I am a little shocked at my #1 blog spot (for the moment!). I’ll guess at tips for you to get up there at the end of this post.

{At the bottom of this post are thoughts about getting onto these list.}

Most people visit for my attempts to keep up on some developing weather situations. I can only hope that your search for weather info at my place was of some use or benefit to you.

I do search weather sites myself to try to put up the best or else the most relevant links and info I ave time to find. You can always get more in depth weather news from NOAA and other weather services. In an emergency, I certainly suggest you rely on the pro’s who are on the job 24/7.

I have been “into” weather since a small child, when at 5 I built a “snow machine”, a magical contraption of boards, strings and wire. Needless to say it did not work, or I had the physics or metaphysics wrong.

I always looked for big snows and tornado’s, only to find that in my mid teens and onward, the funnels seemed to look for me (a subjective take on their occurrences when I move).

Those who visit to view my philosophy, politics, silly stuff, concrete projects, photo’s and all, thanks as well. And hurray for WordPress that let’s us all see what we are up to.

[Update; Nov 2008. For those who wonder on top blog’s and such.  This next photo of my WordPress stats was taken on a day of almost 4,500 views. I did not end up on any WordPress top post or blog 100. Yet yesterday I was in the top 100 blog’s, with not even a tenth of that!

Good luck or whatever it is? Ratio of growth? Dart board?



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—-Some photo’s from here over the last few weeks.



A thunderstorm is now threatening, I am a storm spotter, so off-line I go.

Bye from the edge of the nation.



I’m back.

I had a post get into the top 10 post at 2,400 hit’s in one day. That related to a breaking news story. I have had elevated hit’s ever since, a few over a thousand. Mostly of late, I had declined to around 200, then down to the one hundreds. I discovered I was not getting many hits on post with large quantities of categories and tags—search engines assume you are spam!

I went over lots of post to edit their tags down. I was putting in everything relevant, while one should list the directly important words, do not exceed 12 they say. You will still get visits overboard, but you run a risk of preventing people from hearing from you by “too many” tags and categories.

As the news story I covered waned, so did the big hit numbers. I finally started getting hits again from post I had in effect censored. But this weekend went unusually low-60 ish. The next day it mysteriously doubled, as is how the WEB acts on certain days, weekends and all. Then today I happened to post a hot news story for a certain segment of the population. My curve shot up at a higher relative angle than my 2,400 post I believe. It was only at 700 something hits when I just happened to notice I was number 1 on blog growth, as I was contemplating seeing what was up at WordPress today. I was not expecting to be on there. Now I have some conclusions or speculations as to what put’s one on these list. When you do get on the list, some people will click on you off the WordPress Dashboard, if I am any example, you will probably just get 30-50 more hits from there, while normal searches will still represent the vast majority.

If you intentionally try to get on those list for a huge perceived benefit, I do not believe you will notice much in reality. So I say; keep being you and doing what you do as best as you can. I was not competing to get on these list and so would like you to know what is up about them from my experience. There is nothing inherently special about my blogging quality or skills, a lot of attention is at the mercy of the worlds situation and peoples intest at the moment.

Here is your good news; If you somehow hit on something happening in the news or perhaps
the rest of society, a good title might just get you noticed. For what it is worth, 700 is not some unfathomable number to jump to as I just did in 12 hours. I have actually done better. The relative increase might be what put me at #1, which means getting into that top 10 or 5 might be even easier if starting from a very low base at that time.

Of course that $10,000.00 prise is nice too! There is no such thing. I make nothing on my blog.

Hope this information lets you know a little about what seems to go on behind the scenes to get into those list. A problem is; you might come and go from it and never know. Why not have WordPress just send you a nice little notice, so all those missing their 1 second of not much fame will at least hear of it.

SEE! I did not even know they did that.


WORDPRESS will have incoming links to you that are their current top positions on blog growth, post views, and probably other things if one has the know-how to find them. Some of your editing pages (stats) will likely show these links;

Incoming Links


Post on…

I am managing to stretch my 1 second of not much fame as far as it will go! You may be next and I’ll be history. Not much, but history.


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