Both HGTV and the Food Network are finishing up their next star contest.

The Food Network’s ended yesterday with Aaron Mccargo, Jr. winning.

Personally, I leaned towards Lisa and not towards the tired? Adam. But for the network, Aaron would probably be the best choice. So that’s one good win.

HGTV’s Next Design Star, has ended up with my two favorites in the end; Jennifer Bertrand and Matt Locke. I like both of them equally. I have not voted on these shows, and definitely would not on this HGTV contest, since I see these two as equally good for a new show. I would rather see both of them than a couple other shows out there on the network. No matter the outcome; another good win.

Some aspects of these reality show contest have improved year by year. Seems this national talent search contest is quite a good resource to tap for show host. Both networks created winning host from last years contest as well. Good job everybody.