It’s funny.

Maybe you should be laughing.

There is a whole incredible world.

It spins as it goes around the sun.

And you are one of over 6 billion.

So much that we each know.

Do we know our position?

no matter who you are

no matter who laughs at you

or talks down behind your back’

part of truth is special only to you?

It’s time to laugh louder

go ahead and laugh at me

for knowing that only you know

something only you could know

that awareness is a particular

to your time and place folding

a converging point in spacetime

exhibits your own experience.

Now multiply your secret

real revelation

by 6 billion

that is where we could be

perhaps should be


We could be

out in front of our dreams

sure of our vision

instead of maybe

just forgetting them.

We could be

because we are open

all on each others side

no for us or against us

no great wall to keep up

or ignorant hordes out

who actually are harbors

knowing so many secrets

possibly that one impetus

that jumps a quantum ring

to some new state of being

you have only dreamed of

6 billion friends

instead of so many

mandated by law enemies

so many cofirmations

of excuse


We need to laugh

to learn more than


or wondering

what all went so wrong.

You circle this star

on just one of the

pirouetting planets

dreaming within our reach

could it be that

6 billion friends

are better than one

not better than one good one

but could we all not be

of noble intention

no matter the race

the ethnic legacy

the enforced ignorance

we all stand guard over?

Are we not striving to be

at least true to what we are

no matter what we think our

failings and attributes are?


And are we not a bit

angry and resigned

at what is put in our way

when we did not ask for it?

And are we not still

sometimes throwing that anger out

just to get it off our backs

and if I would but ask for


ask for the interest of Love

instead of its apparent absense

become proactive

take it back from the one

I threw it at from my own escape

from my own decision?


Instead of always watching out

for the next guys trespass

the next conflict and war,

who besides you says

yes or no to life?

Life has one way

its day is today

everyday you look up

instead of only down

look around

a new chance is calling

comes with every moment.

It is the eternal blessing

the ability to throw off

that self imposed curse

we tarry under our fears

that not only warn us

but will take us down

if we let them rule

our own time and space.


We are the caretakers of Life

it is not someone else

it is not once upon a time

it is not; no we cannot.

Life is the great mission

it is you and me and

the rest of the universe alive

deny it all one wants

then have a big laugh

you have every right to

the joke is not on you

it is on those things we all do

even though if our heart was there

we might have known better.

It is about being present

in this Life complete.

It is about saying yes

instead of so many no’s.

It is about knowing yourself.

The greatness you see in others

is the same in you

it has to be there

or you could not see it

it would pass you by

as if nothing was there.

Life is here

Life is there

Life is everywhere

even death

is one story of Life.

I ask you to stop now

and laugh at me

for telling you

what you already know.


I went on and on

hoping volume has weight

yet I should know

these words are inside you

speaking trough you.

Thank you.

Have another look

at everything you know

you are Life

there is no escape

no getting around it.


top image credit;
Image Credit: NASA, Wolfgang Brandner (JPL/IPAC), Eva K. Grebel (Univ. Washington), You-Hua Chu (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

Last one; the Hubble series at NASA

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