I am sorry to see the page come up with slanted post.  I am not surprised that those who have not been through the great social movements can be so superficial and naive about politics.

OK.  If they are not naive, they are taking part in the great deception of our times, this comparing of politicians by how they act, and not what they and their parties policies actually do.  One can be any age to play this ad-hominem connection game.  Oh, a candidate did that!  Oooh, did you see what he did not do!?  Blah, blah, blah.  Whether consciously or not, this he said she said politics is all about diverting attention from deep policy patterns that do matter to all of us and the world. Classic bait and switch.

Today’s post on WordPress I am referring to, said Obama did not go to see injured vets in Germany or something to that effect.  While everyone should know that the Dems. have been consistently lobbying for more help for vets, while the right wing talk’s support the troops from one side of its tongue, while it cuts benefits compared to Dems. from the other.

Indeed, it even suggest that someone, let’s say “hot headed” such as McCain, or forgetful as same, would be scary in these modern times of WMD.

Wait.  That one actually made sense.