I heard a good one tonight on an interview with a proud independent voter. He said he did not vote in 2004, because he doesn’t believe in voting for the least evil.

Well. That sounds like a kind of a personal stand, only it standing confidently on quicksand.

He went on to say; that is why most of America does not vote, and that that should send Washington a message. He went on to say; If Washington was listening.

Oh. Washington is listening. And to those who do not vote, what Washington hears is; you do not count. Since your stand is in the negative, or at best a nice big 0, what you will get is nothing but advantage taken from you. Washington hears you loud and clear. You scream it in your democratic absence; I am nothing. Nobody. Just ignore me. Don’t pay any attention, just do whatever you want, cause I wont even pick the least worst of you and make that small difference.

The real choice difference may feel very small to many of us, but that little difference compared to nothing, is at least something. The active choosing in a democracy, not only keeps democracy in some ways relevant, it is infinitely more civilly, than nothing.

If you do not vote, might as well stay out of political discussions on any governmental policy, just to stay honest to your actions.

Doing nothing in this regard, earns one exactly what one payed for.

True, we live in a Representative Democracy, not a direct one. We elect the Electoral College which actually elects the president, with all the states Electoral votes going to the candidate who got the majority of the votes (in most states). Three times (as far as we know) the winner of the most in a presidential election did not receive the most actual votes of the public. The last time was when the Supreme Court in 2000 halted vote counting in Florida to select who a majority of the court favored. Although I am sure someone could disagree with that statement for their own reasons.

Regardless, your vote does choose your Electoral College representative, which in most cases passes it along to elect the president. If that is not democratic enough for you, only the pressure on your congress to amend the US Constitution is provided as your direct influence on these matters. It remains; you accept the way it is or you leave it and your choice behind. The same idea goes for election tampering, which may be allowed now without verifiable paper or other trails. No mater how I vote, that vote remains vulnerable to those who intend to corrupt the democracy we do have. But does that then mean I should not vote? These decisions are left up to us to evaluate from our viewpoints, as are all things that occur in ones life.

Withdrawing from ones choice in whatever kind of democracy one has, may let that person seem to be above the political process, able to say; ‘Well don’t blame me, I did not vote for any of them.’ That, however, is an alienated assumption, for your lack of choice, even if it were to temper the damage of the “lesser of two evils”, results by that very definition, in the likelihood of even more evil.

Not voting does not absolve oneself from consequence. Whatever your voting choice is, even if it is to not vote, produces a consequence no matter if one chooses not to acknowledge that. Democracy itself, is no guarantee of good candidates or policy, yet choice still matters even if I do not approve of the situation. It is stunning, given the impacts of active voting, that some citizens view elections as a convenience store, where if they do not find their favorite food product, they buy nothing. Yet it is the only food store in their lives for national consumption.

I see the appeal of having a self releasing fantasy to put me out of democracy’s connections, I just don’t buy into it.

I also would rather have a multiparty system, not essentially two. With a two party system your votes impact is 2 votes though. If you vote for the winner in a twenty vote race, lets say an 11 to 9 outcome, you broke the tie. Not voting would have produced a victory still, but if you voted for the 9 instead of the 11, it would have been a 10-10 tie. Oddly, until we have a viable multiparty system, voting for third parties changes the difference in the two main parties none, except that 2 in your effective absence.

Still, the two major party’s voters decided, while you decided to make a statement, or begin the possibly long process of withdrawal from the two viable parties, and creation of that alternative party. That choice carries a positive and negative charge. It is wrong to call those who notice, the potential to them, negative impact of your withdrawl from the two party real contest, your vote would have been very important to the outcome, and ends up being of some impact for its absence. Some of those breaking to 3rd party’s have called those who want them in the two party real contest “elitist”, a standard buzz word these days, that everyone seems to use. No need to blame those in the two party’s when they notice that two point difference your vote would have made for them. It’s a point of view thing likely prodded by the math, and the thought that you didn’t spend those 2 votes you had, for them and what they feel are your better interest.

I would rather have multiparties and a vote of confidence, so more immediate changes could happen in a rapidly changing world. 2-4 years seems too dangerous to leave practically unchecked. With multiparties, at least it is more likely to have a party held accountable with its coalition partners. This gives some more minor interest some potential influence when now it is ignore those citizens forever. We would likely see an energized citizenry, since voting would carry more influence more often, involving those who feel they should have a say in the world to do so. I am not now certain we can handle direct democracy yet, but I do hope it is possible in the future. But first some of us may have to learn how important factual information and fact based debate would be to a more open democracy, since emotions getting out of hand might more easily lead to a world-wide conflagration.

To find out much more about Direct vs Representative Democracy, here is a good link below.

Why Keep the Electoral College?

Should you ever forget this fact, critics of the Electoral College will be sure the highest-ranking U.S. officials elected by direct popular vote of the

ALL IN A DAY—-Saturday clouds, rain, and cat’s

Welcome to today, although it may well be yesterday where you are. I mean here is yesterday, and you are in my tomorrow. It is today where you are at, I am sure of that, but Arizona doesn’t change time. The clocks work, well unless they are electrical and you have a power failure. Then they don’t do anything. Sure their atoms are doing all kinds of stuff, but we cant tell from where we sit. So it is still Saturday here, but if you are reading later it could be any day of the week, although while you are reading it is always just now, like a photograph.

That’s why I like taking photographs, so each moment can have its own special eternity, but it is really just an image in about 2 dimensions. Well, I’ll have to wrap this up before it becomes tomorrow. That would be strange, I’m sure you would agree, to have two different days stuck in the same post time zone. I wonder if that would make my head explode. Maybe that’s why some people burn up in spontaneous combustion, but don’t quote me on that. What do you mean I seem to have already cracked?




ARE WE WITNESSING THE FALL OF AMERICA?–psychological warfare and you


There seems to be a byproduct of sky high gas prices. Some companies are reestablishing plants on this continent, since transportation cost are running up cost more than the other side of the world is worth shipping from. This seems a good thing for America, jobs may return to Mexico and the US, but this just demonstrates the problematic nature of transnational corporation driven globalization.

While presidential contenders engage in psychological warfare more than real information exchange on the nations deep systemic problems, with each purchase, we push the earth ever more near to environmental collapse. Since campaigns are now almost entirely driven by perception manipulation, neither the public nor the fourth estate, seem able to force the dialogue to get beyond the battle of platitudes and the extremist assumption levied at each opposition candidate. This wrestling match occurs under the context of an international materialism that is marching us off the cliff of sustainability. We bicker over who will leave us with enough money to fulfill our needs and dreams. Somehow, the practical reality of it all is kept from bothering happy spenders, many of whom lust after ever higher incomes.

With increasing inflation and the deflation, or tax, on the pocket book cause by runaway, unregulated profit, those getting a returning job from beyond the border still may find themselves with not enough money to fulfill their survival needs, let alone their ad driven dreams. Not being able to afford the cost of getting to work is what some now face in their daily calculations.

There is little government response from the better to do nothing conservative side, who do not concern themselves with the poor particularly, except that poverty is known subconsciously, to drive individuals to do work deemed unacceptable to the pride by more well off success stories. As more and more Americans gravitate downward to the ever rising to meet them bottom, those commandeering the ship of state from the right find nothing to fix. The mythical market is assumed to magically fix such things. Have a nice day.

This seems in keeping with the laissez faire ideology, that thinks certain kinds of vacuous governmental leadership is organically filled by money making schemes. I do not see how much is to be made off the ill and poor who are below the poverty line. Not to worry, the right wing does not; and the seeds of discontent reverberate through all levels of a nation.


The magical, mythical market, is not at all what it once was. The really rich guy does not usually live on that big house on the hill above the poor neighborhood. They, and their stock holders, live all over the world, often in protected enclaves. They do not need to ever see you. Cutting those corporate taxes, and the loopholes and tax havens, have many of the wealthy taking the money and running out of your town and your country. The private tax called profit keeps its drill bit in your wallet, but the taxes you were fooled into cutting just pulled the infrastructure right out from under your feet. Oopps. My bad?

Now I get why rich internationalist feel you are taking their earnings from them with tax. I also get how, with near free reign over the mass media, they can program our viewpoint to the point of the detached individual until, in the name of individual freedom, we tie the noose around our own necks. It is amazing the distortion in perception that ideological programing can render one. Have a population lusting after riches, then give them the concerns of the super rich, and you have us seeing things from their point of view. Mission Accomplished.

So when the conservative party is asked, what are they going to do about all that has gone wrong, they wonder why you are such a whiner. All signs are good to those with homes, here, there and most everywhere. Many a satisfied profiteer is establishing quarters in China now, just so they can have their foot planted in the future. But you, you back here, stuck in sinking America? You are so yesterdays news. Let the bridges fall and roads crumble, if some rich guy down the street does not feel like fixing them, tough. You should have planned better to be super rich.

You are welcome to raise those other kinds of taxes we have associated with evil socialism. Good luck with that. And when you run for office, we’ll call you a tax and spender, a waste maker of hard earned individual income. With people needing every cent they can get, we have their own interest spinning their own lifestyle down the globalization drain. Suckers. Let’s see how that talk goes for you with 24/7 tax demonizing. Hey. I got a long flight to catch. See Ya…


That both American political parties are locked into corporate subservience is increasingly clear. One represents the elite’s viewpoint, where church or wealth, anoint one with grace from above. The other one still has a conscience of a sorts over economic realities, but in time we come to wonder when any of their promises will actually address suffering and unnecessary pain. But those are great selling talking points. they feel our pain! Hurray!

We are left with understanding our situations ourselves. Our nation is dissolving under our eyes, while construction goes merrily on for the very rich, even here. It is we who are the victims of psychological warfare of an inherently predatory ideology. We are kept from acknowledging our silent complicity’s, for we are both seduced and used at the same time. We are encourage to lust after wealth, while wealth wreaks increasingly irreparable damage of the environments of planet earth.

It remains a phenomenal contradiction, this worshiping of individualism and the gambling schemes it promotes. It assumes all things past ones immediate behavior have no enduring consequence, as if once you are paid you are done. Yet all things are intertwined, a great web of Being. The real world is inextricably interrelated. Individualism wed to consumerism, not only has us deny the consequence of our actions, it has us not even acknowledge them. As if we could just wish them away, then imagine whatever we will.

This is an attempt to bypass reality. It is patently delusional, and will create incalculable negative effects. But to those in this denial of responsibility, so constricted within the predatory view on the commons, it is we who pay the price for their actions. Yet it is they who promote the delusion by negative attachments tagged onto truth, when things like tax are needed to address an issue, they say it is taking from you. That incredible deceptive ploy has become a mass marketing campaign seeded throughout public perception.

If America does not snap out of its superiority complexes trance, we will be seeing, and are actually, the deconstruction of America. Almost simultaneously, and surely against any self assumption of the egos involved, this suicide pact of rampant consumerism and mass consumption of the commons, we will one day find ourselves looking at one another, with nothing left. Soon, after another singing of the Star Spangled Banner. We will look up form our little island, squinting to see the small print on the banner. Just below Mission Accomplished, it will read; Welcome America! Welcome to Jonestown—-Guyana

Drinks are on you.




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Update Sept. 1 2008 4:30pm EDT

Tropical Storm Ike is named. It appears to be healthy and rapidly developing. Currently also heading towards the East Coast of the US.

Gustav continuing into Louisiana. Tornadoes to be expected northeast of system as its momentum decreases.  Heavy rain and tornadoes now primary threat.


Update Sept. 1 2008 1:30pm EDT

Hanna is now a Hurricane. Other tropical systems continue across the Atlantic.


Update Sept. 1 2008 9am CDT

Gustav’s eye-wall is beginning to near land 85 miles southwest of New Orleans 9am CDT. No significant damage reported in New Orleans. Now Gustav is a Cat. 2–110mph.

Many tornadoes detected on radar Northeast of New Orleans. The feeder bands they are occurring in may continue to move westward through time. Storm surge may yet peak near New Orleans. So far so good.

Tornado was reported in Gulfport MS around 6:00am

Three vessels are reported loose in canal along the Industrial Intercoastal Canal. There is concern for those damaging the levee.


UPDATE 7pm CDT Aug. 31 2008

Gustav now spinning up tornadoes in Southern Louisiana. Some parishes have a tornado warning now.

Gustav managing to show some signs of intensifying at this time. May hit the coast early tomorrow, unless it takes a westward bend, which could put it into Tuesday near Texas, and cause some prolonged intense effects along the Gulf coast.

Topical Storm Hanna may threaten the Southeast US as a hurricane later this week.


Update 1pm CDT Aug. 31 2008

Hurricane Gustav experienced enough disruption to knock it down to its current 120 Cat. 3 strength. It is still anticipated to gain some strength before landfall. Gustav remains a very dangerous storm, and may create serious flooding issues as it is anticipated to stall not far inland.


Update 7:35pm EDT Sat.

“Violent Waterspout” approaching a lower Florida Key. Tornado warning in effect.

Gustav about to exit Cuba. Florida. Tornado watch boxes may begin going up on the west overnight. Gustav continues at 150mph, a strong Category 4. Evacuations continuing across southern Louisiana.




At this time Gustav is declared a category 4 145mph, 10 mph off of a cat. 5, as it bears down on the Isle of Youth, may cross Cuba near del Rio.

Central-northern Gulf Region beginning evacuations this afternoon in Louisiana. Oil prices up as some offshore rigs are being evacuated.

Gustav may slow off of central Gulf of Mexico, producing prolonged surge and flooding event.

Meanwhile Tropical Storm Hanna moving west towards the US Southeast Coast.

Also, if you receive the Weather Channel, they will be covering these tropical systems extensively. You will hear of this situation often when watching.


Hurricane Gustav

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Last Update: 11am EDT Sat Aug 30 2008 View All Tropical Activity
Tropical Storm Tracking Map



It seems McCain made the desperate call, to appeal to certain liberal voters based on a candidates appearance and not policy. He made the risky assessment, which time will tell, if it was as reckless in consequence as in action. For it seems to assume that some liberals at least, are bound by appearance as much as are conservatives.

This dependency on how things seem, has become a hallmark of recent conservative decisions, which appear to be a defence on how things look, as opposed to what things actually are. Nevertheless, the legions of talking heads assigned to their talking points, in the blink of an historical eye, pivot from one mans alleged lack of experience, to another woman’s 20 months in Governorship as a near over-qualification of executive experience to command the most powerful nation on earth. Amazing what a change of mind one day will do.

Someone has to bite into this, I mean, catch it for the apparent score.

Now the ball flies toward the public end-zone, looking for receivers so detached from reality, that they will vote by a candidates body parts, as compared to what they actually stand for. Although this VP choice seems also intended to bolster a certain lack of conservative enthusiasm, which does not quite see McCain as the robot ideologue the purified conservative loyalty test has come to expect.

We see the VP selection in an interview, ask in wonderment; what the Vice President actually does every day. Somebody please tell her what kind of jobs these are. Who exactly does what and stuff. She may actually believe it is raking up the debris of a glass ceiling, who can be sure, when she herself, certainly was not. Her glee in breaking Hillary’s glass ceiling during the announcement, seems to have missed both Geraldine Ferraro’s run at the Vice Presidency, and, Oh yeah. John McCain is still alive the last we checked.

Yet it was particularly odd watching both of their glee, as Palin heralded the ceiling break through.  Apparently not comprehending, given all the excited appeal being directed at Hillary’s disenchanted followers, that this ceiling would require McCain to presumably vanish from the presidential scene right about now.  Oops.

Maybe it was one of those; The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated?  Yo!  I’m standing right next to you!  Yo!


This cynical but all or none calculation is that hail Mary pass.  All the critical thinking defenders must somehow be incapacitated. As in the whole program of deceptive gamesmanship that has marked these last near 8 years of misrepresentations of cause, and ideological poisoning of fact. The ball hovers in the impossible, invisible, uninformed air. It awaits the reach of the clueless who do not stop to realize, that life actually is not, a game to win at others expense.

When it comes to our nation, there is not actually winners and losers as we are always told. But there is always, the consequence of our actions, and in what intention they were made. These determine what our impacts are, and not politics. These follow in our wake, no matter what we believe, and who else we assume is disturbing the air around us.

Consequence can be ignored, but it never can be bypassed by risk, no matter how well or ill intentioned. In this the Universe is clear, cause, effect and process proceed in integral association, no matter what beliefs we claim to like or dislike, believe in or assume are false. In the “end”, the truth will rule over our choice, seemingly indifferent from what we make it out to be. May we learn to follow Its way, and discover, ourselves.


In the political battle over how things look, seem, or otherwise appear, an important aspect of fighting for freedom is being overlooked.

The Equal Rights movement, and Woman’s movement, were not waged by conservatives. It was liberals who had to fight, endure ridicule, be considered malcontents and worse, in their battles against conservative traditionalism, to make freedom and liberty more available to those previously kept off of powers radar. It is often ironic but not surprising, that so often it is conservatism that rides off the suffering of liberalism to reap the benefit.

I had long expected that the first black and or first woman presidential candidate would come on the conservative ticket. The latest example of this phenomenon was Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel. We must remember Geraldine Ferraro’s actual rise, thanks directly to the woman’s movement, to be a vice presidential candidate, yet I am speaking of the advantage conservatives take after the expense of the liberal movements.

Stunningly, Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1979-1990), all but declared the commons, or broad community interest, a figment of imagination. She believed that freedom was best protected by individualism, because it would resist governmental tyranny. That wishful thinking ignores the interconnectedness of life and lives, but suggest individualist such as Hitler, are liberty’s protectorate. It is a study in contradiction, to see these who benefit from fights for liberty, turn around and stab them in the back in their remaining struggles. That is the nature of ideological poisoning, once the circular logic matrix’s are connected up, nothing else, not even facts or statistics, can stand in the way of head nodding assumption.


This is the nature of exploitation strategies, in the modern world, they need to brand their name to the public identity, so I think they are saying they will do nice things for my interest. Best to appropriate, through the media, what I think those are. If liberalism shows a strength, undermine it by using it against it. A block is necessary to create the proper wedge; liberals claim to be for quality of all life, then attach them to “wanting” abortion.

Now the actual complexities on the ground of a woman or girl can be disregarded for a pure abstraction. Nothing like abstractions to motivate the conservative mind once it has received its negative and positive charge. No hard fought battle needed. No arguing for acceptance and plausibility required, in fact, keep all countervailing realities and ambiguities out of purities profound sense of correctness. Ah!  That clear promised land of abstraction.

Purity is achieved in a simple abstract concept, tagged to the image of authority that then is assumed to ony belong to their viewpoint. It is no coincidence that Rovian psychology is to induce doubt into the oppositions strength, then provide some hero on a Trojan white Horse of abstraction to rescue the new existentially stranded, and all thanks to the now fundamentally ignored but still to blame liberal hard work in opening doors.

Seems once liberty opens a new door, there is no guarantee as to what will walk through it. This becomes an exercise in contortion, where liberty’s head is forced to begin to consume its tail. And so the commons, the great connectivity between all things that actually sustains us, is greedily divided up and falsely “conquered” through rampant unchecked individualism (now often in corporate dress).

This achievement made emotionally easy by men and women who have no divine power or authority to know what their knives of separation, sever and destroy, nor awareness apparently, of the consequence or responsibility of their action. Yet away from the mess, and in denial of its creation, this supposedly meritorious individualism pads the self serving delusional ego’s enticed into its self validating rationalizations with the most grand abstraction influence pedaling can conjure. Nothing flatters like what seems a success.

The oft denied global warming is just one of the many examples of how contempt for the commons comes back to haunt conservatives, liberals and everyone else alike. It is the return response from the immutable commons that exist beyond self righteous individualistic identity. Only the liberals knew, or had the courage or honesty to admit, something man induced was going on in truth ahead of time.

This does not stop the consumerism propaganda locomotives machinery that has a magical assumption that all issues will be addressed in time, but it does not know when that time is.  We assume problems, perhaps fatal ones, will be addressed in time by the market, with something else to sell.  Magical assumption just requires an oversight zeitgeist that suggest that behaviors need not necessarily change, but humankind’s innovative spirit will come to the rescue. We race materialism on a speeding train towards a chasm with no bridge, and what is the success response as defined by materialism?; to throw more oil into the engine.

In this, that conservative brand must exercise into constant denial and pointing program, and somehow, someway, make it seem as it was all the fault of liberals actually, as we move from the once upon a time coast to the soon to be inland shore. In fact, the conservatives will look for a way to profit greatly off of this ongoing disaster in the making. It seems the exploitation of opportunistic advantage, is a way of life to some.  They may claim we are mistaken and actually owe them, but no matter what they say, we will pay a price beyond our pocketbooks. We will pay with a planets life.

Oh yeah, I have a usual rote answer; Naysayer. Why are you against success and happiness?



As soon as I heard that McCain was considering a female for VP, it was obvious why he might. The attempt to seduce enough disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters was seemingly, his best shot at gaining a insured lead. Cynical? Of course. Practical? In politics, never underestimate the power of appearance. It need not be based on what is actually true, appearance is the great surface seduction, that can mask any number of counter realities.

I think this is a great opportunity for Americans to shift from appearance based reasoning, to fact. The problem will be, the media is for what continues controversy, and image based conclusion is one sure way to keep internal contradictions gnawing away from the inside. It seems in my view, that McCain chose a woman to pick up the damage that occurred in the Democratic primary. Interesting enough, he designed his election strategy in response to the Democratic result. One break with tradition was hard fought, the other, picked up on the debris of another hard fought fight. This is in keeping with conservatives claim on and manipulations of, the commons. In some respects, has so called Teflon John now partnered with another criticism resistant ingredient?


Some of the first response to this pick in VP’s, was that Biden would have to be extra cautious in arguing with Palin. This seems quite like the alleged bias accused of the men in the Democrats primary treatment of Hillary Clinton. I looked around to my female friends, asking what the problem was that was being claimed by the Hillary camp. Did not know, was the response. They did not see the sexist presumption. Though Barack is a non white man, I have not heard nor seen any indication that he must be handled with kid gloves.

But apparently, it is now being widely assumed that a man cannot engage in tough debate with a woman without being assumed to be some kind of abuser. Is this really how certain women, and some of their male supporters interpret rugged debate? Most of us know what it is like to suppose something, then have that supposition reinforced simply by looking for its evidence.

This can be a kind of hindsight reverse logic, where there, the belief is “proven” backwards by connecting selective dot’s to the result. I assume many Obama supporters would have likewise claimed an obvious bias had he been defeated. We do not know how those who assume image is the tangible proof of the result, figure the facts to their conclusions, or if actual facts are even necessary for a prebiased world view. This makes, or should make, us all critique our own motive and conclusions where much emotion comes into play, for image will be used as proof as well as conclusion. Opinion by its very nature, must argue how logic fits into reality, but as is true of me here; just because I say this does not make it true.


It is long overdue in the USA, to have those who seem to have been kept from power by appearance, now accepted as every bit as worthy as any one else’s appearance. It is an acknowledgement of the truth that We the People does indeed not exclude anyone, whatever their sex or physical appearance is. I wish that were completely true, but it remains, seemingly a taboo for men to have facial hair without being assumed to be choosing to be something other than wholesome. We also do not know if those considered quite overweight or handicapped, really are included in the imagery of who or what a president can be. Prejudice must be acknowledged wherever it is, while we celebrate where it seems to have been removed. We seemingly effortlessly sever others from their humanness when we feel we are both different and better, be it by looks or ideology.


A curious feature has emerged between these two precedent setting candidates; Obama did not run on his race particularly, indeed, it had to be in some ways bypassed. Palin announced that Hillary Clinton’s referenced 18 million cracked glass ceiling, is broken by supporting herself. That is a direct reference to appearance and image as an advantage in an election, through your opponents outcome in looks, rather than needing the vetting of overcoming it as a handicap, as Hillary herself blazed that path by metaphorical machete.

That is a fundamental difference hinting strongly at a reactive manipulative strategy, based squarely on how you opponents personal choice looked. It is a liberal outcome by default, as defined by the conservatives themselves, and not necessarily, what it appears to be. But I suspect for some, appearances are all that truly count, policy’s will be viewed as secondary.


We live in an age where the character of an individual is often judged by what they have. This having has been made a sacred calf, whose worshiping is seen as character in and of itself. All the proud having and achieving, irregardless of damage to others or the earth we exist on. In many ways, that philosophy of ownership is its opposite, disownership.

It is contempt for the common ground, those things that connect and sustain life itself. Instead of owning consequence and responsibility in the commons sense, the scientific sense of deeply investigating cause and effect, the notion of the lone fulfilled individual is placed above the altar, then it placed up on the cross of accountability and reality, but named, branded and tagged, liberalism. In this church of separation and denial, everything makes perfect sense if it follows the logic of rejection and promotes the fulfilment of the essentially self made individual. Individuals who claim the bubble of us and them beliefs, having no need nor desire to confront the actual problems of humankind and our place on earth. Do whatever you like. But if you do not like us or claim the ownership of property and possessions has problematic terminal inclination, we will persecute and shame you.

A church of having and keeping has come to be, with it’s own values of who is worthy and who is not for those who seem to not believe the same. In much of the private sectors and to some degree the political, we often consider those a success who achieve much materially in the world. We may try to look to higher, more transcendent qualities in our elective officials, yet material survival is still the elephant in the living room not spoken of.

Power interest attempt to institute their ownership of the commons, that great field of connections humankind and the environment exist in. Corporate world interest are trying to put that commons under their own eminent domain. Democracy is essentially atrophying as that elephant moves through the commons, appropriating what it needs to survive. Not concerned for where or on who it steps or what it leaves behind.

This political season, in new ways, the positive gains in appearance may be met later by equally negative choices by their result. As always, looks can be deceiving. As wrong as it can be, many judge someones character on looks and historical assumption, and not how they really are right now. That investigation is what needs to be looked into, though much is revealed by a candidates choices, it is the “why for” that indicates the owning.


Thanks all you Hillary and Barack supporters who actually made McCains choice possible. Thank you for your persistence. Now do you know actually why you vote? Meaning, what presidents actually do with their office. Are some 20 months in a governors office really the President to be qualifications today? Yet as conservatives are saying, Obama’s experience doesn’t really count?

Ah, to be some people who live in profound contradiction as if it were their best cake ever.

No thanks. I’ll pass.