Tucson in late August

On Tucson’s southwest side, there is this large open mall appearing with many shops not located anywhere else together in Tucson at the same place. A big parking lot runs like a river through it for about a mile, with stores along the periphery including a large movie theater. It seems as if people from Green Valley and I 19 south, might come here instead of going all the way into Tucson proper, saving 20-30 min maybe, and some gas.

I did not go there to particularly film the place. This is from my zoom looking across the older more narrow part of this outdoor mall. It has many roads winding through the parking lot to expedite going where you want to go.

This is a major addition to a “remote” part of town not travelled to by many Tucsonians. It is near the gateway to the Desert Museum and Old Tucson Studio’s surrounded by wild and rambling Tucson Mountain, hills, valleys and vista’s. It is a part of Town more or less off the map but underrated in my opinion. Now the people here can shop at many stores that are scattered around Tucson at different malls, here all in one place. Oddly, there still are not many food stores there, an Olive Garden and ? Anyway, this photo is from Michael’s craft store looking across to Target and a small part of the Tucson Mountains behind.

And what about Tubac?

Here is some of new Tubac as seen speeding by on the highway. Those homes are fast.

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