Mouthing off.

Today I went in for my root canal for a molar that went bad nearly two years ago. This was a molar like any of mine, filled to the max with amalgam over the years since it grew in.

Up to today, the story of the tooth was a technological one. It has three roots, one behind the obvious two. The local dentist found that when I went in for a severe toothache two years ago. She finally took a side x ray and found the abscess. I got antibiotics. I even drag the photo to other dentist, but get a look like; What?

She could not do a root canal, so I had to find somewhere that could. Well the new dentist had x rays taken and said there is nothing wrong with it. There is no third root he informs me. I told him you have to take a shot of it from the side to see what is being blocked in the back. Well, they neve did. Many times on subsequent trips I mention the side angle needed for that issue. So here I am with proof later, later being that the other two roots went bad with abscesses and bone loss. Now the x rays say the tooth definitely needs root canals, so today I went in.

Lots of Novocain was given. It ends up this dentist does not use nitrous oxide, anyway, my face is still somewhat numb as I type 8 hours later, but the tooth? Well it still needs those root canals. He found two canals in one root but in searching for that missing root, that they are unable apparently to take a side view of, he blew through the tooth and busted out a side underneath. The tooth is slanted from extractions of molars in my childhood (a four at one time special). It seems that while working he kinda forgot that slanted part. Over two hours with various stuff and drilling going on and now I have a more broken tooth temporarily filled, with none of the root canals done.

I did get to have the assistant read the instructions on the last mix of filler they had. They were trying to figure out how to mix it properly since a couple previous experiments went wrong but are in me anyway. During some drilling and suctioning, the assistant notices a friend and calls out to her that she wants to try some of those new diet pills. Shortly after she turns the music that was on to some lovely rap-hip hop.

I was given a prescription for antibiotics and pain killer if I wanted them, and sent on my merry way. I did thank them for doing this kind of work that is so important to many of us. They apologised for the outcome. Heck. I’m used to it.