McCain wants another house

It is said that John McCain has a house for every day of the week. That makes him much like the rest of us. He thought he had four, but said he would have to check with an aid to know how many for sure.

I think that the White House, should the forgetful Senator get into it, would be redone and then flipped, lets say to whichever of us regular voters could afford the price. We would have to be for the draft, as well more tax cuts for the super rich, like the McCain’s.  With McCains cut off number for making the “rich” zone is 5 million, even the Obama’s, with all their recent success, are middle class?

Him not knowing how many homes he and his wife own seems in line with much else he seems not to know. On the economy, he was wrong on a few of his ‘THE US IS #1’ notions. The US is not the most productive nation, unlike how McCain thinks. It is also not the #1 exporter as he said, Germany happens to be #1, with that upcoming youngster China, shipping it out at #2. Exactly in what time zone, and what age or alternate reality is he living in? We are to ignore everything he seems to ignore, while he calls it the obvious truth, because of the now permanent excuse for him that he was a POW.

The “conservatives” tried to paint Obama as the elitist. There other big play is that Obama just does not have the experience. If experience amounts to this not caring what the truth is, who needs it. If experience is agreeing with all the misrepresentations that had us invade a sovereign nation and ignore too much the main player in the true war on terror, once again, who needs it. Seems exactly the last thing we need, more abstract grandiose boasting and public pandering, while reality itself suffers from the neglect.

Perhaps the “conservatives” usual smoke and mirrors diversions, and “values” seductions of the common folk, will work as usual to convince the clueless that the conservatives are somehow for the great majority of this nation. Come elections, naivete seems to spring eternal. If they do succeed at the usual tricks and then trades, we will continue to lose in the world and at home.

If someones accomplishment in Vietnam was the experience that was needed to get the country “on track”, look what the truth tellers did to the last veteran from that conflict running for president.  Odd how when one is a democrat, suddenly any ill can be alluded to ones service; the one way “strong on defense” ruse.

Well you had a chance, not a fair chance, but you had a chance in 2004. However, if you do believe that a candidate that seems to not care what the real truth is, but is enamored of the fantasies he professes, then maybe a great big white house should be added to be 8 or 9 or whatever it is on his reality list.

Cause one thing seems predictable if he gets into office; you can be guaranteed he’ll forget about you as well.