We sit shell shocked

We stand bewildered

lay down on a moments softness

yet sleeping with our dreams

locked under our pillows


We drive down American streets

watching local road sides change

year after another cheep facade

until nothing but the new is left

a past little more than exhaust


We were astounded at the level

a gaping horizon filled fears illusion

fed into our quiet stone confessions

where even our dreams could hear

that march step of stupid-think

humanities greatest curse

to follow words of pride

with gross inhumanity


We were stunned in the headlights

Jingoism and ad-hominem reason

day after falsehood risen day certainty

and falsehood again through each season

now each dumb card is played on time

a test on if we really are as suspected

so easy to fool as evidence suggest

election to election and worse

the day after


As time settles fallen knowledge

under leaf, dust and despair

grand canyons expose the loss

our sacred ancestry defecated on

by those who claim to protect it

from behind desk and cable television

with their fear based conservatism

and bogus self centered pride

mirrored in smoke


History as it was made

and buried alive gasping

washes into its mineral melted sea

we saw who they are as they dissolved

the truth made them the worse for thought

and what contempt held their hearts firm

under their cold waters of alienation

etching emptiness onto

their incoherent souls

used our names

to lead the charge


Fear is the sacred calf

now serving money as god

guilding grandiosity within tongues

twisting stunted bold infantile confusion

lives of soldiers were joked over tables

and defenders exposed for political ill

while the dead are to be camouflaged

and a republic insecurity obsessed

callous and blinded by hubris fire

by the searing rays of ignorance


Encouraged by misleaders

to have disdain for reason

patriotic joy cutting away truth

till fact itself must surrender in doubt

then spread honey coated propaganda

on wounds of self inflicted injustice

tribalism flavored sweet mass media

wedging values with fight seduction

unconsciousness pedaling on


The babbling experts of Babylon

make words into covert weapons

with hope as cannon foddered blame

our common dreams are torn through

slashed by insecurity and doubt

this human continuum denied

again, and called illusion

broken memory shards

are hauled to wasteland’s

of strip-searched earth

commercials keep from sight


We are shell shocked

We are bewildered

lay down on a moments softness

yet sleeping with our dreams

locked under our pillows

this night keeps knocking

and knocking still loud

curtains keep us from seeing

if it will again break in

to steal our will


One thought on “BROKEN CONTINUUM—poem

  1. Thank you for this post. I especially like the photo of Arlington Cemetery. I live not far away, and being a veteran myself, I cant visit there without getting emotional.

    Wonderful Poem. Thank you.

    Thank you also for the sage advice you left me.

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