My Homemade Fountain Project-2

Here are the fountains forms just about ready for me to get the sand-gravel from the wash and add the cement to it. I still have to run a secret wire into it from behind for the pump. I have a small drain to make cleanup easier along the way. I am using recycled fense found on the curb in my neighborhood. I un-weave it and am using it as a wire mesh substitute. I intend to make this thing so tight that it will not likely ever leak.

This fountain holder is shaped this way to reflect the fountain gift received one Christmas. I have a couple re-bar pieces going around the circumference. In the corners I added an extra piece just in case. The base is actually thicker than the sides so it will never crack. To continue with overbuilding it, I’m also putting recycled fence in just to add a little more connectivity. On top of that, I’ll use a rather rich cement mixture for strong concrete.

I will add a couple wood cross supports in the inside just in case the weight of the walls press the inner forms sides in. As it sets up I’ll probably take them out so I can finish the bottom inside a bit. Those inner walls cant inward a bit for strength and ease of disassembly.

-and finally this with tile on top.  Late evening photo, colors a bit off, however, side colors are darker on finished fountain.