Today’s home photo experiments

I started another “big” political/philosophical post today.  It’s almost done, yet I have other projects going, also wanted to try some photo experiments to enjoy natures beauty.  The high desert is green and blooming with the monsoon season, but I wanted to age some of the scene and see how it felt.  Here are those experiments.


another. I have not cropped these any.


I’ll stop now.  I’m concerned all my photo’s slow down my site.

but that will not stop me!



For some time, conservatives have controlled the language and conceptual framing over taxes. They have associated tax with irresponsible spending (actually a notorious conservative vice), with examples of tax dollars being waisted. In time, in periods of economic stress, the population might actually favor governmental solutions to problems associated with things such as health care, unemployment and poverty. However, by creating this permanent indoctrination campaign of a negative tag for collective responses (other than violence reaction), the public is lead to believe economic stress is fixed by tax cutting. (Just watch this election.) Seems like a no brainer as they say; money in your pocket, what could be wrong with that?

This is a classic bait and switch operation. The “free” to get what it can market seeks out what the population will bear, if money is made liquid on a mass basis, prices will rise to eat up the “excess”. This is the nature of the profit motive unhinged from responsibilities made possible by government regulation. What the public is not told in the very cult-like anti tax mantra is, that with tax one has a say, presumably, at the ballot box as to what common interest society has. Profit, partly as an individual imposed tax, has no such guidance by you or the nation.

This mind control of perception on the issues of tax and profit is generally unexamined, for the mass media is itself made up of profit making corporations. It has a vested interest in favoring individual tax over general elective tax for reasons of profit. We then have the nation set up for the perennial misleading parade that occurs election by election, where tax is considered bad, and to cut it good. Yet this shell game only means the public money flows into individual domains that see no such responsibility to the commons as elected officials might, other than to those, such as boards and stockholders who profit even more off this shell gaming situation.

If you are seduced by this whole too much tax propaganda that is designed to actually take your money and give you virtually no return, unlike government spending, you are exactly the kind of short sighted shoot oneself in the back individualist this ploy is looking for. To those who are not that way, may we have the sense to put two and two together regarding the “tax and spend” ruse. With the vast collection of wealth in the top one percent of the population, which now pays the lowest tax rate’s in 18 years, your loss will continue to be their gain.

Beware of all these “cut taxes” and drill in restricted area oil* to cut cost ploy’s, meant to seduce. They are part of the problem and not the solutions. For once the collective interest of a nation, represented in theory by government, are “strangled in the bathtub”, what is left of our interest will be next.

{It is estimated that if drilling in protected areas was allowed everywhere tomorrow, it would take up to 12 years to receive the approx 1% benefit to oil supplies. This is basically a false front meant to look important, but is actually very insignificant, except possible long term damage to environments.}

Video of house destroyed by tornado, Parkersburg Iowa Tornado


{I happen to be someone who was one block from an EF5 41 years ago.}


Video shows tornado destroying house – [Cuomo Recipe] Ratings

Thanks to YouTube:

More Raw Tornado VideoParkersburg

Deadly Twisters Caught On

-Here are some other video’s compiled by someone on YouTube. You can see some of the variety of tornadoes for future safety sake. Suggestion: Some might wish to turn the volume down.

YouTube – Tornado Videos

and this one beleow shows an investigative storm chaser on the job

Tornado Samaras Video — National Geographic

and here is a well done all things tornado site:

Tornado Videos, Tornado Stock Footage, Storm Stock Videos

and in case you looked in to see that home in the flood break in two, here that is thanks to AOL;

See houses break in half from floods – AOL Video

After a short commercial, the Weather Channel has a few good tornado video’s, including that fast EF2 throug a parking lot.

Tornadoes caught on camera; watch twisters in action

My tornado story:TORNADO***CHASIE

NOAA Photo Library Image - nssl0107

Mayfield Tornado.

Image ID: nssl0107, NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) Collection
Location: Near Mayfield, Oklahoma
Photo Date: May 16, 1977
Credit: NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)