It might be a young people thing.

When I was a young people, the “next” new thing to come along was of course meant for me. First bell bottom pants were just wrong. Who needs flapping down there? How embarrassing. But after you see the Beatles and all wearing them, why everything changes! Give me the future! Can I have fame and fortune and all the cool stuff bell-bottom pants give to the Beatles, not to mention the screaming young women! I’ll get some of these pants right now! Cool man! They’re flapping down there and everything! Now I am on my way to fantasy land come true. Who knew you could just buy a “look” and land right where you want? Get with the program!

Then came elephant pants or whatever they were called, and it seemed the good times were coming to an end. Uh? No. I’m not putting a fabric store down there, that is just getting nutty. Bell-bottoms slowly went away. But not after the corporations tried putting glitter, postcards, maps and such all over your pants. I even sowed leather and wrote things on my pants and jacket before it was commercially popular. Then for me it was over, like so over.

When hip-hop came along with pants that made one look like a baby in their parents clothes, I guess I was old and not into the cool aspect of looking lie a clueless slob, but they still make me laugh. My goodness, when we are young, impressionable hero worshiping and or naive, we can buy into any imagery that comes down the pike, suggesting we will be more cool, scare the nerds, or win the sex lottery, and since clothes make us powerful (ha!) gather in our fine equally cool mates for mating.

Well, as I grew older, I shed all this, keeping up with the “cool” class of lookalikes. I did not require the watch people needed to have to show they had “made it” into havedom, the car, the clothes, any of it regarding corporate framed style. BUT THAT DOES NOT STOP OTHERS FROM JUMPING ONTO ANY BANDWAGON THAT COMES ALONG!

I saw an interview with one of the original gangsta rappers who spent a lot of his life in prison. These folks are getting into their forties and fifties now. He is horrified by what he see’s as his big mistake in romanticizing gangsterism. He seems ashamed of how this once cool promoting of violence is now everywhere. He seemed to think, that partly because of him, young people are venturing into beliefs and attitude that will not serve themselves or society into the future. That fact check certainly is off the corporate marketing road map of the hip hop band wagon of today, but that does not make him wrong.

I thought this “movement” would im[lode 25 years ago when so many white kids started hero worshiping it’s dominator power over others culture. Wrong! Many a rapper lives in multi-million dollar “cribs” living the fine pampered life, while the powerless young folks worship them as real suffering hero’s. Take that! “The man!” The cynical play off of youth’s sense of abandonment, does not register with many youth, nor those who make a “killing” off of youthful desires for potency. I have found the world wide and age wide (to some degree) worshiping of hip-hop dominator attitudes, have lowered my respect for many a culture and performer. It is sad to see the world embrace a mental paradigm, that is to some extent rejected as self defeating or the way of losers by some it’s originators, who have come to feel wisdom is more of an achievement than imitation.


15 or 20 years ago, the word “cool” was rediscovered by young people. I grew up with that as standard slang in my youth. Some of us stop using our upbringing imprinting when we get older or it no longer is in style. Well a few years back when cool came back, the kids thought their parents were pretending to be cool and “with it” by adopting the new generations secret code language lingo. Mom and dad were seen as being pandering young wannabee imitators, when actually, they may have been saying cool all along, the kids just did not notice it meant that cool. Now mom and dad were embarrassing imitative phonies.

When I became aware of wire rim glasses, I got them just for their lack of visual interference. I started wearing glasses at times (before contacts), being that they were not the visual blockage ugly dark plastic was. I still wear my old frames, large wire rim glasses for a big unobstructed view. Then when plastic lenses lightened the load, even better.

A few years back, the nerd/dork look appeared, that is how it seemed to this one of my generation. Squishy glasses came onto the scene, making people look like pinch eyed clueless corporate sycophants, ready and eager to soak up anything the corporate world put onto a billboard or add. True, kinda like seeing the Beatles and wanting to “belong” to what is happening, but pandering to mass robotic imitation just the same. But the culture went as the adds went, drilling the idea into havedom over and over until it stuck. The question remains; are you real or an imitation?

So this may well happen when you get older, if you watch the evolution, or reintroductions of style, intended to redefine what having is to those who apparently have not. Everyone jumps aboard the train to havedom, not wanting to be seen standing lost in the exhaust of the past and all.–“Wait for me! I’ll imitate everything! I swear! I’ll look just like the rest of you. Will you love me then? Wait!”–They will go and merchandise their appearance in accordance with prevailing corporate imagery, not knowing when the designers come up with this stuff, it is all about selling, and usually not a real improvement benefit. The phenomenon depends on insecurity!

Nowadays, every “rebel” subculture that appears on its own(?) is hijacked, repackaged into numerous products for those lacking in inherent style, then merchandised as the future in the now. That is how it is meant to seem to the buyers; that they will jump from their slump right into a having bump. No. I am serious! Seriously. Why do powerless white kids make up hip-hops base? It is perceived as the instant power pill. As long as domination/rebel imagery caries what seems like potency, it appeals to the have not’s as an instant road to havedom.

I do not text for instance. Decades ago I had a primitive text system on a pager, where we invented numbers and symbols to represent words or events happening at the time. I have been there and done that, but would never want to walk around with my head in my hands as a car or someone approached with an axe. Some people I see walking would never know what hit them, unless they live to feel it. Many years ago I heard Italy had a pandemic of texting going on, with near all young people walking around in their own worlds. Speculation was around as to why Americans were not into texting. I think it was said we just would rather talk on the phone. I guess that idea eventually bit the dust as we dug ourselves out of the behind the curve hole to join Europe and who knows, Uruguay and Estonia on the text bus.

I guess what I am trying to say is; look around you. What actual benefit is there to doing the next new thing? Is it worth the trade off’s? Do you even know what those are? Who reads my blog anyway?


I don’t know about you, but with all the English host on TV these days, I am getting really tired of hearing “brilliant” given to every good or different idea. I like most accents. I even wish most southerners had kept theirs, but I am amazed to see English translations given to people from England when they speak. I think; Oh come-on now, you cannot tell what they are saying? But then I must remember, that so many people here have learned American English as their second language, that “Brilliant” English might just seem like a foreign tongue.

I do wonder what brilliant is translated as since the translator has to make a subjective decision about the audience. So you just discovered the formula for making someone buy anything;–flash–corona–light burst–cool–awesome dude–whoa!–done!–dog!–amazing–you rock!–shine pants!–jack it!–photon emission!–you’re the man!–you go girl!–groovy–psychedelic!–yo!–squint your eyes–
superclafragileisticexbealidosous–. I know. I missed a few. I definitely am not with it.

The spell checker did not claim that long word in the sentence above was wrong. Could I have been right about that at least?


Dag nab it! Now there is a red line under it.


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