LEADERS AND FOLLOWERS: Conservative and Liberal difference

(The author has spent much of his life in construction, landscaping and other related fields, with a few notable exceptions. He is not a college graduate or institutional elite.)



There are basic reasons why liberals and conservatives chose the leader’s they do. A saying goes, that liberals look for leaders, and conservatives for someone to follow. This notion represents dramatically different ways of seeing the world and its relationships.

One of these philosophical paradigms is basically bottom based, the other top, regarding the choice anf point of view of leadership. These counter assumptions have a profound implication for the expectations of leadership, as well as public participation in leadership decision making in an active ongoing democracy.

Psychological techniques exist for deferring action to or from leadership sanction, depending on the philosophical inclinations held by individuals within the society. In the state of liberal democratic institutions presumed operational in the US and many other nations, the individual presumably has a right and a duty to insist upon a fact of the matter based executive, legislative and judicial branch. This presumes that a higher order of truth is attained through reason and comparison of varying theory and hypothesis. What serves this higher order of reason, then, is what serves the nation.

Liberalism and conservatism lean individual initiative interpretations into varying, and at times opposite like assumptions as to the role of the individual in the society. This effects how the individual views the presumed mandates of authority figures, as well as institutional validity. These differences can be manipulated for political gain.

There is a fundamental defect in reasoning, when for whatever reason, facts, thoughts and questions are not allowed into real time perception of life. The result is an ideological poisoning of the common waters of relationship, that inclination extends through all human cultures. We may note that it is not uncommon to have conservatism attempt to restrict debate and even consideration of concepts up for debate.

Conservatism is actually against the influence of the dynamic of the present moment upon their world view. In this respect, liberals are considered open and conservatives closed. Conservatism attempts to promote this closing as a conservation of traditional values and morés against a kind of unhinged and lose world view liberals are assumed to be under. This assumption includes the often perpetuation of traditional “spiritual” notions and paradigms that do not allow the present moment to be seen in a fresh light. This oppositional nature of conservatism places the conservative interest in the world at a kind of perpetual state of conflict and defense.


In the US, often near election times, but also during this time of the so called “Culture Wars”, we find that conservatives set up diversionary tactics toward intellectual introspection. Understanding the complexities of human situations becomes ivory tower bad, or intellectually elite aloof snobbery. To reason things out to logical conclusions which might contradict prevailing norms and beliefs of cause and effect in society is thought of as going too far.

Negative imagery is used to stereotype or otherwise “Brand” the “kind” of people who think too much, and are not living like the rest of us normal folks, who have presumably, some common sense. Bi-coastal elites, or Volvo driving latte drinkers, are all invoked to code the negative into the very ideas such people propose. Not to mention soft of crime or soft (now) on terror. I even remember it being said right after 9-11-01, that it was said by conservatives, regarding the nature of those who assaulted the USA, that there was ‘nothing to understand’.

With that approach towards a reactionary psychology setup, all manner of self deception and ignorance can be put right into the drivers seat. Fear drastically reduces the critical thinking going on in society, when society looks to institutions and leadership for course of action to reduce insecurity and threat. When it comes to blind reaction, history repeats itself over and over into cycles of violence and revenge, where one serves by reaction to validate the other.

However, conservatives claim no responsibility for any bad outcomes. The are expert at diversion of attention from cause and effect into the realms of ad-hominem reason, or wish think equals correct. Since they promote impaired critical thinking, emotion can be manipulated to link the dots to many a specious reasoning, undetectable by those thought impaired, or otherwise following the conservative cult of identity. In basic ways, conservatism behaves as if it cannot make mistakes, nor can in fundamental ways, be wrong. Now that is a mind control dream team.

Here is where real life meets the human imaginations impositions on creation, where ensuing cause and effect will transfer human assumptions on life, into the actual living processes of life. We exist in the sifting out of our own viewpoint, and what is actually true. Ultimately, this involves the difference between serving the truth or serving something below the standard of truth.


In real life, most people use both of these philosophical points of view in an overlapping active dynamic, where conservative belief’s may function under a generous liberal suppositional awareness. Likewise, liberal beliefs may be gathered under a conservative mind frame, all while one thinks one is just on one of these “sides”.

There is now a strategy for society to separate these paradigms into oppositional dichotomies; a kind of for us or against us opposing mind frame. Political interest on the right, after World War Two, began to see the threats humanitarianism and humanism posed to unbridled opportunism—it greatly restricted economic predatory behavior, or how to get from others more than you yourself need give. Humans have devised many clever relationship biases to disguise a slave and owneship like state of being large segments of society function under even in liberal democracy’s.

Many values have been placed through time on human behaviors, a kind of rendering of the individual public into a hierarchical network. This has come to mean, by monetary value, that people are actually viewed as being more or less valuable than others. This stands in basic contradiction to notions of fairness and sharing of burdens. However, powerful opportunistic interest find the equivocating of humanity of great use for manipulation as well as playing “sides” off against one another to keep inequality and even oppression as necessary evil’s. But how do the obvious liberal benefits, such as stopping fascism in the war, and the prior New Deal mass actions to restore all of America, how do we paint these as bad?

The very beginning premise of them is dissected and removed. All for one and one for all, must be destroyed to divert attention from their viability. Conservative think tanks and ideologues had to open a multi fronted assault on liberalism in order to maintain the apparent necessities for hierarchical paradigms. The strategy was needed to destroy the beneficial community facts of liberalism, and replace them with a perception that liberalism’s byproduct is all things that continue to trouble the society.

These ills needed to be connected to liberalism, making them the problematic possession of liberalism, conservatism then, the logical right way out. On top of that, positive lures from materialism plenty, and or, purity of “moral” and “value” abstraction, were tilted into conservatism by loading the language to their point of view. That is the stealthy advantage of access to public perception, be it in church or the endless propaganda for materialism contained in most adds. Once an individuals identity can be pivoted to you, much of the “battle” is won. No matter how poor one might be, or how open minded and understanding, they may well be led to believe they are just like the power structure elites, sharing the very same concerns for status quo advantage and privilege over society.


Abstraction can become the grounds where idea’s as well as beliefs can get turned around in reality, and if fact and context checking is curtailed, still be assumed to be the individuals core identity. For instance, being for war is often now assumed to be strong on defense, when in fact, starting wars or engaging in them are no guarantee of a good defense. In fact, such preemptive or aggressive biased behavior is likely to produce resentment and suspicion in the world. If that is truly defense, then, is highly questionable–, but not if you curtail questioning. We have just witnessed many years of this kind of objective questioning inhibition and the resulting mess and enormous expense. Wonder how that was possible?

The essential core liberalism of the message of Jesus Christ, likewise had to be diverted and reframed. Hammering the Trojan Horse with the protective covering of metal clad “wedge issues”, allows conservatism, and its separation identities, to be brought right into the heart and soul of compassion and empathy, conventionalizing them to the needs of us an them separation and alienation mental mindsets. Now Christ message could come to represent Christ anti-teachings, while followers assume they are following Christ Way.

It is no surprise that many conservative churches, and mega churches, follow the conservative party line, while selectively entertaining Christ mentalities for their own use and consideration. It has been the way of conservatism to protect its own hierarchical institutions, while finding the world outside of the church to be hostile and full of people needing conversion.

I have heard it described that some of these mega churches exist primarily to enforce conservative paradigms while providing the individuals with a validation of their own prosperity in a world filled with much poverty and neglect. The church validates the dysfunctional separation ideology, instilling a sense of moral virtue and righteousness to the attendees or viewers. Of course, this will be most comforting across the boards if a decent donation also is made for obvious and not so obvious reason’s. Once again, a basic liberal institution at heart, had its heart removed, veiled fear and insecurity put in its place, then the deal finished with conservative ideological programming to fill in all the blanks in consciousness. Now “true believers” can go on to be the anti message, all the while, being mere pawns in someone else’s chess game.

Leading up to the Iraq Invasion, it was noted that some 80,000 individuals had by then graduated from right wing educational programs designed to infiltrate the culture via the mass media. This had been going on quite stealthily from the public lack of view. Imagine the impact of all these sworn conservatives changing the landscapes of perception to favor their way of thinking. Why, someone hiring them would not know they came with an inbred bias. This small army just needed to all revolve around the same abstract cues and fear preservation. The mere sense of consensus can then be controlled to one side of an ideological spectrum.

Ostensibly, this whole conservative war on liberalism was devised to reject the accountability to the commons that liberalism, and even nature implies. Conservatives had the problem of disengaging the concepts of interconnection and interrelationship, then make the dots connect only to individual responsibility, and it conditional to the conservative abstract mindset. Bad had to be sown into liberal notions anywhere the word could be made to fit. The war on taxes, for example, was another front opened up some time ago, to create the impression that taxes were a kind of almost theft from the individual, who like at the Boston Tea party– appeared to have no representation but to overthrow unjust oppression. Boston Tea Party participants, however, were from the notoriously liberal Masons.


Once any concept is demonized by institutional insistence into the negative domain, it becomes common “knowledge”, even pride, to hold the conforming viewpoint. Many human notions are actually attempts to be in line with what is perceived to be the correct view of the day, contrary to why many of us believe we think the way we do. Relationship respect and other peer pressures work on the self image mindset 24/7. Years after Iraq was shown to not be directly connected to the 9-11-01 events in the US, a majority of the US population believed the evidence given once upon a time was still true. Truth itself was rejected for supposition.

What kind of way is that to face oneself or the world? ‘Yea. I just believe what authority tells me, I have no right to a mind of my own, so when the truth really comes out, I still will not believe it. I would rather believe in lies.’ Then that is what good Americans are made of? Who are we fooling.

Conservatives have created this whole culture and “values” conflict to divert attention from the establishments usurpation and exploitation’s of the commons. It is great to have other’s not only do ones battles for them, but feel they are on the side of truth and moral accountability as they do. Echoes of the crusades.

Once society is placed at war against itself, much war profiteering can go on and seem to be as natural as the light of day. Cognitive dissonance and other bypassing of self evaluation to truth temptations, allow these deceptions, along with a right wing cult pride machine, to have the individual be self deceived and self defeating while proudly defending abstractions that haunt themselves with insecurity. That can then be redirected outwards towards liberalism again, to provide the fuel energy to drive the individual further into abstraction and attack like action.


Conservatism’s base, is keeping the status quo where it promotes the individual gain above society. Naturally, the wealthy and the powerful tend to embrace the notions that rise them above the rest. This is perhaps one of the institutional biases that haunts many a liberal movement or organization; that a kind of selfish self destruct incentive exist in leadership who begin to see the advantages of keeping things in the steady manner that prop them up.

The liberal belief system begins to atrophy into abstraction under this contradiction that must then be rationalized as some kind of necessity. Many liberal groups have distrust sown in from this questioning of aloof leadership, keeping them small and decentralized. It is actually a strength of thinking for oneself to some degree, on behalf of the liberal tendency to question. As history continues to show, the more powerful any group becomes, the more corrupt is its behavior, when it is translated into hierarchical paradigm.

Conservatism has a kind of opposite incentive. It is inclined to follow leadership via abstraction, not exactly needing factual realities to confirm the belief. This helps to make conservatism a “natural” for certain faith based mind-frames that have come to see loyalty as an actual test of merit in faith. This makes conservatism a much “easier” belief to hold and to sell, not much is required of one if you surrender context or fact checking to faith or loyalty. This is why it is said liberals look for leaders in democracy, while it is said that conservatives look for someone to follow.

Cults and political extremes of the left or right are often marked by this loyalty and trust in abstraction over objective truth in critically analyzed context. It should be obvious to see the appeal of this conservatism to individuals with doubt and insecurity; it promises an answer and a redemption if you only believe, if you only follow the leader.


The war on liberalism had to both seek to induce abstract connection reasoning, and seek out those who are comfortable as followers, secure in their abstractions connections toward leadership. One need only to look into the conservative movement and war machinery to see this near blinded following, and the ensuring easy manipulations of followers empowered by the conservative mindset. Loyalty and its corollary, patriotism, can be inserted as blocks to critical reasoning and truth detection. Conservatives are notorious for applying these faith based “imperatives” when questioning would reveal the truth of both insecurity, doubt and quite possibly, outright deception. Abstractions come to stand in as a king, god or idol, even to the extent of being called God, to rationalize or otherwise justify the suppression of fact and contrary theory, thus unplugging the individuals true right to know the truth of the real Universe. Abilities, presumably, that God gave us to detect true cause and effect to forward rational survival, come to be seen as properties of the devil, when thy challenge the blind acceptance of the status quo’s hierarchical model.

Humanity, humankind, is at the mercy of this vulture like predatory “picking of the commons carcass” that conservatism tends to promote in most cultures. Christianity and other religions, tend to in time, be dominated by conservative interest claiming to be about conserving the abstraction, but actually making sure things stay the way they are, or even benefit the hierarchy more. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all under this conservative bias attack machinery designed to reinforce abstraction at the expense of reality.

Abstraction is insisted on as being the reality, so that from the conservative mind frame; what is good is us, and what is not good is them. Once ones perception is sufficiently colored, contrary colors are easy to assume as bad, or not being right. From this point conservatism these days inserts many highly paid pundit’s to keep the waters of truth murky, and responses to the issues of the commons as being poisonous, unless of course, they are about preserving the wealth and power of the established status quo interest of predatory conservatism.

Yes, conservatism is predatory as it is now in many instances. It is about consuming the commons for its own gain and not the benefit of all. It is about crippling critical thinking, consuming it, and leaving a host body of ad hominem infections of reason as the meal consumed by society and culture. It is then about, consuming the individual and the cultures right to know full truth, instead, leaving a skeleton of abstraction serving as the body in which individualism connects its frozen conservative flesh and sinew.

Conservatism should be only sold with this warning attached to it in bold lettering;



Unfortunately, just as in smoking, many of those addicted to the conservative Brand, will go on to demand their right to smoke. Chastising those do gooders who dare suggest something is amiss with their choices, or that second hand smoke is any problem whatsoever. Avoiding accountability, and by inference, responsibility, it is the conservatives mirror shield. Those who know how to use this self defeating shield for their own personal gain in power, wealth or status, have a ready made army of followers, and plenty of cliffs to march them toward.