Cheaters Win?

Two new businesses have left their places in my town recently, one going so far as to leave town.

These were two of our favorite places, with excellent food. Both left do to wild rent hikes, one rent was increased 150% and the other 400% contrary to the prior agreement with the latter one.

New businesses are usually under the stress of investment and building up a clientele. The first business was just a tent and trailer in a parking lot unused on weekends. The other moved into a depressed location with the agreement of low rent while they pumped in many tens of thousands in improvements. Then it was revealed that the person they had the agreement with did not even own the rights to the building, but her son did. Then came the rapid inflation which had the business over a barrel due to the huge investment they had made. In both cases, the money grabbers had the “right” to do what they did, or at least felt they had.

This has cost the community dearly however, with the moved out of town restaurant taking its special product and wonderful atmosphere with them. The other moved to a free spot, where after a while they will build up their familiar customers again. The places who expelled these businesses will have nothing. The town has soured to a lasting degree on the one who stiffed those who had invested in their location. The bad reputation will linger for that rental property.

These “cheaters” had poor business ethics on their side. In hard times, they looked to others to bail them out, or just got greedy seeing a success at their doorstep. Yet essentially, no laws were broken it seems. Our nation has had this similar event happen. With fear as an excuse, corrupt leadership sought to “lock in” oligarchical rights to another nations oil reserves. This was hidden like a Trojan horse behind the nations new found suspicion of everything that could be construed to be against its own power interest, real or fabricated.

When nations do this cheating, lives are lost and ill will perpetuated into the future. This same short sightedness of moral and ethical truths, will produce what is known as blowback. Unfairness and cheating always does, call it karma or indomitable Divine retribution. One never does get away with cheating, no matter how much they seem to “get”.

We get these sort of polluted moral slackers, not from the hard working segments of society, but most often from the elite oligarchical establishments who produce offspring that feel entitled to all they can get, thanks particularly to their privileged connections. All they need do is sell us on fear both at home and abroad. It is no accident that the established oligarchical party, produces these wealthy or power endowed children who hardly have to prove themselves over bare boned trying.

These privileged few of the elite class get bailed out by family and family friends, and those who wish to somehow seduce themselves into powers connections. No matter what they say in the campaign season to the public, they make sure that wink is given to those they know are “more important” than we the average citizens who pay all the bills.

As long as the nation is offered and buys into these “cheaters”, we will not help but get the results that work against us in the long term, no matter how more safe the “lesser of two evils” of these may seem. We cannot vote against the real consequence Ways of Life. Those are not liable to democracy, the oligarchy, or lack awareness.