Even though John McCain voted against off shore drilling in 2003, if all American access drilling were to start tomorrow, it is estimated that it would barely effect the worlds supply by 1-2%. That’s all! And that is more likely to be realized far in the future when demand is much higher in 5-12 years. It is a complete sucker punch to the American public below the belt. How many are that dumb to buy the oil bated anti-Obama reasoning? Meanwhile, McCain has voted against alternative energy proposals, as well as once voting to have that Alaskan oil in the protected areas, not go to Americans!

Apparently the McCain campaign, whose recent economic adviser was a leading force behind the oil and mortgage industries deregulation disasters, leading to wild speculation that we are all paying for at the pump and elsewhere right now, apparently they believe that suckers are born every minute they watch a misleading commercial propaganda piece that is off the charts as far as honesty and truth are concerned. Do we really want this kind of baloney to run the country to ruin for another 4 or years? You have heard it before; “Stupid is a stupid does”.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the Democrats are a horribly compromised political party, willing to play politics with the worst of them. But they pale in comparison to the other party, which is a blatant crony oligarchical estate platform for the very rich, getting away with as much as they can without being held accountable for their actions at all. That is about it. Oh sure. And to seduce the uninformed public through pandering to wedge issues to get enough votes while democracy is still relevant. Democracy is atrophying under our watch, while innate corporate bias to business interest ideological prejudice, allows gross misinformation to be pumped into the public commons to be unwittingly consumed by the gullible.

What is unfortunate about politics and its “right” to lie and misinform in this context of an unfair fourth estate platform is; only an aware citizenry can determine what is actually in its own interest, and not being grossly manipulated by positions that poison critical thinking. In fundamental ways; a nation divided is a nation conquered.

How do we get one of those?

Extra? Extra?