My old filling gone bad tooth gone abscessed gone missing hiding root, has gone into the next stage of decisions.

I went to my budget dentist service yesterday to find out what my options were, since my last visit there 2 weeks ago did not fix things.  Then they were performing a root canal on a molar with three roots, but one of which was in back of the other two, but they were incapable of x-raying it and I’ll never know why.   I know it is there from another x-ray, when I went in to a regular dentist for a severe toothache. They got the shot of the problem on the second try, since the front two roots were not abscessed then.  Had to be somewhere right. It amazed me that after a dozen mentions of this third root, these people with their x-ray device are incapable of finding it.

And may I mention, the budget dentist is still much more costly than regular dentist were just ten years ago.  I wonder where all the excess money is going?  Does not seem to be in the hands of the workers there.


Since they were probing on my word (actually said that) of another root 2 weeks ago, they blew through the tooth, knocking a side off looking for my alleged other canals, that tooth actually has at least 5 presumably.  Two hours and a gallon of Novocain later, they called it quits.  Better luck next time.  Only next time is apparently going to cost me a whole lot more somewhere else.

I took the 130 mile trip to this dentist yesterday, since they (two certain people) did not return my calls.  Yesterday I found out the person (now one?) has gone on vacation and left nothing in my chart regarding the arrangements they were to have made to a real orthodontist who knows how to find all root canals, even in a crooked tooth!  Never mind that on the bench there they had the x-ray staring all of us in the face, and should have known the tooth was tilted before a side was pooped out fishing for that elusive third root that was obviously to the right, and not to the left of the two canals found on the left root.  I go on and on about some “professional” work, when I think I actually understand more about what they should be doing than they do.

This will probably end up with the cheaper solution of just pulling the tooth and leaving another gap, cause in America if you do not have the dough you end up with nothing, as God intended.  When I was a kid I had four molars pulled at once in all four quarters in the “same” location.  Most all of my molars have fillings that in time go bad, as from my experience with this particular tooth.  Over ten years of telling at least 5 dentist that I felt something was going wrong with it, left me with no care until it in effect demanded attention that seems to have come too late.

A guy was in the office while I was there.  Maybe a farmer or rancher 10 or so years older.  He was there to nix his two root canals and tooth caps to come and instead have all of his teeth pulled.  He and his wife came to this decision over cost. I am beginning to see why older people decide to both save money, lots of it, and deal with the dentures until death.

Here is the actual evidence of another disappointing trip to the dentist.  They had some metal contraption in my mouth, so some things in the photo might be added.  At the photo’s top, the center tooth on the left side has a strange broken looking area, a shady shft goes down below it over a third of the tooth. That was the oops. It was all dark where the tooth broke out, but here some temporary filling is there (still) not showing the bust out as prominent as it was without that in there.

I have lived most of my life being very careful while eating apples or anything hard.  I have brushed and flossed my entire adult life.  My deceased oldest sister never had tooth issues or fillings throughout her 40 years.

Who say’s people do not put their private whiny problems on the WEB for all the world to see ?

I do.  All the world will not see this.

Chew on…