountable or responsible for their actions. Yet now these very corporations have written our laws to undo our rights.

Quite a trick, but easy under the corporate party logo.  Come the right wing, we are so nice and strong convention, we will be told most anything but how corporate interest are undong our rights and constitutional protections right under our proud noses.  Not that this takeover atempt is not in the more liberal party as well, but at least that one makes an attempt to follow God given critical thinking abilities.

And in recent history, we have seen the hubris and contempt for unseen others, as the excuse that America is supposed to now stand for–to take from the world to remain some delusional destruction based number one. All while the world is disregarded as well as our own sacred national documents, falling to fear and reverse concept Orwellian word play. What kind of superiority complex misanthropy is that, where the constitution is called a Gd piece of paper, and counted and uncounted thousands of deaths, collateral damage? This is moral superiority?


We now are called to turn from the reactionary faith in fear and insecurity, with its tribal tags and arrogance parading as wisdom. It is not just the USA, this new face for hope, it belongs to the world. We are at the threshold of problems becoming unsolvable, unless we act boldly with a concerted effort of the whole world. History is providing us with this long line of heroism by women and men of all colors, who forwarded both freedom and democracy, who now seek to flower peace, prosperity and responsibility beyond borders of skin and nation.

It is we who decide who we are. If we accept the world as it actually is and move with that understanding forwards as responsible world citizens facing world issues needing world response, we cannot be stopped. As long as we are seduced into sinking into the hole of our fears, instead of soaring with our better angels, we will pass the point of no return for critical world problems, and all while blaming everyone else.

We have in our grasp, this most special moment in time, to not only change leadership, but the perception of power and relationships. Miscomprehension’s have kept our own country divided, and is in some circles, being encouraged to persist indefinitely, all thanks to fear. This is the moment of all of our fear cards coming out on the table, whether they decide our life or we put a higher vision of connection in our hand is yet to be seen.

Barack Obama is obviously much qualified to carry out the future mandates of freedom, responsibility and democracy. We all need active response to economic, environmental, nation and world defense, and must actively address the critical issues facing humankind. The approach that you just let things go and they magically fix themselves, unless you have someone to bomb or a friend to get rich, has long run out of its backward time.

Fear is democracy, freedom and liberty’s nemesis.

This is the time for a change. A moment when history can stop and change direction.