I wrote a long post this morning, then created this add to go under it.

Realizing not many would ever read the long post anyway, or to get to a “silly part” they did not know was there, I am putting this fake add as a post unto itself. Hope you find it…*


Now we break for a brief commercial message.


Benafia enterprises, along with the Naked Blogger Express, bring you this new fashion message for those who blog in the nude, or in unsightly gaarments.


Ever thought of what could happen when you accidentally turn on your computers camera? Wonder what grandma would think of, seeing you there in your birthday suit when you are thinking of hitting her up for some big cash?

Now you need no longer worry. The Naked Blogger Express has sought out self important Internet fashion designer Benafia to come up with our exclusive Green Screen Underwear. When that camera is left on unintentionally (OR INTENTIONALLY!) your viewers will see what you want!

Think of the possibilities this service and the unique library of specialty “wolly” widgets devised for your custom made cover. The incoming viewer sees just what imagery you would like them to see. Our service coordinated the incoming visit with the outgoing intention thanks to our COVER YOUR Essentials software.

The Naked Blogger Express has commissioned Internet self proclaimed guru Benafia to create new SCAN-U Technology. Proprietary software designed by Benafia can digitally enhance or detract areas of your body. Ego Grade Avatar Enhancement or EGAE imagery allows you to be who you want to be, and not falling apart, as naughty nature has intended to bring you down.

Opps! I forgot to get dressed before going on-line!

No problem.

SCAN-U will put just the right amount of preselected designer clothing on you for the full green screen cover your back experience. Tastefully placing or eliminating hills and valleys, where you decide, not gravity.

Yes you can, be the boss of you!


You are talking to your once very wealthy grandmother. You are going to ask her for a big “investment”. What does she see? Not a clueless slob in his or her birthday suit, she sees a loving photo or video of you getting some reward for your childhood lost tooth, right on your imaginary tee-shirt!. She sees you getting the gift of your first bicycle, or your first computer, all smiles! Then she sees the video of your graduation, with her smiling and your new car gift, instead of your pot belly! You have completed your mission, by automatically priming the pump!

Now you can hit her up like you did for that next car, the world vacation trip, the house. She will unhinge that bank account for her special comfy old folks home, asking? “Will that be enough for that NEW YACHT you are looking for dear?”

With our new line of Green Screen Underwear and software designed by Benafia, your fantasies are at your command.


Before one of your children get to her first!

* note

I have never borrowed money from anyone except form the mortgage company in 1990. No credit cards without bank deposit. Also. I have not had grandparents for 43 years, nor have borrowed from friends or relatives.

Sorry if I offended anyone. Any similarities to real people, situations and names is purely coincidental.