All human beings, if of normal endowments, have quite similar needs. You would think from that standpoint, we would have much if not all to agree with. I suggest we in fact do, but from unchecked theory and inherent subjectivity projections, do not. We are fundamentally as one (all things are in relationship), but in practicality, have varying degrees of subjective interest and its implied individuality of view or perspective. This makes being human challenging, being that problematic differences of view constitute a relative ignorance of one another.

This fact tempts us to do many things over and through that ignorance. These actions created their own reactions, and can go on to seem enlightened, by one “side”, and possibly evil by another. This is the fate of being focused in separation and denial–human hearts and lives are left by the wayside. Much political interest revolve around this relative ignorance. “Sides” who can go on to claim to be more honest, or else seem to think more like certain situational positions the human family happens to be in–us and them.

As we run into one another through time and place, conflict occurs at times over identity, motives, and apparent intention. Much fantasizing also occurs (in reaction) over what seem apparent and obvious to the eye, but is truly more of judgement, not of knowing. We do not necessarily accept the rule of our ignorance, we presume we know by our feelings in matters instantly. We want to know, to be sure of ourselves, to be real and truthful to life as if has come to us. Yet we do assume much more than we know, and conversely, deny (in effect) not knot knowing what we do not seem to know.

All this can be noble and well intentioned, yet present deep fundamental issues to those not like us. This systemic set up for conflict and misunderstanding results in many theories that come to be seen as fact, actually as emotionalized consensual reality, but can be intrinsically dishonest. For a relative belief is still called a truth by feeling, not a theory. Many religions and philosophies have struggled with this attempt to be truthful and honest amidst an at times disturbing world, that seems itself somehow, beyond all their answers.

When we find ideas that seem to work though time and across varying lives, we believe we have discovered something valid. The cultures of the world are filled with ritual and perspective on being human that are passed on generation to generation because they seem to be associated with something that does work, and is so presumed real to life. Since we do not understand all of the universe, our assumptions can be both false yet seem to work as a truth because the outcome of their use seems to be true in ways to expectation. Pattern recognition and associations of cause and effect produce human theories that can be called truth, and by all appearances seem to be truth, while actually being an imagined association while the real truth operates alongside the actual fact’s of the matter unrecognized. The long assumed “flat earth” a big example.

Here is an example of unconscious “truth” selection from my own life;

I, like most people, could not stand the smell of hot tar often used on flat roofing. My whole life it had disgusted me. I would get a headache from it almost instantly. When in construction work, I at times had to do carpentry ahead of the roofers. It was not my favorite working situation.

But on an extended roofing stay of weeks, before long (approx 3 days), I loved that smell! It is as if life, through you, decides; well if you have to do this, you might as well enjoy it. Simply an amazing phenomenon. But does it really make tar smoke good? In conversation, I mentioned this to quite a renowned urologist friend of mine in the Veterans Administration. He commented to me; ‘Funny you should mention that! I really disliked cauterizing tissue during and after operations, now looking back, I love that smell! It made me feel like I was at home in a loving place.’

What would be “naturally” disagreeable ideas, I believe, achieve this same notion of good and home if we feel we must be around them. This would happen on a more unconscious level for ones own beliefs, and not necessarily, a liberal or conservative approves of their “opposing” ideas simply because they know they always live around them. It is about those notions we situationally accept and can become quite defensive about, even to the point of violence and conflict, yet do not really know what they actually “mean” and represent in the full world in their whole context.


Another kind of simple example of this, are the “old wives tale’s” that can be passed on and seem to be an alleged reality of truth, while in fact they are not. For specific example; do you actually believe the old adage that “sparing the rod spoils the child”? It might have produced a Pavlovian type result that seemed to create a “not spoiled child”, but what else did that custom of corporeal punishment actual produce along with the desired apparent conformity to another will which was tagged good?

Humankind is filled with these presumptions and assumptions about others that go on untested for various reasons. Usually these explanations endowed with much emotion and little fact, exist to preserve some order or entrenched opportunity in the society through time. These are put into question free zones, where questioning makes you a heretic, or a traitor to the institutionalized mindset. That these unquestioned assumptions are seen as being true and part of the culture, neither makes them true or right however. This is the conundrum posed to us by the “culture wars” that exist in some respects in most cultures that do not have a monolithic uniformity of conformity.


We literally have concepts that are seen as valid as the flat earth world view once held sacrosanct, and an earth-centric universe, a “truth” where all heavenly bodies obviously revolve around the earth. Cultures use these untested, or superficially tested beliefs as social order constructs, to be eventually used to test who is a “good” person and who is going off in some other unknown way, once questions appear. Questions most always threaten orthodoxies. Sometime orthodoxies are not classic ideological programs. They can be long standing consensual reality fortresses that serve a way things seem to be.

We can see in politics and religion this hiding behind conceptualized truths which are presumed dominant, so any who disagree will be construed as being; deceptive, irresponsible, malcontents, liberal, not for us, and fill in the blank. This is what I have come to call mind-blank, the attempt to bypass individual critical thinking abilities for pre-cast indoctrination programming. For our longstanding praisingly described individualism and its possession of Creation consciousness to be producing an extinction event, one thing should be obvious; We are inherently fatally wrong somewhere in our assumptions of the individual and society.

With that said, I am going to delve into the so called culture war in the United States. It has generally been defined as things like; red vs blue voters or states, “people of faith”, “values voters”, “liberal do gooders”, “tax and spenders”, “pro-life”, “pro-choice”, just to name a few.

You might notice that most of these culture war definitions come from the political right side of the spectrum, with the positive intonation leaning towards them, as if they are defining the whole issue of this “culture divide” that seems to separate the nations citizens into a kind of us against them mentality. This is no accident. A policy of divide and conquer is a time tested one. But why is this diversion from division being promote? What we need to examine are the operational results and logistics of this campaign to divide a nations conceptual mental parameters as voters, and ultimately, to make the US into a nation of fear based conformist without critical thinking abilities intact. Who is vying to control the inherently liberal institutions of democracy, and why?


It is a fact that life exist off of life in our usual definition of what is alleged to be actually living. Living things gather energy in many ways form other living things. Sometimes this gathering is quite mutually benefiting, and in some instances it cost the life of another organism, with no regard for that organisms persistence as a species. As human kind switched from hunter gatherers, to farmers and herders, it seems a more gentle mind set evolved. The crops we cultured and the animals we herded, instead of being driven to extinction through predation, became assured of a kind of perpetual existence through farming. In an odd way, death became transient and life persistent.

The taking of life through perpetuating it, gained a certain giving of life quality to it, and that seemed to go along well with increased understanding of our environments, and possibly more peaceful societies, with enhanced rights to the average individual. It is notable that women in many ancient cultures were considered much more endowed with spiritual authority than they are even to this day. There seems to have been a kind of overthrow of perception towards might makes right, as male dominator societies found the gentile ones were easy pickings, being at the mercy of violence over deeper reason. No matter how right, honest and true one was, a blade or bullet ended you in an instant.

I do not believe all hunter gatherer societies were cruel all the time, we seem to value love and relationship too highly for that to have been the ever present mandate. However, being that we have switched essentially to this more controlled way of life and being, does not at all suggest that predatory actions are still not with us. We have switched predatory behavior into the social and economic spheres. There is a kind of under the radar use and abuse of people and environmental systems that most often produces the equation of have’s and have not’s.

This has led to conflict of opinion over the actions of human beings, being that some actions severely effect the lives of other human beings (and of course the environment’s of The Commons), going so far as to induce death and destruction as nations compete over resources. Yet nations can go on, after taking from others, to think they “owe” them nothing more in return. Same as in the now often sacredtized right of individuals to do what they will to others without much consequence. This is fundamentally delusional, no matter how exciting getting away with something may seem in the moment (an aspect of the criminal mind addiction). That is the seduction of separation and its ego self aggrandizing illusions. Interesting how the “responsibility” scenario of the now rampant corporate model is identical to that of a psychopath.

This “get out of my way” sense of competition for survival occurs on other levels as well. Economically, predation occurs when one takes the life energy from another to collect into ones own possession in a inherently disproportionate way, where forms of pyramid schemes thrive beyond view in the abstract environments allowed by an abstract and relative value system. The deception inherent to this paradigm, is the unaccountability to The Commons expressed in much individualistic ideological proclamation. In fact, The Commons is often denied its existence, as if once I dump exhaust into the air it is gone, or poison into tho ocean.

These kinds of avoiding and denying responsibility are required by much opportunistic individualism as it is manifest into the modern world. The same holds true to economic exploitation, even when rendered into conscious or unconscious contractual agreement. Agreement does not determine truth. Child labor law and an 8 hr. work day laws were instituted, not to punish exploitation, but to protect workers from known harm. Yet these days, some now work multiple jobs by necessity, as if the possible damage is negated by individuals seeming choice. Haze has returned in a new and glowing disguise of “free choice”.

That cometary impact haze begins to appear to blur away looking too closely at economic relationships, responsibility and accountability intrinsic to natures Whole nature. We cannot get around it by not acknowledging its existence. The corrupted individualism prefers this disguise of usage, or misuse under grand abstract platitude and proclamation. Infusing society with a “success” and achievement mentality producing an extinction event.

Money has allowed this form of predation to have a distanced and abstract quality, of great use to individualistic operationally blinded predators and manipulators of The Commons—the network of all Life. They can then structure society to place themselves at the top of the pyramid scheme’s of predation, while making that inequality seem natural and unchangeable. Now in this separated individualist delusional mindset; accountability can be called, taking from the haves. The emotionalized varieties of irresponsible possession claimed to be honest truth once an individuals cosmology is stunned into myopia.


That question is at the nexus of most of the world’s problems manifest by human behavior and belief.

There is something akin to the measurement paradox of physics, that, not surprisingly, exist in social and conceptual environments. In physics, the paradox assumes an intrinsic ambiguity in being; things seem to be two things (or everywhere) at once in “isolation”, but when observed by consciousness a “decision” is made one way or another. In my observations of being human, extrapolated from myself, we also exist in relative ambiguity, until we observe who we are in associating our self definition. As in physics, apparently mathematically logical patterns themselves, select out the reality for those possibilities. For we “separate” individuals, the logic (pattern recognition) in our self definition, selects out what we fancy to some extent. It is true of me typing on-line right now.

As much as the concepts we hold close presume separation, alienation, evil, and otherwise anti our interest occurrences in the outside world, we will have those confirmed, and likely confirmed to a large extent by our expectations of them. This does not necessarily occur at some blatantly obvious way we could normally just turn off. But it can, and is turned off at times by redirection of patterns, as in forgiveness and other conversions to more integrated perspectives and holistic views. Interrelationship and interconnection are the aspects of life most denied when often making our selective emotional judgements of ourselves and others.

We can hold or be aware of these salvation like events, seen as self realization, or sometimes called awakenings, or enlightenment, and a sense a deep belonging. When an ego in separation identity does this selecting into its disconnected fantasy’s world; paranoia, fear, delusion and other effects of disconnection appear. It is not good to be into patterns that ostracise oneself from the medium of all Life. The extinction event we are producing is perhaps the greatest example feedback loop of this. On the other hand, when one embraces the whole majestic complexity of Life as a creative process literally initiated from what has manifest all things, a most simple yet immersed belonging results. I suggest the role of true individualism will be defined by responsible and inclusive parameters, and not those of self isolation.


Memory and situations can come to impose understanding and insight, when conditions leave the imagination able to “see” oneself disconnected, abandoned, all on ones own, or otherwise stranded into the ego. Traditions and techniques are available for one to reassoicate with the ever present and eternal movement of Whole Life. The paradox between an isolated self and one moving with all Creation, immersed in place, exist simultaneously within us. We must learn to own our choices.

There is a kind of perpetual challenge presented to us in our current world situation, where many institutions and patterns of separation identity are in place to benefit those who have established pyramid/pharoh like fiefdoms of separation and denial, and conditioned society in Pavlovian like ways, to perpetuate their disturbed view. Indeed, much of commercial and mercantile state of mankind is in an actually destructive addiction to isolated individual identity, at times with abstract “God”‘s lending support to a separated out individual identity, comforted by the acquisition of the right beliefs and the right product, for a self made world view.

The modern world is under the influence of a lot of this suicidal addictions presence, merely because the environment’s temporarily allow a niche for their existence. Mass transportation in the US, as an example, was in many ways strangled by the automotive industry, which saw the advantage of reaping much more energy from the population through each of us needing our own vehicles to get around. A whole culture then evolves around the freedom of individual transportation. The trouble with these separation based ideologies is; they are inherently mortal. The cancer like exponential expansion of materialism and consumerism is a prime cause of our extinction event. Yet how many of the “winners” at this game of owning Creation are owning up to their responsibilities in this matter? Very, very, few.

If all 4 billion or so who could drive had cars now, the gas would rapidly run out. The price would have long been through the roof, and the toxic air may well have choked us all out already. Sorry ,no Internet. This repetitive, everyone needs one vehicle is the temporary niche, until that problematic type of self mobility can be reconfigured, if time remains. Pollution, waste and resource depletion, was not on the blindfolded commons radar of the individual travel units concept, as it sank the more collective one. It intended to sink the mass transportation option for private gain. That is trusting out current faith in individual initiative as now defined.

Separation based “freedom” is using up much of the oil that might have been used for something else. We have accepted by assumption, the notion that some answer will save us just in the nick of time. Some new invention or discovery will happen. That is a risky clairvoyant guarantee. Now that individuals are beginning to realize that a new energy source, or some other solutions need develop, new cultural paradigms have a space to emerge. That is our hope. That or be forced far backwards.

The problem is, this negative based innovation starts out behind the curve. The worlds population has bought into the seductions of mass consumption, leaving us with yet another monumental problem looming if paradigms related to individual identity are not changed into more cooperative forms. China and the developing world could become that mythical 800 pound gorilla getting into the worlds life-raft. Separation based ideologies come back to haunt humankind. That is the guarantee.

One might think from my blog, that I love big government and despise individual initiative; wrong! I trust in the true individuals spirit to be exactly in tune with what the universe, or God, needs. I actually think it will be wiser in the long term, to view the individual as a base; where insight and innovation are best realized, and not necessarily through committee or government institutions as they now exist. The current problem with trusting individuals to be true to life are all the aforementioned issues considered in this article, and then some.

In the interim, our cooperative interest do require government intervention until individuals step-up to the collective plate. I remain for individual initiative to be the guiding light of civilization and not default to religious or political institution. The question becomes one of survival necessity or extinction.


The world needs to look to its primary resource; the consciousness of each and every one of us. We need create new integrated concepts of the individual; That we are always responsible to all things, and so must listen to all things great and small. Human beings are capable of being a full partner in creating and acting responsibly to their potentials. We are currently struggling with numerous self imposed problems, conflict and environmental difficulties due to the inbred short sightedness of separation based ego identity, and the alienation problematic to it.

To answer this slicing and dicing of The Commons that separation finds so natural and right; I must act within the consciousness of the Whole. We are, after all, the offspring of Creation. It’s nature is also our own nature. We share this great and fundamental commonality, a singularity of purpose; Creation. In our worlds, we decide how small we are, or how connected. One leads to functionality in the long term. That other choice, dives into seemingly inevitable aberration, walking the plank of unchecked delusion. Society and culture, must be brought securely on-board of anyones concept of being.

Each individual is water in the ocean of culture. Culture provides universals such as language, even thought itself as we now conceive it, is relative in some respects to the forms of definition, even vowel and consonant nature and use. The illusion that my words here are all mine, is a fundamentally flawed and extraordinarily inhibited perception. Yet I can easily and lazily claim them to be my achievement, ignoring the wonder of humankind’s experience that has gone into just one word of “mine”. Ignoring the Commonalities of Life are done at ones own spiritual peril, and possibly ones culture.

It is stunning, the degrees of “taking for granted” that separation oriented individualism has encouraged, while unconsciously pushing earths ecosystems possibly past the point of no return–no responsibility to The Commons, no accountability to Life. Yet much self promoting of individual “achievement”.

This kind of self worship, enabled by the ignorance of The Commons, will boast all form and manner of individual merit and its ensuing self esteem perks and proselytizing. The difference between grand understanding, and little, is itself very small; The nature of ones own identity choices moment to moment. The existential issues over what is real are not solely up to human imagination.  I can dream of things plausible or coherent to the rational universe and see them tested.  Other ideas? Speculation.

I can dream of reversing gravity, simply by imagining it is reversed.  But is it reversed?  Try it now. (excluding space shuttle astronauts)  I have not heard of one human reversing gravity by thought alone, in the factually documented history of humankind.  We operate under the Laws of Being and at their leisure.  The onus is on us to understand where we fit in, and not where the Universe or The Commons does.  Much self promoting individualism refuses to mature to the correct flowing perspective, for what are proving to be suicidal reasons.

The great journey of my lifetime is always just beginning, always starting now. My own individual association to what is the nature of Life is my best chance at true self realization. My connection to that association knows only the bounds that I give it. To know Love in this context, with its ever touching connectivity, is to know enough.


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